CLASS40 en-EN <![CDATA[Class40 launches the Mediterranean Trophy]]> Fri, 08 Oct 2021 00:00:00 GMT For the past few months, Class40 has been working on its involvement in the Mediterranean at the request of its Italian, Spanish and Croatian members… and its French ones too. In addition to the existing annual overall Championship Trophy, the European Trophy and the American Trophy, Class40 is now launching the Mediterranean Trophy, the first edition of which will take place in 2022. Round Italy - a trial run in 2021 Encouraged by its “Southern” members keen to coordinate their schedules to compete in the same races, the class also had the opportunity to create a new event, the Round Italy (Genoa – Trieste). With the full backing of Class40, vice-president Pietro Luciani took on the task of bringing 2nd and 3rd generation Italian Class40s that had been racing on handicap for years back into the fold. In collaboration with the Yacht Club Italiano and the Societa Velica Barcola e Grigano, a measurement session was therefore organised, allowing for a trial run of this new race to take place in September, with victory going to Karnak, skippered by Stefano Raspadori. The Round Italy race is a key event for this new Trophy, being a long-distance, short-handed offshore race, and truly representative of what Class40 racing is all about. The Mediterranean, perfect for Class40s Racing in the Mediterranean can be particularly challenging with its often-fickle winds. Unlike certain Atlantic races where it is difficult to keep up with the scows, the Mediterranean makes for a highly tactical playground where boats of all generations can realistically compete against each other and aim for victory. It would not be that surprising to see older boats at the top of the podium… Key to success will be reuniting the fleets. The Italians were mostly racing in Italian races, the French in French races, the Spanish in Spanish races… which meant that there were a few Class40s competing in a number of races, but mostly under IRC or HN, which is rarely to their advantage rating-wise. One of the principal goals of this new Trophy is to bring these boats together, attract other boats and create competition in this new playground for the class. And the end goal is not necessarily to have this new fleet come and race in the autumn transatlantic events, but more to provide a selection of races in the area on which each team can base their race programme. The end of a vicious circle The dilemma is the same for all offshore racing classes. If there are no races, there are no boats, and if there are no boats… there are no races. A frustrating situation for boats based in the South, as well as for other boats wanting to go further afield but put off by a lack of events. Something had to be done to try and get out of this predicament. We hope that the Mediterranean Trophy will do just that by bringing together old and new Class40s with professional and Corinthian sailors alike. This new Trophy will be interesting from all perspectives. The Class40 Mediterranean Trophy race programme: Roma Per Due (Double-handed)- april Corsica med (double-HANDED) - may Au Large de St TropEZ (400 nm - solo) - june Giraglia Rolex cup Race (Offshore 240nm - CREWED) - june Duo max (Double-HANDED) - june Palermo Montecarlo (CREWED) - august Round Italy Genoa Trieste (CREWED) - september Middle Sea Race (CREWED) - october Pietro Luciani: “The Med is a challenging sea. The weather is less predictable than out on the open ocean and it’s rare to keep the same sail up for more than a couple of hours. But nonetheless Societa Velica Barcola e Grigano and Yacht Club Italiano, with the support of Class40, were able to organise the first edition of the longest race in the Med, the Round Italy, and it proved to be perfect for our boats. I can’t wait to see how many boats will compete for the Med Trophy next year, and I’m confident it’s going to be a success!” Kito de Pavant: “The Class40 class is thriving. These boats are grabbing the attention of more and more people all over the world. The Mediterranean is no exception. I meet a lot of sailors thrilled to come and race on these fantastic boats and race organisers who would be delighted to welcome them. But until now, what was missing was a proper race circuit in the Med to encourage people to buy boats, because the current race programme doesn’t really suit our boats. 2022 is the time to organise ourselves and bring together the “Italian” and “French” fleets without forgetting the Spanish and others who look longingly at our boats.”[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Antoine Carpentier (Redman) wins the European Trophy!]]> Thu, 30 Sep 2021 00:00:00 GMT The Class40 European Trophy (unfortunately not awarded in 2020 due to a lack of races) has this year gone to Antoine Carpentier on his Mach 40.4 Redman! Having scored podium results in all his races this year except for the Rolex Fastnet Race, Antoine Carpentier has won his first European title on his Class40 Redman in a fleet that has become ever more competitive. The Swiss duo of Valentin Gautier and Simon Koster (Banque du Leman) take second place, and Luke Berry (Lamotte – Module Création) completes the podium. “We are really happy to have won the European Trophy. It’s a first for me! We scored podium results in all races apart from the Rolex Fastnet Race in which we finished in 4th place, but we pulled off podium finishes in the CIC Normandy Channel Race, Les Sables – Horta, and the 40 Malouine Lamotte too. Our consistent performance has been rewarded by winning the European Trophy. We are delighted. It’s the boat’s first season, so it bodes well for the future,” said Antoine. The season kicked off at the end of May with the fiercely contested double-handed CIC Normandy Channel Race, a 1000 nm loop of the English Channel and Celtic Sea, which saw Axel Tréhin and Fred Denis (Project Rescue Ocean) score their first victory on the Class40 circuit. A month later, the Class40 fleet gathered for Les Sables – Horta. With the traditional stopover in Horta cancelled, the fleet had no choice but to race the full 2450 nm non-stop. However, for the purposes of the European Trophy, there were also separate rankings for the outbound and inbound “legs”. The Project Rescue Ocean duo once again took victory on the outbound “leg”, but Valentin Gautier and Simon Koster were the fastest on the way back. The biennal Rolex Fastnet Race saw Antoine Magré and his Franco-British team crowned in a race that took them a little over three days. The second edition of the 40 Malouine Lamotte, the final event to count towards the Trophy, was to be the decider for the five boats at the top of the leaderboard. It was Antoine Carpentier who won in St Malo, clinching the 2021 European Trophy title in the process. Of note too was Mathieu Claveau’s commendable performance on his 2009 Akilaria “Prendre la Mer Agir pour la Forêt”, finishing 19th in the Trophy ranking and first Vintage. Next up is the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre, starting on the 7th of November, which will see 45 Class40s on the start line. The outcome of this race will determine the overall 2021 Class40 Champion.   European Trophy results Antoine Carpentier (Redman) – 374 points Valentin Gautier & Simon Koster (Banque du Leman) – 363 points Luke Berry (Lamotte – Module Création) – 357 points Olivier & Antoine Magré (E. Leclerc Ville La Grand) – 332 points Axel Tréhin & Fred Denis (Project Rescue Ocean) – 306 points. Full results : CIC Normandy Channel Race: 1. Axel Trehin & Fred Denis (Project Rescue Ocean) 2. Luke Berry & Achille Nebout (Lamotte – Module Création) 3. Antoine Carpentier & Pablo Santurde del Arco (Redman) Les Sables – Horta: 1. Axel Trehin & Fred Denis (Project Rescue Ocean) 2. Antoine Carpentier & Mikael Mergui (Redman) 3. Ian Lipinski & Ambrogio Beccaria (Crédit Mutuel) Horta – Les Sables: 1. Valentin Gautier & Simon Koster (Banque du Leman) 2. Ian Lipinski & Ambrogio Beccaria (Crédit Mutuel) 3. Antoine Carpentier & Mikael Mergui (Redman) Rolex Fastnet Race: 1. Antoine Magré (E. Leclerc Villa-la-Grand) 2. Valentin Gautier & Simon Koster (Banque du Leman) 3. Luke Berry (Lamotte – Module Création) La 40 Malouine Lamotte: 1. Antoine Carpentier & Pablo Santurde del Arco (Redman) 2. Jean Galfione & Alan Pennaneac’h (Serenis Consulting) 3. Luke Berry & Ronan Floch (Lamotte – Module Création)[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[40 Malouine LAMOTTE : victory for Redman]]> Sat, 11 Sep 2021 00:00:00 GMT Setting out from Saint-Malo at 12:08 on Friday, the 22 duos will have taken much less than twenty-four hours to complete the 155-mile course, concocted by Franck-Yves ESCOFFIER. First to cross the start line, Antoine CARPENTIER and Pablo SANTURDE DEL ARCO will have led the race from start to finish, despite the fact that, like some of the other participants, they were caught in a lobster pot.   Antoine CARPENTIER, skipper REDMAN: "We were 2 or 3 boats to cross the start line at the same time with SEAFRIGO - SOGESTRAN (Cédric CHATEAU and Jérémie MION) and LAMOTTE - MODULE CREATION (Luke BERRY and Ronan FLOCH) who also started well. We chose a different sail from them on the first leg, which made the difference because we had a slightly larger headsail than them. It paid off because we passed the first mark ahead. As time went on, we got ahead and the gap widened. There were some tactical moves on some of the tacks where we were pretty good. The boat is going well, we know it well, so as soon as there is a change in the wind, we know which sail to put on and how to trim it, and it goes quite quickly. Otherwise there's the matter of the traps! SERENIS CONSULTING (Jean GALFIONE and Alan PENNANEAC'H) was the first to take one, I think SEAFRIGO-SOGESTRAN followed, LAMOTTE-MODULE CREATION too. We know that between Chausey and Jersey we sail on shallow waters which are favourable to traps. There was a lot of current which made us walk like a crab. We had to be careful. In any case, it's the first time I've raced the 40'Malouine LAMOTTE, we had great weather, good conditions, a nice course with some pretty nice spots and the atmosphere is good. There's still tomorrow when we'll be racing as a crew and that's going to be nice too."   The winning crew of this course is ahead of Jean GALFIONE and Alan PENNANEAC'H on SERENIS CONSULTING by 15 minutes at the finish line. Luke BERRY and Ronan FLOCH (LAMOTTE - MODULE CREATION) complete the podium. Mathieu CLAVEAU and Christophe FIALON won the Vintage category, finishing in 12th place.   source: SNBSM - 40 Malouine Lamotte[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Rolex Fastnet Race : victory of Palanad III after a tense finish]]> Fri, 13 Aug 2021 00:00:00 GMT Just ahead of the IRC One leader, there was another nail-biting finish between the Class40s, with the first six crossing the line within the space of an hour after a compression occurred as the wind turned patchy just short of the line. The competition between the massive 35-strong Class40 fleet was intense and featured several lead changes over the course the race. Axel Trehin’s Max 40 Project Rescue Ocean was the early Class40 leader, having dived furthest south outbound to the Casquet TSS on the first night and then eeking out a small but significant lead playing the shifts and tide between Start Point and the Lizard. However after looking in good shape passing the Lizard, Project Rescue Ocean dismasted in Mounts Bay. This is believed to have been due to their J1 hook breaking after the intense slamming from sailing upwind.  Their retirement enabled Luke Berry’s Lamotte - Module Création to lead up the east side of the Land’s End TSS followed, surprisingly due to his boat’s age, by Italian Andrea Fornaro on the Botin-designed Tales 2. At the Fastnet Rock Lamotte - Module Création held a 20 minute lead but with sheets cracked on the reach back to Bishop Rock the more powerful new scow designs ate this up and en route to Bishop Rock Berry was overtaken by London-based Frenchman Antoine Magre’s Mach 40.4 Palanad 3. From here Palanad 3 held on to the lead despite a compression to the south of Alderney which could have seen any of the top trio of Class40s edge ahead, followed the wind further shutting down in the early hours north of the Cotentin peninsula. “The toughest part was approaching Alderney,” recounted Magre. “There was five knots of tide, and because we were earlier than we thought, this tide was still negative for a couple of hours. We could see Luke [Berry] coming back - he was just 200 metres away and we were in for a close finish.” In the pitch back they had found the small back eddy to the south of Alderney. “We played that nicely as the other boats were spinning around in circles,” recounted Palanad 3’s British navigator Will Harris. “But then we ran out of that and watched the whole fleet catch up with us. Then we got lucky, picked up the wind first and that was it – we just had to hold on.” The pain continued for defending Rolex Fastnet Race Class40 champion Luke Berry as he was pipped at the post by Valentin Gautier and Simon Koster’s Banque Du Leman. Earlier in the race, the Swiss Class40 had lost out going west at the Land’s End TSS and had then spent the subsequent Celtic Sea crossings attempting to catch up “South of Alderney, anyone could have won,” explained Koster. “For the first two boats, there was no wind. With the scow light wind is a challenge, but we have BIG sails for it, like a masthead Code Zero to just get it going. But the gain is so big on the reaching legs – then you are a couple of knots faster than the pointy boats.” Berry was resigned to his fate aboard his Sam Manuard-designed Mach 40.3, but acknowledging that he is due to get a new boat next year which will make him competitive against the 40.4s. “Ours is very good downwind but as soon as it is a bit tight they are very fast. Still we’ve finished with two Mach 40.4s ahead and two behind.” General ranking: Rolex Fastnet race - Class40 Source: [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[LS-H : Redman's victory (almost) on the wire!]]> Tue, 20 Jul 2021 00:00:00 GMT Three minutes and 14 seconds: this is the tiny gap that finally separated the two leaders of this Les Sables - Horta - Les Sables 2021 at the finish line. A derisory gap at the end of 2,540 miles of racing and nearly eleven days at sea. Eleven trying and intense days during which Antoine Carpentier and Mikaël Mergui (Redman) then Axel Trehin and Frédéric Denis (Project Rescue Ocean) took the lead from the beginning before making the break on the third day, when they passed a barometric pass, off Cape Finisterre. From then on, only Ian Lipinski and Ambrogio Beccaria (Crédit Mutuel) managed to worry them. A complex weather, a fight at every level, a hard-fought victory, broken records... the 8th edition of Les Sables - Horta - Les Sables, held from June 28 to July 13, 2021, kept all its promises. Here are five points to remember: A revised format Although the event is usually held in two legs, in the form of a round trip between the Vendée and the Azores, for this 2021 edition, the organizers have been forced to adapt and modify the format of the competition. The reason: the pandemic context linked to the COVID-19. The local and health authorities in Portugal have decided not to host the event this summer. Consequently, the traditional stopover could not take place. The race was thus played out in a single major leg of 2,540 miles with the only course marker being a buoy anchored in front of the entrance to Horta marina. Weather as varied as it was complex The first half of the race was complicated, with a ridge of high pressure in the Bay of Biscay, a barometric axis off Cape Finisterre and then three successive fronts. A weather context that created significant gaps between the competitors from the second day of the race, and also put the boats and their bodies to a severe test. Patience and length of time marked the first part of the race, while on the other hand, the return leg was done in a hurry, at least for the first five. As proof, if the best time over the 1,270 miles between the Azores and the Vendée belonged, since the 2015 edition, to the duo Yannick Bestaven - Pierre Brasseur with a time of 4 days 17 hours and 38 minutes, the tandem Ian Lipinski - Ambrogio Beccaria on Crédit Mutuel, took 4 days 3 hours and 56 minutes to swallow the distance, thus imposing a new reference time. A scenario as improbable as it was incredible, which spread the fleet over more than 1000 miles! Minimal gaps Three minutes and 14 seconds: this is the tiny gap that finally separated the two leaders of this Les Sables - Horta - Les Sables 2021 at the finish line. A derisory gap at the end of eleven days at sea. Eleven trying and intense days during which Antoine Carpentier and Mikaël Mergui (Redman) and then Axel Trehin and Frédéric Denis (Project Rescue Ocean) took the lead from the beginning before making a break with the rest of the pack on the third day, off Cape Finisterre. From then on, only Ian Lipinski and Ambrogio Beccaria (Crédit Mutuel), who made a thunderous comeback, managed to worry them. "It was a hard-fought match from start to finish, but the harder it is to win, the better it is," said Antoine, who thus scored the first victory of his career as a skipper. However, it is not only at the head of the fleet that places were fiercely contested, as shown by the gusty arrivals of nine boats between 00h56 and 7h55 on Monday 12 July, and in particular the five minute gap between the duos Pierre-Louis Attwell - Aloïs Kerduel (Vogue with a Crohn's disease) then Charles-Louis Mourruau - Andrea Fantini (Guidi). By the way, a special mention for the latter who managed to take the 14th place after a technical stopover of twelve hours in Horta! The 24-hour record broken! After breaking his own record for the greatest distance covered in 24 hours aboard a Class40 (415.86 miles achieved on November 6, 2019 in a double-handed configuration with Adrien Hardy during the Transat Jacques Vabre) during this 8th edition of Les Sables - Horta - Les Sables on Monday, July 5, Ian Lipinski then steadily improved his performance to end up literally exploding the reference distance with 428.82 miles recorded on Tuesday, July 6. Associated with Ambrogio Beccaria, the skipper of Crédit Mutuel improved his record by 12.96 miles by managing to hold the supersonic average of 17.9 knots over 24 hours! Small and big "boo-boos In a race of 2,540 miles (the equivalent of two thirds of a transatlantic race) with such complex conditions, small glitches - technical or physical - have naturally plagued the fleet. If Fred Denis, victim of a broken rib three days before the arrival, managed to complete his race and to get on the podium, others were unfortunately forced to abandon. The duo Charles de Coquet - Thierry Duprey du Vorsent (Concise 8) returned to the port only a few minutes after the departure following its collision with another competitor. The pair Hervé Thomas - Gérald Veniard (Saint Yves Services) put an end to its race following a problem of false fuse bearing. Same thing for the pair Emmanuel Le Roch - Christophe Cremades (Edenred), confronted, for his part, with a problem of bulkhead, or of the pair Simon - Yannick Kervarrec (Samsic - E. Leclerc), victim of a water way in a back box. Victor Jost and Enguerrand Granoux also had to give up finishing the race, the first having dislocated his shoulder. source: Les Sables Vendée Course au Large[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[New 24-hour record for Ian Lipinski and Crédit Mutuel!]]> Tue, 06 Jul 2021 00:00:00 GMT Ian Lipinski is definitely impressive on his Max 40 Crédit Mutuel: a victory in the Transat Jacques Vabre in 2019 with Adrien Hardy during which they broke the record for the distance covered in 24 hours on a Class40, previously held by the duo Maxime Sorel / Antoine Carpentier, a new reference time on the Round Britain and Ireland Record in 2020 and here is a new record for 2021, achieved during the Les Sables Horta race, with Ambrogio Beccaria! Crédit Mutuel covered 428.82 nautical miles between Monday, July 5 (0h00) and Tuesday, July 6 (0h00) at an average speed of 17.9 knots. This record was previously held by the same skipper - boat pairing; they had sailed 415.86 miles at an average speed of 17.3 knots between November 5 and 6, 2019. We can't wait for the next transatlantic race where the Max 40, the Mach 40.4, the Lift v2, the Pogo S4, the Cape 40 scow or the Clak 40 will compete... the races have not finished being beautiful![Read more]]]> <![CDATA[PROJECT RESCUE OCEAN TAKES THE WIN IN THE 12TH CIC NORMANDY CHANNEL RACE]]> Mon, 07 Jun 2021 00:00:00 GMT 22 boats out of the original line-up of 23 made it across the finish line in this 12th CIC Normandy Channel Race, a figure which is pretty exceptional on several levels. Indeed, in addition to a scenario with multiple twists and turns and the race’s now trademark unbearable suspense, this year the varied yet predominantly downwind conditions across the whole course and an overall timing that tended to be favourable at the tricky sections, were a fairly radical departure from the ‘norm’ in this great classic. With all these conditions combined, two stand-out features coloured this year’s event: the course was completed in its entirety, which is only the 2nd time in 12 editions, and the new sub-5-day event record will really take some beating. It was in bracing conditions that this 2021 edition set sail, forcing the Race Committee to forego the initially scheduled coastal course off the mouth of the River Orne and send the 23 competing duos off on a mission to round a windward mark some 2.5 nautical miles off the start line set in the Baie de Seine before setting a course for the first course mark of Saint Marcouf. At this precise moment in time, nobody could have imagined that they were witnessing the only upwind stretch of this edition. However, very early on, it became evident that the skippers were posting exceptional speeds and one by one setting new records to the various course marks. The passage across the English Channel was devoured in just a matter of hours. From there, the fleet powered along the south coast of England, timing a series of tricky sections like the Solent and Land’s End to perfection in a lot of cases. The crew then continued their blistering progress in the Celtic Sea, with the leaders reaching Tuskar Rock in under 48 hours… 45 hours 22 minutes and 13 seconds to be precise for the front runner Crédit Mutuel (158) to round the event’s iconic lighthouse. A record time! After rounding the fabulous Fastnet, the return passage in the English Channel was equally quick as far as the Channel Islands, where suddenly things got really tricky and treated spectators to a torrid sprint for the finish. Once again, the CIC Normandy Channel Race gave rise to an incredible scenario where it was impossible to predict a winner until the final few miles of this course spanning a theoretical 1,000 miles. Ultimately, winner Project Rescue Ocean (162) crossed the finish line one hour before the second placed boat, but it wasn’t until the Barfleur headland had been rounded in the early hours of Friday 4 June that her skippers could make a clean break after a night spent battling with the current synonymous with Le Raz Blanchard. Astern of the champions, the four closest pursuers were firing on all cylinders as they became embroiled in a final sprint reminiscent of match racing across the Baie de Seine, which culminated in just 6 minutes separating the boats from Lamotte Module Création (153) in 2nd place to Banque du Léman (159) in 5th. Redman (161), 3rd, completed the podium. Behind them, there was constant jockeying for position throughout the bunched fleet and the skippers had to demonstrate utter commitment at every stage of the race, as evidenced by Avanade (98), Équipe Voile Parkinson (104) and Prisme (131), all of them crossing the finish line within just 20 minutes. The same was true at the tail end of the fleet between Gustave Roussy (133) and Eärwen (88), who finished the race within just a minute of one another. As ever in this Norman event, there’s everything to play for right to the wire, which is what drives the skippers to come back year after year to try their luck. This 2021 edition will certainly go down as an event to remember. A new record has been set for the entire CIC Normandy Channel Race course. Axel Trehin and Frédéric Denis are the proud holders of this new title thanks to a time of 4 days 17 hours 49 minutes and 50 seconds. And it’s certainly going to be a very tough time to beat given all the elements that needed to be on their side to secure it. Indeed, the exceptionally favourable conditions also enabled another record to be set: that of the fewest retirements. Just a single crew were unable to make it all the way around, which is a first. A direct result of this was the finest and fullest race village at the end of the race, which meant that the basin in Caen was packed with Class40s and their skippers to celebrate the prize-giving and crown the champions. The skippers all agree that strategically the ‘Normandy’ is a very demanding race and the rhythm incredibly intense, making it one of France’s major offshore racing events. Achille Nebout, 2nd on Lamotte Module Création (153), was full of praise on his arrival in Ouistreham: “I’d heard a lot about this race. Everyone said it was just crazy and that’s exactly what it is, just like the Solitaire du Figaro”. This sentiment was echoed by Maxime Cauwe, skipper of Avanade (98), who describes the event as intense. “I think that together with the transatlantic races, it’s the toughest championship there is”. Nils Boyer (Le Choix Funéraire – 139) is equally inspired. “There’s always a fantastic welcome at the start and finish. It really is one of the only races I know where that is the case.” For American sailors Greg and Hannes Leonard, back for the second crack at the CIC Normandy Channel Race this year, the event has become a must for all these reasons and more, and its increasing global appeal comes as no surprise. Indeed, it is a truly unique event in the Class40 race schedule, with an international level, incredibly competitive racing and the Class40 spirit… a heady mix for sports specialists in the English Channel and the Celtic Sea. Roll on 2022! The Ranking Normandy Channel Race - Class40 Source: Sirius Evenements[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[The 2023 Defi Atlantique confirmed!]]> Thu, 27 May 2021 00:00:00 GMT Note in your diaries that a new edition of the Defi Atlantique reserved for Class40 crewed boats will be proposed by Grand Pavois Organisation with the support of Class40, starting from Guadeloupe, at the beginning of April 2023, to La Rochelle (France), via a stopover in Horta (Azores - Portugal). This Atlantic return race officially registered in the Class40 calendar will allow the competitors of the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe 2022 to make a return to the race, with a minimum of two crew members on board. In the important timing to note, the Class40 registered for the Defi Atlantique will take the start on Saturday, April 1. A stopover is planned in Horta in the Azores in order to optimize the weather conditions for the arrival on the Atlantic coast and will allow the skippers to change, if they wish, their crew members (note that it will be proposed and possible to take a journalist on board as a crew member for the second leg in order to live a last leg in race and live). The scheduled arrival date in La Rochelle will be between Friday 21 and Sunday 23 April. A specific welcome device will be set up Bassin des Chalutiers, as during the last edition of 2019 organized by Grand Pavois Organisation. Halvard Mabire, President of Class40: "defi Atlantique, second edition. Class40 is delighted with the announcement of the second edition of the Atlantic Challenge. This event, reserved for Class40 only, proved its relevance during its first edition in 2019 and is now a regular part of the Class40 program. Indeed, what better way for Class40s to return to Europe after the Route du Rhum? The return by sea is becoming more and more important. On the one hand, Class40s are ocean-going boats made for sailing, and on the other hand, returns by cargo are becoming more and more expensive and complex, and also less and less compatible with a certain ethic of ocean racing, which wants to be as virtuous as possible on the environmental level. Therefore, a race back from the West Indies represents a great opportunity to transform what could be a simple individual delivery into a thrilling event, capable of attracting a good part of the Route du Rhum fleet, as well as some boats based in the West Atlantic and willing to come and do the European season 2023. The start of the Defi Atlantique at the end of March allows to take advantage of the Caribbean waters after the Route du Rhum and to participate in some of the events of the Caribbean season. The finish in La Rochelle, around mid-April, anticipates the races of the Class40 2023 program: Normandy Channel Race, Les Sables Horta, Fastnet, Transat Jacques Vabre... Also, the course of the Defi Atlantique, with a stopover in the Azores, in Horta, offers the opportunity to the crew to discover or to find with pleasure a place appreciated by all the sailors, but also authorizes changes of crew and possibly a better adaptation of the chronology of the race according to the weather conditions. Good luck to the Defi Atlantique, soon a "classic"... " The notice of race and the participation file will be available in October 2021 from Etienne HARDY of Grand Pavois Organisation Source: Grand Pavois Organisation[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Class 40 pulls in the crowds and Halvard Mabire is re-elected president]]> Thu, 22 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT The annual General Assembly of Class40 was held on Saturday 17th April, in a dematerialized way. It was an opportunity to review the past year and to look ahead to the 2021 season, as well as to renew the Board of Directors. 2020 : a troubled but positive year 2020 was not the best year for sport and event organisation and has created a lot of frustration for everyone. With the exception of the Normandy Channel Race and the Drheam Cup, the racing programme was very light. However, it was an opportunity for several projects to run successful record campaigns. 2020, however, revealed the strengths of the Class40: loyalty and support from its members. The class' finances are balanced in 2020. A second-hand market is still as dynamic as ever with 25 boats sold and there are many new projects on the horizon with two new boats launched and some fifteen construction projects underway despite a relatively gloomy general world atmosphere. 2021 : on the rise The growing interest in Class40 cannot be denied. Even though Class40’s don’t have foils, they leave many areas for development are very attractive on the sporting level with very reasonable running costs. There is also a good mix between professionals amateurs in the class. As proof, the participation in the season's races is very promising. Indeed, around thirty Class40s will meet in Caen at the end of May for the CIC Normandy Channel Race, probably setting a record for participation in this incredible race. The following month, almost as many duos should participate in the much appreciated Les Sables-Horta. Let Horta prepare itself as never before have so many Class40s been there! Crewed racing is not in crisis either, with the RORC announcing 37 Class40s in the Rolex Fastnet Race. In the history of Class40, never before has so much excitement for the races on the programme materialised so early in the season. The Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre will close the 2021 championship and in a big way! More than fifty Class40s have announced their intention to take part, almost double the previous record... Furthermore, as many as 70 Class40 are announced for the Route du Rhum 2022! There is no doubt that Class40 is becoming increasingly popular and is continuing to develop at a steady pace. Halvard Mabire, reappointed as President There are several reasons for the good health of the class: the undisputed success of the last Vendée Globe, which opened up ocean racing to as many people as possible at a time when the planet was confined; a support that is increasingly attractive with the new generation of boats that stand out in terms of performance; an unwavering desire to keep costs reasonable and to maintain the balance between amateurs and professionals, which is its hallmark, and to do this, the constant involvement of the Board of Directors on many fronts. The members will not be able to deny it since, as every year, they have renewed their confidence in the outgoing candidates, Halvard Mabire from Normandy and Pietro Luciani from Italy, unanimously re-elected by the Board of Directors as President and Vice-President, while Kito de Pavant joins the Board for the first time. 2021 programm : Composition of the Board of Directors : -          Halvard Mabire, President -          Pietro Luciani, Vice-President -          Catherine Pourre, Treasurer -          Cédric de Kervenoael, General Secretary -          Michael Hennessy -          François Angoulvant -          Luke Berry -          Jörg Riechers -          Kito de Pavant[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[The Race Around goes Solo and Double-Handed]]> Wed, 10 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT The organisers of The Race Around, Class40’s official round-the-world race, are today pleased to announce following significant interest, the establishment of a solo category running alongside the already announced double-handed fleet. In a move that will spark memories of the highly successful 'BOC Challenge' and 'Around Alone' era, the organisers have also taken the opportunity to increase the number of entries from 25 to 35, inclusive of five wild cards. Sam Holliday, Managing Director, The Race Around said, “Since announcing The Race Around in late 2019 we’ve been blown away by the level of interest around the race and have taken the time to speak with a number of those looking to compete. It has become clear that the Class40 continues to boom and we have to take into account a growing trend of those wanting to compete in a global event that goes beyond the traditional reach of Class40. The Race Around therefore perfectly fills the void for those that have finished the Mini Transat and the Route du Rhum and perhaps have the following Vendée Globe cycle in their sights.” The inclusion of the solo category has created a race with two trophies. The solo class will race for The Race Around Trophy with the double-handed fleet racing for The Race Around Cup. Hugh Piggin, Co-founder, The Race Around said, “Upon making this decision our main thought has always been to provide a race that aligns with the ethos of an international Class, raced by both amateurs and professionals and The Race Around remains exactly that. The ability to choose the category that best suits the respective competitors will allow a varied and interesting mix between professionals seeking glory and seasoned amateurs looking for an adventure of a lifetime whilst racing alongside and against some of the sports established names.” Further to the inclusion of a solo category, organisers are also delighted to have signed a long-term partnership agreement with Class40. This agreement will ensure The Race Around’s continued success beyond the first edition which will start in 2023. The partnership agreement details how the two organisations will work together to ensure members are provided with the best racing opportunities whilst also ensuring a greater level of technological collaboration with regard to the safety, sustainability, event qualification and more. Halvard Mabire, President, Class40 Association said, “We’re delighted to have signed a long-term partnership agreement between our two organisations. It is clear that The Race Around is looking to establish itself as one of the great ocean races and we, as a Class, are proud to work alongside them in a true partnership. The inclusion of a solo class allows us to dream once again of the golden era of the 'BOC Challenge' and 'Around Alone', races in which the racing was tough and the adventure was real. Today’s announcement allows further opportunity for competitors to stay within the class and for partners and sponsors to gain exposure on a global scale, whilst also providing seasoned amateurs the ability to complete a lifelong goal of circumnavigating the globe.” source:   [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[The Final Four]]> Wed, 27 Jan 2021 00:00:00 GMT Yannick Bestaven -          Winner of the 2015 Transat Jacques Vabre -          Winner of the 2011 Transat Jacques Vabre -          Winner of 2015 Les Sables Horta -          Second of  Sables Les Sables Horta 2011 -          Second of the Normandy Channel Race 2015   Boris Herrmann -          Winner of the 2008-2009 Global Ocean race -          Second of the 2008 Artemis Transat -          Third of the 2009 Rolex Fastnet Race -          Seventh of the 2013 Normandy Channele Race   Louis Burton -          Second of the 2018 RORC Caribbean -          Twentieth of the 2010 Route du Rhum -          Builder of Tizh 40   Thomas Ruyant -          Winner of the 2010 Route du Rhum -          Winner of the 2010 Normandy Channel race -          Winner of the 2010 Record SNSM -          Third of the 2014 Normandy Channel race -          Fifth of the 2012 Mondial Class40   The only certainty at this time is that Class40 is very proud of its former members and wishes the skippers a great end to the race. To its many other representatives: Damien Seguin, Giancarlo Pedote, Maxime Sorel, Armel Tripon, Arnaud Boissières, Alan Roura, Stéphane Le Diraison, Pip Hare, Manuel Cousin, Miranda Merron and Alexia Barrier.  [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[ ]]> Tue, 10 Nov 2020 00:00:00 GMT [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[BANQUE DU LÉMAN VICTORIOUS IN THE 11TH NORMANDY CHANNEL RACE]]> Sat, 19 Sep 2020 00:00:00 GMT After a muscly final, it’s Banque du Léman who finally scores the bullet in the 11th Normandy Channel Race. Skippers Valentin Gautier and Simon Koster crossed the finish line at 13 hours 30 minutes 30 seconds GMT after 4 days 20 hours 25 minutes and 30 seconds of racing. They made the finish line just 6 minutes ahead of Crédit Mutuel. Her skippers, Ian Lipinski and Julien Pulvé, bag silver then in this race, which once again went right to the wire. The hierarchy remained wide open throughout this 2020 edition as the fleet concertinaed its way along this course up to the south coast of Ireland. It was only once Lizard Point was rounded on the home straight that Banque du Léman (158) and Crédit Mutuel (159) managed to shake off the chasing pack for good and focus on their bitter duel to the finish, upwind in heavy seas. Ultimately, it was the Swiss team of Valentin Gautier and Simon Koster who came out on top to snatch victory in this 11th edition. “We had all manner of conditions, culminating with a 35-knot beat up the English Channel, which was really harsh. We knew what to expect when we entered the Normandy Channel Race, especially when Carpentier (Antoine) said it was like a 5-day street brawl, which sums up the race to a T. This event really is fantastic with its coastal passages, offshore sections, highly tactical elements and its fabulous landscapes. It’s hugely satisfying to go out and win this race in these conditions. It took some work this victory! It’s no mean feat that’s for sure,” enthused Valentin Gautier and Simon Koster at the finish in Ouistreham. It was a cruel blow for the second placed duo from Lorient and La Rochelle, Ian Lipinski and Julien Pulvé, as it could have gone any which way and they too sailed a brilliant race. “Competitively, it was a rewarding and tough race. We really battled hard from beginning to end. It was really intense, with a great deal of jockeying for position throughout. We knew that this was part and parcel of the Normandy Channel Race’s reputation before the start,” explained the magnificent runners up in this Normandy Channel Race 2020.  Redman finishes at the 3rd place. Source: Normandy Channel Race[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[A GREAT START FOR THE NORMANDY CHANNEL RACE’S 2020 EDITION!]]> Mon, 14 Sep 2020 00:00:00 GMT Eager to get back out on the racetrack, 26 duos set sail today on the 11th Normandy Channel Race, the only event in the Class40 championship that has been able to go ahead as planned in the rather unique landscape of 2020. It was with almost perfect weather conditions, worthy of the finest summer days, that the Race Committee released the Class40s right on schedule at 19:05 local time along a looped 7-mile coastal circuit around the Baie de Seine off the mouth of the River Orne, between the cardinal marks of Luc sur Mer and Ouistreham. After a clean start in around 10 knots of NE’ly wind, conditions were almost perfect for the introduction to play, the Class40s putting on a fantastic show as the sun went down over the yard arm. The preamble was hotly contested, providing a tantalising foretaste of the battle that awaits over the theoretical 1,000-mile course. Fresh out of the box, Redman, skippered by Antoine Carpentier and Nicolas Groleau, rapidly set the pace and were first to round the final mark of the coastal course and set a course, downwind, towards the next waypoint off the Saint Marcouf islands, some 36 miles from the start, in the Baie des Veys. The duo of Ian Lipinski and Julien Pulvé aboard Crédit Mutuel, one of the firm favourites of this 2020 edition, nailed a series of pristine tack changes to bag second place in the position report. Hot on their heels was the father and son duo, Antoine and Olivier Magre aboard E. Leclerc Ville La Grand. Evidently, the downwind conditions combined with the talent of the skippers enabled the Class’ most recent additions to really show what they’re made of on this coastal course.  Making for Saint-Marcouf There are some 36 miles between the last mark in the coastal course off Ouistreham and the compulsory waypoint to the west of Saint-Marcouf. The competitors are due to benefit from a gentle and favourable current to reach the first tricky section of the course which, as is often the case in this great Norman classic, will likely reshuffle the cards for the first time. Channel hoping To tackle what will likely be one of the least fun sections of the course, the Channel crossing and its heavy shipping, the fleet should still be able to benefit from some favourable conditions on a reach in a breeze that is forecast to flesh out to around 15 knots from the ESE. After a first night at sea, the leading Class40s should theoretically reach the Isle of Wight tomorrow morning at around 0600 GMT, at which point their skippers will be able to get their teeth into another legendary section of the event: the negotiation of the Solent.  All the pictures: Source: Normandy Channel Race[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Normandy Channel Race: D- 3]]> Thu, 10 Sep 2020 00:00:00 GMT The great annual Class40 race is getting closer: it is indeed this Sunday that the 27 Class40 entered in the race will start the 1000nm loop. Gathered in the Saint-Pierre basin in Caen since Wednesday evening (except for the two British boats which will go directly to the start line), the masked smiles are on everyone's faces: what a pleasure it is for all to get together and return to the competition! Because there will be competition! The last 9 newborns of the class are present on the event and older but still very competitive units will also have their places to defend. The list of the registrations:  While waiting for the strat, and until the arrivals, find the Minute of the Normandy Channel race on France 3 Bretagne and France 3 Normandie after the editions of 12h and 19h.[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Crédit Mutuel (Ian Lipinski), winner of the Drheam Cup 2020]]> Fri, 24 Jul 2020 00:00:00 GMT A return to the competition, and the Class40s did not disappoint – a race full of suspense! At the head of the fleet, an intense duel was played out in the Irish Sea by Crédit Mutuel (Ian Lipinski) and Palanad 3 (Nicolas Groleau). Afterwards a significant gap became apparent between these two Class40s and finally, it was the Reason design which took home the prize. Ian Lipinski and his crew (Gwenolé Gahinet, Sébastien Picault and Ambrogio Beccaria) crossed the finish line, just off the coast of La Trinité sur Mer, at 11:30pm this Tuesday 21st July 44 minutes and 36 seconds ahead of Mach 40.40 Palanad 3 skippered by Nicolas Groleau, Sam Manuard, Alan Pennaneac'h and Ludovic Aglaor. Followed by a trio made up of Lamotte Module Création (Luke Berry), Everial (Stan Thuret) and Virgin Media Business that pursued them. The first two finally managed to beat the English Class40 and it was Luke Berry with his crew who completed the podium after crossing the finish line around 2am, just a few minutes ahead of Everial. Arrivals then continued throughout the night. Black Mamba (Nicolas Jossier) finished in 6th position around 4am, followed by Vogue avec un Crohn (Pierre-Louis Attwell), Milai (Masatomo Suzuki) and Vicitan (Didier Le Vourch). Ian Lipinski: “We have fun all the time at sea, but it's always nice to win after a great battle. It was excellent to win after so many twists and turns. It was not easy; I slept little, but we got along well and had a lot of fun. It was overall extremely rewarding. In terms of learning, we have had our fill since the length of error is infinite. We will never reproduce the same win, but we are able to adapt and find variations. This is an experience that will be used later!” Luke Berry: "We fell again into light airs close to Penmarch. Our 4 small miles advance on Stan, Bilou and Lionel (Everial) turned into 4 miles behind. It was extremely hard on the nerves, but we fought to the end to regain the distance and finish a few seconds in front of them! Stress until the end, but we are happy to finish 3rd. The 1st boats escaped us during the different weather systems so we could not really fight them. Overall, we are incredibly happy; an incredibly good regatta, a good recovery because we must not forget that we have not really raced since the Transat Jacques Vabre. And it feels good! Thank you to Fred Denis and Jb Daramy with whom the racing is always at the top!”   Rankings: Crédit Mutuel Palanad 3 Lamotte Module Création Everial Virgin Media Business Black mamba Vogue avec un Crohn Milai Vicitan Gustave Roussy DNF Banque du Leman[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Back to business ]]> Thu, 09 Jul 2020 00:00:00 GMT The least we can say is that the season has been severely disrupted this year! Even if the period has been efficiently used by the class to deal with all the short term and future issues, and by the skippers who were able to fine-tune their project ashore, it is about time that we saw some action on the water. Especially as more than 15 boats have changed hands and 5 new boats have been built or confirmed in 2020. Currently Ian Lipinski is trying to beat the single-handed record round Britain in a 40-foot monohull aboard Crédit Mutuel, this record is held by Phil Sharp since 2018. Over on the Atlantic coast, the Class40s are meeting up in Cherbourg for a long-awaited return to racing and it is the Drheam Cup which will restart the season on 18th July thanks to the determination of the organisers. Get ready for a 736 nautical mile loop between the Cotentin peninsula and La Trinité sur Mer via the Fastnet! The European Trophy, which has been greatly reduced this year, could be confirmed if there is enough participation for at least 2 out of the 3 races on the calendar. SSE Renewables Round Ireland, starting on August 22nd in Wicklow. The Normandy Channel Race, a great classic on the Class40 circuit, has already more than twenty entries and has therefore been confirmed without hesitation, the race will start on September 13th in Caen. Heading into autumn, the exceptionally beautiful Rolex Middle Sea Race will take place on 17th October in the Mediterranean. To end the season in style, some are planning on participating in the Spi Ouest France held in La Trinité sur Mer this September. And finally, several projects have announced plans to carry out parallel record campaigns on Round Britain and Ireland, the SNSM Record, the Defi Pure Ocean or Les Griffes du Lion. European Trophy: -          Round Ireland Race (22nd August) -          Normandy Channel Race (13th September) -          Rolex Middle Sea Race (17th October)[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Catherine Pourre and Pietro Luciani win the 2019 Class40 Championship]]> Thu, 28 Nov 2019 00:00:00 GMT The French-Italian pair Catherine Pourre and Pietro Luciani follows British sailor Phil Sharp as Class40 2019 champions. At the helm of their Mach3 n°145 Eärendil designed by Sam Manuard, Catherine and Pietro have shown all along the 6 major races on this year’s program great consistency at the top of the charts to take the win. The Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre, particularly competitive this year, is about the only race where the duo did not perform at the top. Very well positioned on a western course, they had to deal with technical issues, only to finish strong within the top ten of the race after a remarkable remontada. Claiming no less than three victories, Frenchman Aymeric Chappellier who did not compete in the Rolex Fastnet race, takes second place. Newcomer in the Class, Charles-Louis Mourruau having retired from the Transat Jacques Vabre completes the podium. 2019 proved quite an exciting and richly diversed season for the Class40 ; Two transatlantic races, the Défi Atlantique in april and the Transat Jacques Vabre in the fall, and four major classic races brought great performance and sports excitement to the fans. 45 boats enlisted in one or more of the 6 races that made up the 2019 championship. A strong testimony to the ever growing Class dynamics. New boats keep coming out of shipyards around the world, and older Class40 boats still remain quite competitive, as Charles Mourruau’s brilliant third place on board a Pogo 40 S2 Colombre XL n°101 proves the point. Earendil has displayed skill and performance throughout all the races on the agenda, starting with an early win in the Caribbean 600 in february. Catherine Pourre and Pietro Luciani then stood their ground facing an ever renewed and fierce opposition, with podium results in the Défi Atlantique, Normandy Channel Race, Les Sables - Horta and the Rolex Fastnet Race. Winning the title reflects a steady and strong commitment throughout the season by this pair of international sailors who gives an accurate representation of what the Class40 is about, diversity and internationalisation. Catherine Pourre - Eärendil « I am immensely proud of this result ; 2019 has been a grand slam year for Eärendil. After winning this year the America and Europe Class40 Trophies, the RORC Class40 Trophy, we secure the Class40 Championship. This exceptional achievement comes as a result of total commitment in every aspect of the project we initiated back in 2018. Our expectations were high. We have worked hard to improve the boats technical capabilities. She proved in the end robust and very fast. We did some great sailing with Pietro who is a talented sailor. We’ve met our goals. I however feel a bit disappointed by our Transat Jacques Vabre. Against all odds, we have tried to put up a show with a strong finish. As a 9 years member of the Class40, I remain an absolute supporter of this format that offers great sailing and racing opportunities at a reasonable price, within a lively and dynamic class. Our history with N°145 is coming to an end, almost, at least till the Québec Saint Malo 2020. To move forward with a new project would definitely please me. » Pietro Luciani - Eärendil « I am thrilled with this championship victory, which is the result of a fine team work and a solid commitment alongside Catherine. The Transat Jacques Vabre and our 10th place, leaves us with some regrets. But we have throughout the season shown dedication and steadiness to gain that reward. This championship is demanding. It is a very thorough competition, with a mix of transatlantic races, offshore races, in pairs or crewed. The level keeps on growing year after year. I particularly appreciate the Pro-Am spirit that still exists in the Class while performances are on the rise. Proof of this is this astounding 24 hours record set by Adrien Hardy and Ian Lipinsky with over 415 miles covered. Offshore sailing attracts more and more international sailors, and the Class40 is an excellent place to start. British sailor Phil Sharp won twice this championship. I admire him very much and it is an honor to come after him. I shall sail in Class40 again next year. My personal dream would be to compete in the Route du Rhum. » Aymeric Chappellier - Aïna Enfance et Avenir « It has been a great season for us, with five podiums in all five races, including three wins. I congratulate Catherine and Pietro. This second place comes as a victory of sorts, in this ever growing Class. The level is constantly on the rise and yet, fun and pleasure are still there. New boats are coming, all within the Class regulations, with performances similar to the Imoca of not so long ago. This championship offers great competitions, and the boats are still affordable. I know that the Class leaders put a lot of thinking into future potential developments and one thinks of foils quite naturally. But keeping the costs low still remain a Class trademark, which is a good thing. My partnership with Aïna is over. I’m taking time off to think about future plans. But I shall definitely sail Class40 again… » The Class40 Championship is a point race competition rewarding the teams that follow the program. This program includes transatlantic races and shorter offshore races. The Board decides every year on the program that can be checked here : www. 2019 standing  1- Eärendil - Catherine Pourre - Pietro Luciani : 1003 points 2- Aïna Enfance et Avenir : Aymeric Chappellier : 953 points 3- Colombre XL : Charles Louis Mourruau - Estelle Greck : 615 points 6 races accounted for the 2019 championship  RORC CARIBEAN 600 (10 entries) DÉFI ATLANTIQUE (12 entries) NORMANDY CHANNEL RACE (13 entries) LES SABLES - HORTA (13 entries) ROLEX FASTNET RACE (19 entries) TRANSAT JACQUES VABRE NORMANDIE LE HAVRE (27 entries)[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Crédit Mutuel breaks 24-hour record !]]> Wed, 06 Nov 2019 00:00:00 GMT  Ian Lipinski  and  Adrien Hardy are really impressive on the Transat Jacques Vabre ! The Crédit Mutuel duet  is now at the head of the fleet and they also broke the record of the distance sailed in 24 hours in Class40 ! They indeed  covered the distance of 415,86  nm between Tuesday November 5th at 3h30 (french time) and Wednesday November 6th (3h30) at the average speed of  17,3 knots. The previous record had been held  by V and B, skipped by Maxime Sorel and Antoine Carpentier since November 2017 the 10th. They covered  377.7 nm at the average speed of 15.7 knots during the 2017 Transat jacques Vabre. This new Max40 launched few monthes ago proves, with this new record, that the new generation Class40s are very close to the old generation Imocas (2007) regarding the perfomances ![Read more]]]> <![CDATA[AMERICAN TROPHY 2019 : EÄRENDIL ACHIEVED THE DOUBLE 2018 & 2019]]> Fri, 11 Oct 2019 00:00:00 GMT Catherine Pourre (Eärendil # 145) and her crew have already won the American Trophy in 2018, the crew of Eärendil repeated the feat this year with a beautiful first place on the RORC Caribbean 600 2019, thus keeping their title obtained in 2018 on this race and the Class40 record for the event!   If only two events attracted the Atlantic Class40’s this year, it was two great races!  Antigua has traditionally started the season with the RORC Caribbean 600. With ten Class 40’s at the start, including the participation of boats that participated for the first time in 2018 and remaining in the West Indies, a trio led the race to the forefront in an intense battle from beginning to the end of this 600-mile course between the Caribbean islands of Saint Martin and Guadeloupe. Catherine Pourre and her crew, who were the same as in 2018 Pietro Luciani, Pablo Santurde, Carlos Ruygomez and newcomer in 2019 Massimo Juris, finally emerged with a victory, just three minutes ahead of Aïna Childhood and Avenir (# 151) led by Aymeric Chappellier, he himself arrived two minutes before his pursuer, Lamotte-Module Creation (# 153) of Luke Berry.  The second race was between Newport and Bermuda, the Bermuda 1-2. A superb single-handed event for the 600-mile first leg and double for the return, as the American Jonathan Green (Privateer # 102) won the event in the combined time of the 2 heats in front of 4 of his compatriots, including a particular Micheal Hennessy, winner of the Route du Rhum destination Guadeloupe in the Vintage category in 2018, in his famous Dragon (# 54), arrived first in the round to go solo and2nd on the event in general.   Eärendil won the American Trophy, ahead of Privateer, second in the Trophy tied with Eärendil, Aîna by Aymeric Chappelier completing the podium. American Trophy 2019 and 2020 The American Trophy 2019 will have had 15 Class 40’s, including 8 French, 5 Americans, 1 German and 1 English boat. Traditionally less well-endowed in odd-numbered events, the American Trophy will have seen its participation almost stable compared to 2018 with a nice plateau in significant increase on the RORC Caribbean 600 and several new American projects in Bermuda one-two. Traditionally more active in even years, the American Trophy 2020 will see the Class 40 compete on the RORC Caribbean 600 as every year, the Atlantic Cup, doubles race, from Charleston (South Carolina) to Portland (Maine) via New York in June. This emblematic event of the American Trophy will be ideally placed in 2020 between The Transat,  solo from East to West arriving in Charleston (Departure May 10) and the now legendary Quebec Saint Malo (Departure scheduled July 12, 2020). Let's bet that this should boost the participation of Europeans in the American Trophy next year.   Comment from Michael Hennessy, Vice President, Class 40 A tip of the hat to Catherine for once again seizing the American trophy.  A well-earned victory!  We enjoy hosting Earendil in North American waters and her level of competition helps set a standard for the fleet. 2020 should see great racing in North America as the Class 40 fleet circles the Atlantic.  First The Transat, then the Atlantic Cup, followed by the Quebec Saint Malo.   The 2019 American Trophy Ranking: [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Eärendil (# 145) (Catherine Pourre - Pietro Luciani), winner of the European Class40 Trophy 2019]]> Fri, 04 Oct 2019 00:00:00 GMT "It's really fantastic for the Eärendil team to win the European Trophy this year, after winning the American Trophy in 2018 and 2019. It's the result of a lot of investment and effort from the team and it paid off. This is a collective victory, especially that of Pietro (Luciani) who has invested heavily in the project for 2 years and at the same time improved the technical qualities of the boat, making the Mach 3 from 2015 very fast, and improvements in performance and navigation, but also that of Pablo (Santurde del Arco) and other excellent team-mates. I thank them and dedicate this victory to them.’’ Said Catherine Pourre the skipper and owner of Eärendil.  Back in Europe in April with the Défi Atlantique, the first edition of which took place in March 2019, Eärendil followed with the Normandy Channel Race, for which the Spaniard Pablo Santurde del Arco replaced Catherine Pourre alongside Pietro Luciani. Although head of the majority of the course, the black boat eventually finished in second place behind the duo from La Rochelle, Aïna Enfance & Avenir (Aymeric Chappelier and Pierre Brasseur), Beijaflore signing a nice 4th place in the event. Les Sables Horta, a superb double-handed race from Les Sables d'Olonne to the Azores in two round-trip stages, will then face the duos without mercy with a tie in points between Eärendil (Catherine Pourre - Pietro Luciani) and Beijaflore (William Mathelin-Moreau – Amaury François and Marc Guillemot) respectively 4th and 3rd of the first stage and 2nd and 3rd on the return leg, Aïna (Aymeric Chappellier - Rodrigue Cabaz) ending at the top of the test. Volvo (Jonas Gerkhens - Benoit Hantzberg - Sophie Faguet), masterful winner of the first stage, finishing fourth overall. And while at the end of Les Sables-Horta, William Mathelin-Moreaux and his Beijaflore (# 154) are at the top of this trophy, thanks to his participation in the Grand Prix Guyader, it will be the Rolex Fastnet Race which will arbitrate. Beijaflore finishes in second place right in front of Eärendil, which finally, thanks to his good regularity of their four best races, picked up the European Trophy. Beijaflore finishes second in front of the mixed duo Charles-Louis Mourruau and Estelle Greck on Colombre XL (# 101), third in the European Class 40 Trophy 2019. Colombre XL has made a very remarkable season on their excellent but not very young Pogo S2 from 2011. We would also like to take note the very performance of Grizzly Barber Shop Cedric Kervanoel, 6th in the European Trophy and first vintage for the second consecutive year. See you on October 27 for the start of the Transat Jacques Vabre! There will be 27 Class 40’s lining up on the start line. This year is a record for a year after the Route du Rhum, which shows the good health of the Class40. At the end of this Transat Jacques Vabre, the champion Class 40 2019 trophy will be revealed.   Ranking of the Europe Trophy Class 40 October 2019 1.       Catherine Pourre (Eärendil) - 254 points 2.       William Mathelin-Moreau (Beijaflore) - 250 points 3.       Charles-Louis Mourruau (Colombre XL) - 212 points 4.       Aymeric Chappellier (Aïna Enfance & Avenir) - 189 points 5.       Jonas Gerkhens (Volvo) - 160 points The full ranking   [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[The Class40 travels around the world in 2021 and 2023]]> Thu, 11 Jul 2019 00:00:00 GMT Two World Tours! The announcements are attractive, and Class 40 is delighted as the Class has been campaigning this for several years to convince the organizers of the opportunity of such a race. It enthusiastically supports both of these projects. The success of the class, the maritime qualities of the boats and the accessibility of a round-the-world race for many sailors from all over the world: This means that two quality events are positioned. These projects, both on schedule and track, open for entries that correspond well to the pro-am mix of our members. It will therefore be an option for a "North Route" in 8 stages in 2021 and another option for a ‘South Route’ in 4 stages (and a prologue race) in 2023. Two different ambitions The Globe 40 in 2021, organized by Sirius Events, carries values of adventure and travel, favouring a very "north" route connecting eight new stage cities like Mauritius, Papeete in French Polynesia via Cape Horn to Ushuaia. Performance stays at the heart of this engagement race. The Race Around, the first edition of which is scheduled for 2023, organized by Manuka SEM and 5 Ocean Sports Marketing, takes over the course through the Southern Ocean around the world in 4 stages (Europe, Cape Town, New Zealand and Brazil) leading the skippers of the Class 40 to compete in the furious fifties to pass the mythical Cape Horn.The organisers propose to equip the winners with price prizes. A world tour, a project in its own right In parallel to these world tours, the Class40, now with almost 160 boats and an ever-increasing number of members, will continue to animate its Championship racing calendar as well as European and American Trophies over the years considered, with the now classic Normandy Channel race, the Les Sables-Horta, the Rolex Fastnet race or the Transat Jacques Vabre. Both of these projects are aimed at public looking for an exceptional event, the adventure of a lifetime, both personally and athletically, on a fast and efficient medium while maintaining the budget of such a commitment at a contained level. For more info  [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[12,000 miles for 15 years!]]> Fri, 15 Feb 2019 00:00:00 GMT   Anniversary Fifteen years, 157 boats (soon to be 159), almost 600 members since its creation, a well-deserved place in the international nautical scene that have created some beautiful stories ... but we do not rest on our laurels! Last season ended with a Route du Rhum that saw a record number of 53 Class40’s at the start and a new benchmark for finishing the race, down to 16 days. An accomplished history, setting the stage to make the coming years just as successful. 12,000 miles for 2019, just for the championship The 12,573 nm of racing programmed over the next 6 events and 10 months will determine the 2019 Class40 Champion. To seize the crown, the champion will need to perform again this year, starting next week. The season begins with the very tactical RORC Caribbean 600 in which ten Class40’s will participate. Then it will be time to return to Europe thanks to the first edition of the Atlantic Challenge (Pointe-à-Pitre / La Rochelle via Horta), which will bring together about fifteen boats.  A more "classic" program will follow with the Normandy Channel Race, Les Sables-Horta and the RORC Rolex Fastnet Race. Finally, the Transat Jacques Vabre will culminate he 2019 season and wrap up the 15th anniversary of the Class 40 on the race course. Great years ahead The following seasons are just as exciting!! In 2020, the Atlantic Tour quadrennial returns with The Transat, the Atlantic Cup, Quebec Saint-Malo and the Normandy Channel Race. Then it will be time again to prepare the next edition of the Route du Rhum destination Guadeloupe which will host, we hope, about sixty Class40’s. 2019 Championship : -          RORC Caribbean 600 (600nm) – 18 February -          Défi Atlantique (3500nm) – 23 March -          Normandy Channel Race (1000nm) – 19 May -          Les Sables Horta (2500nm) – 30 June -          Rolex Fastnet race (600nm) – 3 August -          Transat Jacques Vabre (4350) – 27 October Full programm : [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Briton Phil Sharp wins the Class40 Championship 2018]]> Thu, 29 Nov 2018 00:00:00 GMT British sailor and native of Jersey, Phil Sharp (37), finished the Route du Rhum -Destination Guadeloupe with a remarkable 3rd place, earning him the outright Class 40 Champion title for the second consecutive year. Securing a podium spot in each of the four championship races he contested, Phil utterly dominated what is an increasingly selective championship thanks to the arrival this year of new boats and new racers. The talent of the skipper of Imerys Clean Energy is widely recognised, together with his temperament as a tenacious and resolute fighter, which has earned him the amicable nickname of “Bulldog”. The final of the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe for the Class40 was a true reflection of the incredibly fiercely contested season of 2018. Indeed, no fewer than fifteen or so solo sailors, aboard latest generation or fully-honed 40-foot monohulls were in contention for victory on 4 November 2018. The physiognomy of the race matched what the Class40 is able to offer today, namely an action-packed battle with daggers drawn where the big prize could end up in anyone’s hands. Yoann Richomme (Veedol AIC) triumphed thanks to his sound sailing knowledge chiselled out by years on the Figaro circuit. In his wake, the race among the main contenders for the outright title testified to a rare degree of intensity and it came as no surprise to see that the top 10 in Pointe à Pitre included the championship’s star players, such as Aymeric Chappellier, Luke Berry, Jack Trigger… and one Phil Sharp!   The Briton, aboard his Mach 40 No.130 Imerys Clean Energy built in 2013, did more than simply stand up to the very latest generation boats. In fact, thanks to his extraordinary tenacity, he was able to keep pace with boats renowned for being more powerful. Securing a fine third place singlehanded in the 1000 Milles des Sables back in the spring, an event that didn’t count towards the championship, Phil gave onlookers a taste of his metal and his ambitions for the year ahead, culminating with the star event, the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe. He asserted himself the following month, dominating his main rivals, Louis Duc (Carac) and Aymeric Chappellier (Aïna Enfance et Avenir) during a particularly intense and hotly-disputed Normandy Channel Race, which saw him teamed up with Julien Pulvé. Second in the Drheam Cup-Destination Cotentin, it was during the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland race that he hammered the point home, posting his ambitions for the outright title with real authority. Joined by his ever faithful teammates, Pablo Santurde, Julien Pulvé and Sam Matson, Phil Sharp bagged his second victory of the year here, pulverising the previous event record by some 15 hours.   And yet, the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe remained his primary objective for the season. Winner in 2006, Phil knew that he’d be up against very different opposition. In the shadow of Yoann Richomme’s superiority and his formidable Lift 40, Phil Sharp became embroiled in a fight in which he alone knows the secret to his great energy, desire and perseverance. Like a number of his rivals, he overcame his share of damage to pull off a fabulous podium place, less than two hours behind Aymeric Chappellier.   Following his success in 2017, this victory in the 2018 championship comes as a great source of satisfaction for the skipper of Imerys Clean Energy: “Winning the Championship for a second consecutive year has shown that above all we have been consistent. We have finished every event over the last two years on the podium, with a previous generation boat. Achieving this success is down to a lot of hard work on and off the water, both technically and commercially.   In addition to our race results, our most notable success is that we have developed practical fossil-free energy solutions that we hope can help set an example for the marine industry to follow in order to reduce air pollution on our oceans.  We would not have been able to achieve these performance and environmental results without the invaluable support of our dedicated partners. I hope they recognise the crucial role they have played, and can share in our successes by being proud of what they have helped the Energy Challenge achieve to date. ».   It is Aymeric Chappelier (Aïna-Enfance et Avenir) who logically takes the second step of the podium, followed by the newcomer to the Class40, Luke Berry and his Mach40 No.153 Lamotte-Module Création.   2018 ranking:   1-     Phil Sharp – Imerys Clean Energy    2-     Aymeric Chappellier – Aïna Enfance et Avenir   3-     Luke Berry- Lamotte-Module Création   4-     Jack Trigger – Concise 8   5-     Loic Féquet – Tibco        [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Phil Sharp (Imerys Clean Energy) wins the European Trophy Award!]]> Wed, 03 Oct 2018 00:00:00 GMT After claiming victory in last year’s European Trophy Award, Phil’s performance objective for 2018 was simple – to defend the title and he successfully did, finishing on the podium of every race he took part!   Phil wins for the second consecutive year despite the growth of the Class40 with four new boats launched just this year, added to the already fiercely competitive fleet. Luke Berry (Lamotte – Module Création), for his first season on his new Mach 40.3, is second and Louis Duc (Carac) completes le podium. “It’s really fantastic to win the European Trophy Award this year especially as there is twice the competition than in 2017. Several new boats have been launched this season which have quite simply been quick out of the starting blocks, and have definitely kept me racing on the edge.” Commented Phil Sharp, skipper of Imerys Clean Energy. The season kicked-off in April with a solo warm-up the 1000 Milles des Sables, a return race from Les Sables d’Olonne to Gijón, won by Aymeric Chappellier (Aïna Enfance et Avenir). The first opportunity for the skippers to test both man and boat single-handed and in race mode since the Transat Bakerly in 2016. The Grand Prix Guyader and the Armen race, both fully crewed, took place in May, followed by the Normandy Channel race, the annual Class40 event, won by the Imerys Clean Energy duo. 5 Class40s lined up for the Volvo Round Ireland Race (victory of Nicolas Troussel – Corum) before joining the important fleet of the Drheam Cup destination Cotentin in which Yoann Richomme (Veedol) took the first place. Joined by Pablo Santurde, Julien Pulvé and Sam Matson, Phil Sharp went on to win the last race of the EUropean Trophy, the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland race, organized mid-August, breaking the previous record by 15 hours. “The European races included two single-handed events making it a tough season so far, but so important for Route du Rhum training and preparation. I am really pleased that we have been able to be consistent racing in different configurations from solo, duo to fully crewed, which means that firstly we have a strong team and secondly that our platform, Imerys Clean Energy is versatile and competitive despite her age. To note also Cédric de Kervenoael'sperformance, 19th of the Trophy ad 1st Vintage.     Rendez-vous on November 4th for the Route du Rhum with 53 Class40s on the starting line. The result of this transat will determine the 2018 Class40 champion.     Ranking of the European Trophy   1.     Phil Sharp (Imerys Clean Energy) – 309 points   2.     Luke Berry (Lamotte – Module Création) – 279 points   3.     Louis Duc (Carac) – 277 points   4.     Loïc Féquet (Tibco) – 251 points   5.     Aymeric Chappellier (Aïna Enfance et Avenir) – 243 points. The whole ranking :  [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Catherine Pourre (Eärendil) Wins the Class40’s 2018 American Trophy !]]> Tue, 03 Jul 2018 00:00:00 GMT The first edition of the Class 40’s American Trophy, rewarding those teams that participate in the North American races on the Class calendar, has been won in convincing fashion by a European team* organized by the French skipper Catherine Pourre on her Manuard designed Mach40.3 Eärendil.  In taking the victory, she beat two American teams including Dragon, an Owen Clarke design skippered by Michael Hennessy and the winner of the 2018 Miami to Havana race, and the Farr designed Privateer, skippered by its new owner Jonathan Green.  The 16 teams participating in the North American circuit of races included 3 Vintage boats and showcased the international nature of the Class40: 7 American boats, 4 French, 1 English, 1 German, 1 Angolan, 1 South African and 1 Swedish. Eärendil was the Class40 winner of the RORC Caribbean 600, setting the record in a 2018 edition where the eight participating Class40s saw particularly high winds and challenging reaching conditions.  BHB, the Verdier designed and St. Malo built Tizh40 skipperd by Louis Burton finished second, and Iskareen, the German flagged PogoS3 skippered by Arnt Bruhns completed the podium. Catherine Pourre and Pietro Luciani also dominated the two offshore legs of the Atlantic Cup (Charleston - New York and New York – Portland Maine), thereby securing the overall victory for this iconic Class40 competition.  This year’s edition saw eleven Class40s spend 15 days racing up the eastern seaboard of the USA, where 500 miles of the Gulf Stream with its 4 to 6 knots of current and counter currents help make this race a notoriously difficult tactical challenge and extraordinary experience.  The Class40 American Trophy The American Trophy was established in 2017 with a corresponding European Trophy, and it found its legs this year with a growing number of American boats participating alongside Europeans who ended up on this side of the Atlantic following the winter transatlantic races.  Well organized events, favorable offshore courses well suited for Class40s and unfailing hospitality made for an intense level of competition  in both the Caribbean and USA. The events in the American Trophy circuit consist of offshore races ranging from 300 to 1000 miles such as the Miami to Havana Race, the RORC Caribbean 600, the Atlantic Cup and next year’s Pineapple Cup from Miami to Jamaica as well as the Bermuda 1-2 with its solo leg from Newport to Bermuda and double handed return.  The circuit also includes two events with an inshore format, the Voiles de St Barth and Grenada Sailing Week. For the Europeans, there are excellent opportunities for the transatlantic return to Europe, with the Bermuda – Hamburg race running this year, the New York Yacht Club organized 2019 Transatlantic Race from Newport to Cowes starting on June 26 in 2019, and then the Quebec Saint Malo race in july 2020. Michael Hennessy, Vice-President of the Class40 « The 2018 race calendar here in North America has really show cased the strengths of the Class40.  New skippers have joined the Class with boats purchased in the robust second hand market, and Vintage boats are competing effectively against the newest designs.   Most notably is the international nature of the Class where we have seen boats flagged from seven different countries racing with teams representing 12 different nationalities racing at the very highest level of the sport.  Catherine earned her victory against a top quality group of competitors, and I tip my chapeau to her. » Catherine Pourre, winner of the 2018 Trophy « I am thrilled with the American 2018 season that followed our 2017 participation in the Transat Jacques Vabre, in as much as it allowed me to compete at a high and consistent level with the international team of Pietro, Pablo, Puro and Benoit. The racing here includes some beautiful challenges (the RORC Caribbean 600 and the Atlantic Cup) and those races make the competition a well deserved pleasure.  Coming from Europe, one can be fooled into having an idylic vision of the racing conditions in North American but conditions for the RORC Caribbean 600 were very challenging this year, and then the Atlantic Cup leg from New York to Portland saw average winds of 25 to 30 knots and a very difficult sea state.  The field-of-play is also larger, with a corresponding navigation challenge.  We also had the chance to compete against an excellent group of sailors whom we rarely get to meet in Europe and it was a real pleasure to see the Americans and Europeans racing alongside each other on these shores.  I hope that the Class40 in America sees the same growth and strength as we see in Europe, since the race courses are fantastic and the ambiance is magical. I intend to return next year and urge the European skippers who are racing in the Route du Rhum to consider including these American races to their schedule.  Our Class motto of « Friendly Class, Fierce Racing » can be found in every way on this side of Atlantic. » * Eärendil’s RORC CARIBBEAN 600 TEAM: Catherine Pourre, Benoit Hochart (FRA), Pablo Santurde del Arco, Carlos Ruygomez (ESP), Pietro Luciani (ITA) * Eärendil’s ATLANTIC CUP TEAM: 1. Offshore Legs : Catherine Pourre (FRA), Pietro Luciani (ITA) 2. In-port series Portland: Catherine Pourre (FRA), Pietro Luciani (ITA), Allison Gray, Sam Fitzgerald, Chris O’Toole (USA), Andres Guerra (ESP) The 2018 American Trophy Rankings 1.       Catherine Pourre (Eärendil #145) 2.       Michael Hennessy (Dragon #54) 3.       Jonathan Green (Privateer #102) [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Class 40 Championship 2018, a massive crowd!]]> Mon, 14 May 2018 00:00:00 GMT Decidedly, 2018 will be the year of superlatives for Class40:a dynamic pre-season with the RORC Caribbean 600 and 1000 milles des Sables, the largest fleets of Class40, making it more difficult to win ... but this year the class has reached its climax in terms of diversity.               Remember 6 races championship Program Massive investments Other ness and Diversity The 2018 Championships There will be something for everyone this season and the best sailor shine on all races that this year offers as it is a tricky format! The Grand Prix Guyader in Douarnenez will open the season in early May by offering great coastal courses sailing the boats fully crewed. Meanwhile, in late May, there will be a contest of two races in dual of the 1,000-mile Normandy Channel Race from Caen and the Atlantic Cup on the east coast of the United States. After a few weeks of rest, in late July the Drheam Cup destination Cotentin a Solo race will take place. Then back to the fully crewed racing in August 1800 nm with the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland race(RBI). Finally, the Route du Rhum Guadeloupe as the destination, solo transatlantic, will close this crazy and very busy season. Class40 fleet Class40 will be massively represented this year: 15 Class40 will participate in the Grand Prix Guyader, 31 will line up for the Normandy Channel Race and on the same weekend, 11 more boats will start in the Atlantic Cup. At 3 months from the start of the Drheam Cup already 26 boats have registered! For the RORC RBI also expected fifteen Class 40s, a first for this summer a difficult test for all. The eventual winner of the Route du Rhum Class 40 will he be proud of his achievement and proud as they will have had to face more than 50 competitors (57 boats are enrolled, including 7 on the waiting list) ... A heterogeneous fleet An incredible mix is found this year in Class 40: more women will be skippering, 12 foreigners are entered in the Route du Rhum (2 Italians, 1 German, four British, one Belgian, three Americans and one Japanese). After more than 10 years of existence, the class has also preserved its DNA because fleet presents the different races this season with the combination of an almost equal combination of professionals and amateurs. As for Vintage, we can also be happy because there will be ten boats on the start line in Saint-Malo, which promises a good battle! Note the return on the Class 40 circuit after many years of absence! It will be a beautiful sight to see the line up alongside the latest 4 that where launched in 2018. See you Friday, May 4 in Douarnenez to launch this summer![Read more]]]> <![CDATA[2018: An eventful season ahead]]> Mon, 15 Jan 2018 00:00:00 GMT Key points: -          6 races to count for the 2018 Class40 Championship -          New boats in build -          Races all over the world 2018 Championship The class is proud of its Pro-Am mix and the highly eclectic aspirations of its sailors, and the diversity of the races which count towards this year’s Championship aims to provide satisfaction to as many of our sailors as possible, as well as to crown a campaign which will have proven itself all-round at the end of the year after the Route du Rhum destination Guadeloupe. The 6 main events which will therefore count are the Grand Prix Guyader, the Atlantic Cup, the Normandy Channel Race, the Drheam Cup destination Cotentin, the Sevenstar Round Britain & Ireland race and the Route du Rhum*. It would seem that the 2018 Championship is going to be hotly contested as the 40 places allocated to Class40s in the legendary solo transatlantic race have been filled, there are already numerous boats on the waiting list, and the race is still 10 months away! Given the keen interest, it is likely that the early season races will also be well-subscribed. 4 boats in build The last new boat in 2017 was the third Tizh40, boat number 152, launched late summer, and skippered by Tom Laperche and Christophe Bachmann. This year, the number of Class40s is set to increase with 4 new boats currently in build: a Cape40 5G for South African Andrew Thomson, an optimised Lift40 for Yoann Richomme, and a Mach40.3 for Luke Berry. As for the second Mach in build, it’s still confidential… Class40s all over the world Even if much of the fleet is based in Europe, busy with the Championship and the European Trophy**, 2018 is an Atlantic Cup year, as is the case in even years. This American race between Charleston, New York and Portland, exclusively open to Class40s, is the main event for the American Trophy*** and follows on from the Miami to Havana Race and the traditional winter races in the Caribbean.   There are also active Class40s in the Pacific region! A number of them are entered in the Melbourne-Osaka race. The second-hand market in 2017 proved to be as dynamic as in previous years (15 boats sold), and there are now 7 Class40s based on the other side of the world! As of today, there are no boats in the Indian Ocean region, but the future Round the World race will provide the opportunity to go and sail there too! *2018 Championship -  Grand Prix Guyader (France –crewed – coeff 1) -  The Atlantic Cup (USA – double-handed – coeff 2) -  Normandy Channel Race (France – double-handed -  coeff 2) -  Drheam Cup destination Cotentin (France – solo -  coeff 2) -  Round Britain & Ireland (Great Britain – crewed -  coeff 2) -  Route du Rhum (France – solo – coeff 4) **European Trophy -          1000 milles des Sables -          Grand Prix Guyader -          Armen race -          Normandy Channel Race -          Round Ireland Race -          Drheam Cup destination Cotentin -          Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race *** American Trophy -          Grenada Sailing Week -          Miami to Havana -          RORC Caribbean 600 -          Les Voiles de St Barth -          The Atlantic Cup -          Newport to Bermuda[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[2017 Class40 Championship: Phil Sharp crowned champion]]> Wed, 29 Nov 2017 00:00:00 GMT This well-deserved title is the prize for consistently impressive results, and rewards a true champion who has been on the circuit for many years. Massimo Juris’ Colombre XL and Maxime Sorel’s V and B complete this decidedly international podium. A spectacular end to the season. The races that counted in this year’s Class40 Championship were Trophée Guyader, Normandy Channel Race, Les Sables Horta, Rolex Fastnet Race and the Transat Jacques Vabre.  With a mix of fully-crewed and double-handed events, ranging from short course to long-distance racing, being consistent and versatile were essential for success. From this perspective, the coefficient 4-scoring Transat Jacques Vabre was the highlight of the season. The compact, evenly-matched fleet, the low number of retirements, and the exceptional level of competition, are signs of the maturity of the class.    At the front of the fleet, the battle was fierce and the outcome uncertain to the very end, with no less than 15 changes of leader over the 4350 miles of race track covered in 17 days between Le Havre and Salvador de Bahia. Even though Phil Sharp, racing with Pablo Santurde, were unable to match the pure speed of their immediate competition after the Doldrums, they were unquestionably the main players of this double-handed transatlantic race. The winners V and B (Maxime Sorel, Antoine Carpentier) and runners-up Aïna Enfance et Avenir (Aymeric Chappellier, Arthur Le Vaillant) openly acknowledged the fact at the finish: known for his radical approach to competition and his appetite for windy conditions, Phil Sharp once again set an incredible pace all the way down the North Atlantic and was hard to keep up with. The average speed of the winners (10.4 knots) is close to that of the older generation Imoca boats. Proof of the advances in design in Class40, and proof that these boats can be pushed hard in difficult conditions. From there to aspiring to a major round-the-world race for Class40s is but a small step. Expect 2018 to feature much debate and announcements on this subject.  Phil Sharp : “It really is fantastic to lift the 2017 Class 40 Championship trophy after such an exciting season of diverse and challenging races. We have had some tough competition and it was been far from straightforward! From the inshore racing at Grand Prix Guyader to the ocean marathons of the Les Sables – Horta and Transat Jacques Vabre, we have had some memorable battles for the lead in all five championship events. Such close racing demonstrates the strength of the Class 40 currently as well as the level and quality of the teams.  The Energy Challenge has importantly shown that we can deliver consistent results with top 3 finishes in every championship event. It has also prototyped some cutting edge solar technology to help fulfil our zero emissions objectives, in its aim to accelerate a shift to renewables in marine.  Our success this year is testimony to the dedicated support and technical collaboration of all of our Energy Challenge partners to whom we are very grateful, together with a tireless effort from our shore, technical, and performance team. Everyone involved can be proud of this result! » Phil Sharp - an exceptional season: -          Winner of the  Trophée Guyader (coef 1) -          Winner of the Normandy Channel Race (coef 2) -          2nd place in Les Sables-Horta (coef 3) -          2nd place in the Rolex Fastnet Race (coef1) -          3rd in the Transat Jacques Vabre (coef 4) Class40 Championship 1.      Phil Sharp (Imerys) – 871 pts 2.      Massimo Juris (Colombre XL) – 624 pts 3.      Maxime Sorel (V and B) – 620 pts[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[V and B : New Record for the distance sailed in 24 hours in Class40 !]]> Fri, 10 Nov 2017 00:00:00 GMT   Maxime Sorel  and  Antoine Carpentier are really impressive on the Transat Jacques Vabre ! Following the repair of a 1 meter crack on a watertight bulkhead,  the V and B duet  decided to  fight to come-back at the head of the fleet. And they are successful ! They are now second, 26nm behind the leader  Imerys (Phil Sharp and Pablo Santurde) and they also broke the record of the distance sailed in 24 hours in Class40 ! They indeed  covered the distance of 377,7  nm between Tuesday November 9th at 8h30 (french time) and Friday November 10th (8h30) at the average speed of  15,7 knots. The previous record had been held  by Tales 2, skipped par Gonzalo Botin (and Pablo Santurde !) since July 2016 the 16th. They covered  373.3 nm at the average speed of 15.56 knots during the Quebec Saint Malo Race. This Mach40.3 launched in 2015 proves, with this new record, that the new generation Class40s are very close to the old generation Imocas (2007) regarding the perfomances ![Read more]]]> <![CDATA[V and B : New Record for the distance sailed in 24 hours in Class40 !]]> Fri, 10 Nov 2017 00:00:00 GMT [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Campagne de France is the 2017 winner of the RORC Championship!]]> Fri, 27 Oct 2017 00:00:00 GMT Winner of the RORC Transatlantic Race, the first of the 10 races included in the championship, as well as the Morgan Cup, second in the RORC Caribbean 600, third in the Myth of Malham and also racing in the famous Rolex Fastnet Race in their striking green and blue 40, they have been rewarded for their dedication on the circuit and the number of races they have competed in since the boat was launched in 2016. Alongside them on the podium, are two British Class40s. Phor-ty, skippered by Peter Harding, finished second. The vintage Class40 number 23 Arwen, skippered by Austen Clark completes the podium for 2017. There are 26 boats classified this year on this championship. "I am naturally delighted with the title," said Miranda, an associate RORC member. "The RORC races are incredibly organized, both on land and on sea, and always for a very affordable cost. It's always a great pleasure to participate. These events attract a lot of runners, including our Class40s, and the French are not wrong to be participating in more and more of these event, both in the Channel or the Atlantic. We sailed tremendously this year, with more than 20 000 miles on the clock, most of which was in competition. We are proud to offer this success to our partner, Campagne de France.’’[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Phil Sharp (Imerys) wins the 2017 European Trophy !]]> Thu, 07 Sep 2017 00:00:00 GMT With 5 races to count for the Trophy this year, the Mach40 #130 won the first two (Grand Prix Guyader and Normandy Channel Race), did not compete in the Armen Race, and finished second in two other races (second on both legs of the Les Sables-Horta Race and the Rolex Fastnet Race). Having competed in numerous events this season and delivered consistent performances with podium finishes, Phil Sharp amply deserves this victory, which he has won hands down with more than 100 points of margin over the runners-up. Franco-British pair Halvard Mabire and Miranda Merron (Campagne de France) take second place in the ranking for this trophy. Jean Galfione (Serenis Consulting) completes the podium. Also of note is the fine performance by the Finnish team on Fuji (a 2007 Owen Clarke design), finishing 6th and first Vintage boat overall! This trophy truly underscores the international aspect of Class40 – won by a British sailor, German sailor Burkhard Keese in 4th place, the Italian team on Colombre XL in 6th, Oman Sail in 7th and Japanese sailor Horoshi Kitada in 8th place!  Phil Sharp, winner of the 2017 European Trophy "It is really pleasing for the whole team, including our partners, to be rewarded with the European Coastal Trophy. It demonstrates that we have not only achieved some great race results but have also shown real consistency as a result of the dedication and enthusiasm everyone has shown. It is a great boost prior to this year's grand slam, the Transat Jacques Vabre, but there is no underestimating the strong competition we have for this marathon event, and the amount of preparation we still have to do in order to maximise our performance and reliability in our quest for a top result.” Halvard Mabire, Class40 president “The European Trophy highlights the vitality and diversity on offer within the Class40 race programme. While primarily designed for transoceanic racing, Class40s also make for appealing boats for any offshore racing, and are therefore able to attract a wide range of skippers and teams who may not be able to include transatlantic racing in their programme due to other commitments, budget or simply out of choice.  Over the years, we have noted an increase in the number of Class40s competing in relatively short events dedicated exclusively to Class40s in European waters, (NCR, GP Guyader, Les Sables Horta...), as well as in offshore multi-class events, such as RORC races. With the ever-increasing level of competition in Class40, it was time for a trophy for the season’s non-transatlantic races, to reward both performance in and attendance at these European events.  Congratulations to the team on Imerys for their victory in this first edition of the Trophy!”   European Trophy final results Further information *Grand Prix Guyader: Phil Sharp (GBR), Pablo Santurde del Arco (ESP), Robin Marais, Arthur Le Vaillant, Corentin Douguet (FRA) Normandy Channel Race: Phil Sharp (GBR), Pablo Santurde del Arco (ESP) Les Sables-Horta Race: Phil Sharp (GBR), Corentin Douguet, Adrien Hardy (FRA) Rolex Fastnet Race: Phil Sharp (GBR), Pablo Santurde del Arco (ESP), Pietro Luciani (ITA), Robin Marais (FRA)  [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Imerys (Phil Sharp), leading the 2017 Class40 championship at mid-season!]]> Tue, 08 Aug 2017 00:00:00 GMT Headlines : -            Highly-international participation -            6 coefficients out of 11 already allocated -            A successful pre-season -            The most represented class in the Rolex Fastnet Race and the Transat Jacques Vabre -            A round-the-world tour in 2019? The Class40 slogan Friendly Class-Fierce racing has been highly appropriate so far this year: an increasing sporting level; strong competition between each generation of boats and most notably in the Vintage class; new Class40 launched; and everything in a friendly atmosphere to the delight of new entrants. At mid-season, the Class40 championship so far The Grand Prix Guyader was the first event of the 2017 season: with very little sun but plenty of wind, it offered the 9 participating boats a very sporting start to the year. This first event, won in the last race by Imerys (Phil Sharp, Corentin Douguet, Arthur Le Vaillant, Robin Marais & Pablo Santurde) ahead of Serenis Consulting (Jean Galfione) and V and B (Maxime Sorel), was the precursor of a dramatically interesting season. In the middle of May, 24 duo gathered in Caen for the now classic Normandy Channel Race: a 1000 mile race against the Solent tides, the Irish Sea, a long and chaotic upwind stretch from Tuskar Rock to the Fastnet, and then a long reaching back to Caen via the Channel Islands, helping to erase the memories of the previous struggles. The winner was once again Imerys, led by the British-Spanish duo of Phil Sharp & Pablo Santurde, followed by the same pretenders as in Douarnenez a few weeks earlier. In the vintage category victory went to Christophe Souchaud and François Lassort (Montres Herbelin). Les Sables-Horta, with first-leg departure at the beginning of July, brought together 19 Class40 competitors, including 6 Vintage boats and 8 nationalities. Most notable was the fierce struggle between the Spanish duo of Tales II (Pablo Saturde & Gonzalo Botin) winner of the first leg and of the overall ranking, and Imerys (Phil Sharp, Corentin Douguet/Adrien Hardy), second in both legs and in the overall ranking by only 13 minutes from the eventual winner after 2500 miles of racing! Aïna Enfance et Avenir (Aymeric Chappellier  & Arthur Le Vaillant) - launched only two weeks before the start - won the second leg and took third place on the podium behind the two leaders of the 2016 & 2017 seasons. Transport Hénault Cabinet Z (Cedric Kervenoael, Robin Marais/Rémi Beauvais) won the fiercely-contested Vintage category. And it’s not over... The Rolex Fastnet Race (Cowes-Fastnet-Plymouth) will start on August 6, with an expected 30 or so Class40 entrants on the starting line. Without any doubt this promises to be a stunning event for both participants and cartography enthusiasts! The big names of the class will of course be there to win this legendary race, but a number of other great names of French offshore-racing will enrich the panorama: Alex Pella (winner of the 2014 edition of the Route du Rhum and holder of the Jules Verne Trophy on Idec) will embark on Oman Sail; Jean-Pierre Nicol (overall winner of the Fastnet in 2015, three times winner of the Tour de France à la Voile, and three-time French champion – crew ...) will crew for Maxime Cauwe on Azeo; the designer Eric Levet will sail on Carac; the sailmakers Rémi Aubrun and Eric Varin will join in on Campagne de France and Evernex ... The double-handed Transat Jacques Vabre race between Le Havre and Salvador de Bahia will be the last event of the official 2017 programme, and twenty Class40 boats have already entered. Ten countries will be represented this time: Angola, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Oman, Spain and Switzerland. The season will definitely end in style. The appeal of a round-the-world tour A round-the-world tour in Class40 would offer participants and partners a winning project in a safe boat, and be much more than just another overlong, run-of-the-mill circumnavigation.  Discussions about such a race have surfaced more and more frequently on yacht-decks - and not only in France, while in recent years no fewer than 5 foreigners (1 British, 1 Chinese, 1 Italian and 2 Americans) have already attempted to achieve their dream. So the time is right, and the Class is already working on the project of a round-the-world tour in 2019. The 2017 Championship: -          Grand Prix Guyader (crew) coefficient 1 -          Normandy Channel Race (double-handed) coefficient 2 -          Les Sables-Horta (double-handed) coefficient 3 -          Rolex Fastnet race (crew) coefficient 1 -          Transat Jacques Vabre (double-handed) coefficient 4 2017 Championship standings Full results for 2017:[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[2017, an exciting season !]]> Wed, 22 Feb 2017 00:00:00 GMT 1 championship and 2 trophies                 2 trophies will be created in 2017 in addition to the Class40 championship which proposes inshore races and transats (GP Guyader, Normandy Channel Race, The Sables-Horta, Rolex Fastnet Race, Transat Jacques Vabre). The objective is to strengten the attraction for the race program of skippers and crews having no availability to participate in the transatlantic races ; their absence on transats being very penalizing for their ranking in the championship. The first trophy, includind 6 races, is European and the second, including 8 races, is American. Teams will be  awarded a certain number of points for each race,  depending on their ranking and on the number of competitors,  using the Cox-Sprague table. The winner will be the team/boat scoring the highest number of points. Thus, for the championship for example, a race coeff. 4 with 8 boats will not necessarily give more points than one coefficient 2 with 30 boats.   Numerous registrations expected There will have a lot of Class40 racing the 2017 season ! Today, 20 boats registered in the Normandy Channel  Race from  6 different countries. 2017 edition  should be very intense!                 A real success for the Rolex Fastnet Race  which will be another key event: 35 Class40 have already registered !                 The Sables-Horta, organized by the association Les Sables Vendée Course au Large, should also attract many competitors in introduction in the Transat Jacques Vabre who has just announced his destination. Let’s hope that the 2013 record of 26 crews will be beaten… « Rendez-vous » the 5th of November!   5 new boats under construction in 2017 New boat constructions are the good health symbol of every class, and the Class40 can be proud ! In 12 years, 148 class40 were built and five are under construction and will be launched  in the first half of 2017. 2 « Cape 40 5G » (Owen Clark Design) are built by Cape Racing Yacht, in the Cap, South Africa. The first, #149, should be launched before the end of the month. She is owned by the Norvegian Henrik Bergesen who wants to lined up for the start of the next NCR. Andrew Thomson, the owner of the yard, is building the second one.  She should participate in the 2017 and 2018 seasons in Europe. Aymeric Chappellier is back in Class40 with a new  Mach40 version 3 with the intention of lining up for the start of the Sables-Horta and TJV. There is also a 3rd Tizh40 under construction in BG Race. She will be skipped by the next promising skipper from Saint-Malo, on the next Transat Jacques Vabre, with Christophe Bachmann.                 Finally, Louis Duc should also launch  his new « Lift 40 » #150  at the end of June (plan Lombard, hull built by Gepeto Composite,  deck Halvard Mabire and appendage from V1D2) thanks to his partner, Carac, and to his very good results in the past 2 seasons.  [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[2016 Championship: the podium !]]> Wed, 14 Dec 2016 00:00:00 GMT For the seond year in a row, Thibaut Vauchel-Camus leads the team Solidaires En Peloton ARSEP to the victory. The spanish team Tales II (Gonzalo Botín/Pablo Santurde del Arco) climbs on the second step of the podium. Phil Sharp, on Imerys, completes the podium.[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[2016 championship: an international podium, Solidaires en Pelonton ARSEP did the double!]]> Mon, 03 Oct 2016 00:00:00 GMT A season hotly contested!   4 races counted for the 2016 championship : The Transat bakerly (coefficient 4), The Atlantic Cup (coefficient 2), the Transat Québec Saint-Malo, (coefficient 4) and the Normandy Channel Race (coefficient 2).   Thanks to his victory on the most difficult solo-handed transatlantic race, and to his regularity during the season, the team Solidaires en Peloton ARSEP won the 2016 Class40 championship. Thibaut Vauchel-Camus was the only person on board of the blue boat for the first race but he runned the Transat Québec-Saint-Malo with his crew : Victorien Erussard, Fabien Delahaye and Martin Bazin. They finished 4th, just a few seconds after the 3rd. Finally, Thibaut crossed the finish line of the Normandy Channel Race with Frédéric Duthil on the 4th position. Tales II’ spanish team, won all the races they participated in, no matter the crew on board, but their absence at The Transat penalized them for the championship! Gonzalo Botin won The Atlantic Cup with Pablo Santurde del Arco and also the Transat Québec Saint-Malo when Antonio Piris and Carlos Ruigomez joined the team. In Caen, for the last race of the season, the Botin’s plan skipped by Pablo Santurde et Fidel Turienzo crossed the finish line in first position. The Imerys project, although he started only a few weeks before the first race, proved a great regularity : 3rd in New York, Phil Sharp is back in Class40 with real success after his victory on the Route du Rhum 2006. For Québec-Saint-Malo, Adrien Hardy and Milan Kolacek were part of the team who finished 6th.Then, Sam Manuard, the architect of the boat, was Phil Sharp’s co-skipper for the NCR. They climbed on the second step of the podium, only 2 minutes and 49 secondes after the winner… 41 projects were competing for the 2016 class40 championship. Even if she had to abandon The Transat, Isabelle Joschke finished just off the podium on Générali – Horizon mixité. Louis Duc ranked 5th  on  Carac, an old generation boat, thanks to his result on the Transat bakerly (2nd). In 2016 renowned members came to class40 such as Alain Gautier, co-skipper on Générali – Horizon Mixité, Robert Stanjek (world champion Star in 2014, 5th of Olympics in London..), or from Figaro such as Fabien Delahaye, Jean-Pierre Nicol, Fred Duthil, Claire Pruvot, Pierre-Loïc Berthet (winner of several Tour de France à la voile)… To note as well that some famous skippers are back to class40  such as Armel Tripon, Jorg Riechers.   The ranking :     A new dynamic in 2017              In May a new season will start. The program for the 2017 championship : GP Guyader (fully crewed – coefficient 1), Normandy Channel Race (double-handed – coefficient 2), Les Sables-Horta (double-handed – coefficient 3) and the Transat Jacques Vabre (double-handed – coefficient 4).             New trophies will be created for the first time in 2017 because some teams choose to race the transatlantics  and some other choose « inshore » races. The first trophy will be presented in Europe and the second one in USA where  about 10 boats race every year. As dynamic as ever, we can hope that the Class40 will be able to provide a record number of boats for the next  Route du Rhum in 2018 !   2017 Race programm :[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[A breathtaking season!]]> Mon, 22 Aug 2016 00:00:00 GMT On the eve of the Normandy Channel Race, Class40 looks back on an excellent season so far: a major player in this year’s two multi-class transatlantic races, presence in a wide variety of sailing venues, a solid mix of hardened professionals and corinthian sailors, a varied programme combining solo/ double-handed/ crewed racing, fierce competition for the class championship…   Key points         - An intense season of offshore racing: two transatlantic races in 3 months        - A successful combination of 3 different race programmes        - A record number of entries in the Normandy Channel Race        - Who will be crowned 2016 Champion?     Transatlantic races: inshore-style racing on the open ocean 10 Class40s crossed the start line of the Transat Bakerly on the 2nd of May in Plymouth, with 3050 nautical miles of solo racing ahead of them. After 17 days, five low pressure systems and fierce competition for podium places, Thibaut Vauchel-Camus (Solidaires en Peloton ARSEP) clinched the top spot ahead of Louis Duc (Carac) and Phil Sharp (Imerys). It should also be noted that Isabelle Joschke (Generali Horizon mixité) had been leading the fleet when water ingress forced her to retire from the race. The competition was no less ferocious throughout the rest of the fleet, with Edouard Golbery (Région Normandie) and Robin Marais (Esprit Scout) crossing the finish line just 1 1/2 hours apart. Anna-Maria Renken finished 6th in her first solo transatlantic race, followed by new-comer to the class, Japanese sailor Hiroshi Kitada. On the 10th of July, 19 teams lined up for the start of the highly popular Quebec Saint-Malo race. The fleet contained all the ingredients of what Class40 is about: a mix of sailors on all levels. Professional teams and talented owners living the dream, 8 nationalities, two women on the podium, a Vintage ranking… The Transat Quebec Saint-Malo has become established as a “classic” in the race calendar, not just because of the incredible scenery, but once again because of the very close-fought racing across the Atlantic all the way down the fleet: Gonzalo Botin led his team to victory, but only by 90 minutes. Just 9 minutes separated 2nd placed Generali Horizon Mixité and 5th placed Cora Moustache Solidaire. The suspense lasted right up to the finish line thanks to the local team on T. Vauchel-Camus’ boat who threw everything at it in the last few miles by taking the north channel into Saint-Malo, finishing just behind 3rd placed Catherine Pourre on her new Mach 40.3 Eärendil! There was more of the same to follow: 5 minutes between Black Pepper / Les P’tits doudous by Moulin Roty in 6th place and Imerys in 7th place. A mere 5 hours separated Carac in 9th place and Kiho in 12th…  and just 1h15 between Obportus in 18th and Sirius in 19th place. The Transat Quebec Saint-Malo lived up to its reputation and will be remembered for the intense racing as well as the atmosphere and unusual race course. Competitors relished both these races, and Class40 is proud to have been the main player, both in terms of numbers and in terms of competition (making up 40% of the Transat Bakerly fleet, and 75% of the Quebec – St Malo fleet). The class has strengthened its dynamic image and given a clear demonstration of the level of competition in its events. New highly-experienced members from different horizons such as Imoca, Figaro, Tour de France and Mini 6.50 have discovered the delights of the class and should make good ambassadors.     One class, 3 race calendars The eclectic nature of the Class40 fleet means that requirements differ: while many sailors commit to Class40 to be able to compete in renowned races at a reasonable cost, there are others who prefer shorter and/or crewed events. On that basis, there were 3 different race programmes on offer this year: American, Offshore (comprising events which count towards the annual championship) and European. Class40s competed in the RORC Caribbean 600, the Grand Prix Guyader, the Voiles de Saint-Barth, the Armen Race, Round Ireland… The Atlantic Cup, which took place at the end of May/ early June, saw a fleet of 9 boats, half of them American, the rest European, come to discover this event which combines inshore and offshore racing along the exceptional East Coast of the USA between Charleston and Portland (Maine), including surfing along in the Gulf Stream and a stopover in Brooklyn in the shadow of the Manhattan skyline. A large number of competitors will line up against one another in a few weeks in Caen for the last race of the season.     Some thirty boats in the Normandy Channel Race             The final event of the 2016 season, the Normandy Channel Race, will bring together a large number of Class40s from different fleets. Who will be the winner of this 1000 nm double-handed race – those having covered thousands of miles offshore, or those who have focussed more on coastal races similar to this event?  One thing is certain, it will be a thrilling race and a great end to the season.     2016 Class40 Championship - a captivating finale The 2016 Championship is based around offshore racing. The four races to count this season are the Transat, the Atlantic Cup, Quebec-Saint-Malo and the Normandy Channel Race. After three events, team Solidaires en Peloton ARSEP has a solid lead with a 20 point margin over the Spanish team on Tales 2 on equal points with the British team on Imerys. But the outcome is far from certain, with Carac just 4 points off the podium, which equates to two places in the ranking of the Normandy Channel Race. Eärendil, currently in 5th place, is but 6 points adrift… all will be revealed in September!   Complete ranking:    [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Eclecticism and success]]> Tue, 07 Jun 2016 00:00:00 GMT But 10 boats lined up for the start of The Transat Bakerly. 10 skippers and 10 different types of projects, with a different personality and a different story.   Louis Duc (Carac) finished second of this transat, considered to be the most difficult, due to its Northern route. In 2013, he arrived third of the Transat Jacques Vabre with Christophe Lebas on the same boat, a 2008 Lombart design boat. This time, his large experience in offshore racing led him to choose a southern route because he knew that his « old » boat couldn’t be very fast reaching compared with new generation boats. Strategy that allows him to stand on the podium.   Phil Sharp (Imerys) winner of the 2006 Route du Rhum in Class40, bought #130 (ex GDF SUEZ, ex Zetra) in April, just in time to be qualified. From the opening miles, Phil took the lead of the race  several times and despite many technical problems (such as mainsail tearing) he climbed on the third step of the podium.   Edouard Golbery (Région Normandie) and Robin Marais (Esprit Scout) participated in their first transat in Class40, after participating in the Mini Transat. They lined up for the start thanks to their families and friends. A limited budget but a real competitiveness. They fought to the end and finished just 1h30 from each other after 19 days racing.   The German woman Anna-Maria Renken (Nivea) arrived on the 6th position. She is the first woman to finish that very difficult race. It was also her first solo transat and she was preparing for months. She arrived after many technical problems but also medical problems and she was very proud and very happy to complete the race.   Hiroshi Kitada ended 7thof The Transat. Communicate with him was not easy because he is Japanese and speak only a few work of English. He came to the Dinner Gala in traditional Japanese costume and impressed eveybody. The Transat was his first solo race in Class40 and it was also the first race for his new boat. He was very proud to finish this race especially when he realized that it was one of the most difficult of the Class40 program. Everyone (organization, competitors, classes…) hopes that they will meet again on other events.   If only 7 arrived in New York, 10 took the departure in Plymouth. The 3 who did not finish must no be forgotten.  Isabelle Joschke, newcoming on the Class40 circuit, on Generali-Horizon Mixité took the lead of the race for several days. Unfortunately, the weather conditions weakened the boat and Isabelle had to stop in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon.   Armel Tripon (Black Pepper / les Ptits doudous par Moulin Roty), for his comeback in Class40, chose very soon a Southern route. Unfortunalety many technical problems forced him to make a stopover in Horta and finally to give up. Maxime Sorel (V and B) gave himself a real scare when he collided with a cargo ship near Penmarc’h the day after the departure. He decided to realize an expertise of the boat in La Trinité sur Mer to make sure no damage would compromise the rest of the season.   Anyway, The Transat bakerly is not the only Class40 race ! Since the beginning of the year, many skippers demonstrate that  there is a place in Class40 for all profiles, all budgets, in France, Great Britain, USA or Carribbean.[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Solidaires en Peloton ARSEP, winner of the 2015 Class40 championship!]]> Wed, 16 Dec 2015 00:00:00 GMT A very competitive championship !                 Second of «Grand Prix Guyader » and «les Sables-Horta-Les Sables», third of the «Normandy Channel Race», winner of the «Record SNSM» and fourth of the «Transat Jacques Vabre», Solidaires en peloton ARSEP, skippered by Thibaut Vauchel-Camus and co-skippered by Victorien Erussard, becomes the 2015 Class40’s champion. The regularity of the blue boat (a Mach 40 built in 2014) is indisputable this year and confirms her superb second place in the “Route du Rhum-destination Guadeloupe” in 2014.                 Yannick Bestaven and Pierre Brasseur, winners of the «Transat Jacques Vabre» and «Les Sables-Horta-Les Sables» and second of the «Normandy Channel Race» on their Tizh built in  2014, Le Conservateur, take the second place of the championship. Even if they couldn’t participate in all the races, they had a strong impact during this season.                 To note as well Louis Duc’ superb performance on his Class40 Carac Advanced Energies: he takes the third place of this ranking with his Akilaria MK2 from 2008! By finishing fifth in the «NCR », fourth of « Les Sables-Horta-Les Sables» (and third of the second leg) and third of « Record SNSM » and “Transat Jacques Vabre”, he proves that old generation boats are still competitive.                   « Rendez-vous » in 2016                 2016 is gonna be a busy race season for the Class40s!                 The championship will focus on a big triangle in the Atlantic ocean: The Transat (Plymouth- New York, solo-handed -  departure May the 2nd), The Atlantic Cup (Charleston- New-York- Portland, double-handed -  departure May the 28th), the Transat Québec Saint-Malo (fully crewed - departure July the 10th) with about 25 boats participating and, at least, the Normandy Channel Race which, by starting on September the 11th will be the last race of the season, and will determine the champion!                 As the fleet is growing accross the Atlantic, four promotional races will be proposed (RORC Caribbean 600, Newport to Bermuda, Ida Lewis Race and Vineyard Race).                 At least, for those staying in Europe, the calendar is organized around the Grand Prix Guyader, the Armen race, the Myth of Malham, the  Record SNSM, the Round the Irland race and  the Round the Island race to finish with Cowes-Dinard.                 Different possibilities for a worldwide and eclectic fleet!           A flourishing second-hand market!                 To prove that Class40 is in excellent health, the second-hand market is flourishing all over the world: 26 boats were sold in 2015! Moreover, 4 new boats have been lauched (2 Mach 40.3, 1 Pogo S3, 1 OCD 40) and 2 are under construction. Now, 2 Class40 are in Brazil, one in Montenegro, one in South Africa, one in China, two in Canada, two in Slovenia, two in Japan, four in the Netherlands, fifteen in Great Britain, two in Australia, one in New Zeeland, ten in Italy, forty five in France, fifteen in USA…     2015 Championship ranking: Solidaires en Peloton ARSEP (Thibaut Vauchel-Camus / Victorien Erussard) – 49 points Le Conservateur (Yannick Bestaven / Pierre Brasseur) – 59 points Carac Advanced Energies (Louis Duc) – 66 points TeamWork 40 (Bertrand Delesne) – 84 points Bretagne Crédit Mutuel (Nicolas Troussel) – 113 points Groupe Setin (Manuel Cousin / Gérald Quéouron) – 113 points Zetra (Eduardo Penido / Renato Araujo) – 114 points V and B (Maxime Sorel / Sam Manuard) – 129 points Concise 2 (Phillippa Hutton-Squire) -  139 points CRENO Moustache Solidaire (Thibault Hector / Morgan Launay) – 145 points Club 103 (Alan Roura) – 146 points Serenis Consulting (Jean Galfione) – 152 points SNBSM Espoir Compétition (Valentin Lemarchand / Arthur Hubert) – 153 points Colombre XL (Massimo Juris / Pietro Luciani) -  156 points L’Express (Pierre-Yves Lautrou) – 162 points *the skipper and co-skipper are mentioned if they raced the whole season together.[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[The team "Solidaires en peloton ARSEP" is on the top of the 2015 Class40 ranking at mid-season!]]> Thu, 30 Jul 2015 00:00:00 GMT However, Nicolas TROUSSEL, was in the lead of the Championship after  winning the 2 first races of the season - Grand Prix de douarnenez and Normandy Channel Race- but , as the Class40 "Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne" did not take the departure of Les Sables-Horta, his skipper slipped back to 2nd place.   Louis Duc, skipper of Carac Advanced Energies, complete  the podium, just one point behind Nicolas. It's a nice 3rd place, even a temporary one, for an older generation boat 3rd of Record SNSM and of the leg Horta-Les Sables!   But, for the moment, nothing is yet decided! The duo Yannick Bestaven and  Pierre Brasseur (Le Conservateur) needs only one single point to make the podium. Bertrand Delesne on TeamWork 40, may hope to be on the podium too for his second season on the Class40's circuit.   We will have to wait for the result of the The Transat Jacques Vabre, next and last race of the official calendar, to know the name of the 2015 Class40  Champion!   Temprary ranking :[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[The Class40 confirmed in its strategic choices]]> Tue, 16 Dec 2014 00:00:00 GMT - Results of the Route of the Rhum: attractivity and sporting interest largely confirmed for the Class40. - "Campagne de France" co-skippered by Halvard Mabire and Miranda Merron, winner of the 2014 Class40 Championship. - Presentation of the previsionnal 2015 racing calendar.Exceptional participation with 43 skippers on the start line. Crossing in 16 days, 17 hours, 47 minutes and 8 seconds, for the winner, Spanish skipper Alex Pella (Tales 2 Santander). An unprecedented podium. A top ten in the image of the diversity of the Class40, whether it be the skippers as their boats. On this Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe, the Class40 has shown that it was a successful class. Successful in its opening, successful in its attractiveness, successful in its sport side: the Class40 draw a positive balance in its 3rd Route du Rhum and can confirm its strategic choices, especially on the technical side. What is the Class40 assessment of the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe ? François Angoulvant, Class40 President : « The first great satisfaction of this Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe is the evidence of the attractiveness of the class and the success of the rigor of its boxrule. In the first 10 boats, we can see nine different designs, six architects represented and a gap of 6 years in the conceptions!    On the skippers side, again, this top ten is frankly eclectic, with skippers from 53 to 34 years-old, from the Mini circuit, the Imoca, the olympics ... This top ten shows well the opening of the Class40. Thanks to this homogeneity of the fleet, that is, more than ever, the skipper or the crew who make the difference. Our goal is to work to maintain this homogeneity, to guarantee the interest of sports competitions to come.» Another striking fact of this Route du Rhum : the presence of renowned skippers ...François Angoulvant: « Nicolas Troussel’s come back is an excellent news, the arrival of Kito de Pavant, the passage of Arnaud Boissière, are very rewarding and we are pleased to attract renowned skippers within the class. Kito de Pavant has, in addition, made a great race and has really enjoyed his passage in Class40.» There were also many young skippers among these 43 solo-handed sailors.François Angoulvant: « This again confirms the attractiveness and accessibility of the class. It was, by far, the fleet the more interesting to follow sportingly on this road of rum. There had been a genuine match at sea during these three weeks of the race and no prediction was possible before the start. » Alex Pella (Tales 2 Santander) was very fast to cross the Atlantic, just after the last Imoca François Angoulvant : « The first Class40 has arrived just after the last Imoca. Last year already on the Transat Jacques Vabre, Class40 had remained close from the last Imoca. Some Imoca skippers begin to look at our fleet of a watchful eye ...  In short, it goes in the right direction in terms of performance, this is part of the undeniable settings of the attractiveness of the class, we have to continue to ensure the rigor of the boxrule.» ____________________________________ Class40 Campagne de France, winner of the 2014 Class40 Championship Pogo S2 « Campagne de France », sailed by Halvard Mabire and Miranda Merron (6th of the Route du Rhum) wins the 2014 Class40 Championship just in front of Damien Seguin’s Akilaria RC3 and Bertrand Delesne’s Mach40 TeamWork40, rookie and already on the podium ! This ranking rewards the attendance and regularity of the results throughout the season.2014 Championship rankingIn order to enhance the performance of the skippers evolving on first generation boats, a classification Vintage 2015 is currently being discussed. ____________________________________ 2015 provisional calendar  1st – 4th May : Grand Prix Guyader24th – 31st May : Normandy Channel Race18th – 23rd June : Record SNSM28th June – 26th July : Les Sables - Horta - Les Sables16th  - 23rd August : Rolex Fastnet Race1st – 29th November : Transat Jacques Vabre ____________________________________ La Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe 2014 ranking: click here4 boats were sailing in « vintage » category (1st generation boats with certain performance criteria) : Nb22 (skipper Rodophe Sepho), Nb31 (skipper Vincent Lantin), Nb 45 (skipper Maxime Sorel) and Nb57 (skipper Antoine Michel). Media contactCatherine Ecarlat -  -  06 79 54 22 83 Contact Class40Vanessa Boulaire -  -  +33 6 17 13 51 80[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[42 Class40 registered: an increasingly attractive Class]]> Fri, 03 Oct 2014 00:00:00 GMT For this « Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe », the Class has just taken a further step. With more than 40 bateaux registered it is becoming an increasingly attractive Class. The Class40’s fleet is always rich in its diversity: skipper from Imoca or “amateur”, ex-mini-sailor, youngest skipper of the race and pioneers of the Class. Class40 is also an innovative technical platform with 13 new boats with an excellent level of competition.   Each skipper with his different abilities, in one same spirit, through an enriching diversity allows the Class40 to have a very competitive fleet…   Solo-handed races are quite rare in Class40, and the « Route du Rhum » has a real power of attraction. The fleet which will cross the start line in St-Malo has never competed all together especially as there will be no less than 7 brand new boats. Many skippers can perform well because nobody knows how the new boats will behave and the parameter "solo" is to take into account.   A few favourites … and some serious outsiders After two very good seasons (only victories), Sébastien Rogues (GDF SUEZ) is favourite: he controls his Mach40 (Manuard design) almost perfectly and after several years in “Classe Mini”, he feels comfortable sailing single-handed. The name of the excellent Spanish racer Alex Pella (Santander 2014 - Botin design), in also mentionned. The talented skipper, Halvard Mabire (Campagne 2 France) will sail the brand new Pogo S3. Yannick Bestaven (Le Conservateur) has to qualify his new Verdier Design. Conrad Humphreys (Cat® Phone), newcomer in Class40, could be on the podium at the helm of his Akilaria 2013. Kito de Pavant (Otio - Bastide Médical), also newcomer, choosed Bruno Jourdren’s Verdier design. Bertrand Delesne (TeamWork40) talended ex mini-sailor very discreet but very well prepared. Intensive preparation also for Pierre-Yves Lautrou (L’Express – Trepia) and his Pogo S3. Nicolas Thomas (Guadeloupe Grand Large) 2nd of « La Qualif’ » with his Mach 40. Marc Lepesqueux and his Sabrosa just launched, Damien Seguin (ERDF - Des pieds et des mains), Miranda Merron (Campagne de France), Stéphane le Diraison (IXBlue – BRS) comes back in Class40 with legitimate ambitions, Giancarlo Pedote (Fantastica) and Pierre Brasseur (Matouba) talented ex- mini sailors, Arnaud Boissières (Aerocampus - du Rhum au Globe), will sail a first generation boat, the racer Thibaut Vauchel-Camus (Solidaires en peloton), Jean-Christophe Caso (Picoty – Lac de Vassivière), Brieuc Maisonneuve (Groupement Flo), Louis Duc (Advanced Energies – Carac),  journalist Fabrice Amédéo (SNCF Geodis - Newrest)…   In short, about fifteen competitors could finish in the top 3 of this “Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe”, and about twenty in the top 5 à 10...    That’s great! But, Class40 is more than a victory, a podium or a top ten! Class40 is an adventure… for half of the fleet, this « Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe » is a real challenge. As for, Paul Hignard (Bruneau) 19 years old, the youngest skipper of the race, the famous vaulter Jean Galfione (Serenis Consulting) who participate in his first solo-handed Transat,  Juliette Pétrès, veterinarian who stopped working for a year to prepare this race, Emmanuel Hamez (Terranga) engineer who lives in Dakar, Valentin Lemarchand (Maison Tirel Guerin) selected among several young people from Saint Malo, Alan Roura (Exocet) ex mini-sailor from Switzerland, Olivier Roussey (Obportus 3) from Lorraine who prepared a program of races over 3 years, Maxime Sorel (MS Saling Team) and Antoine Michel (Setti LTD) who will be in competition for the vintage ranking, Dominique Rivard (Marie-Galante), Michel Kleinjans (Visit Brusails), Vincent Lantin (Chagabang) and  Rodolphe Sepho (Voile 44 AAEA Cava)...   Attractiveness is synonymous with loyalty In the heart of the fleet, some pioneers of Class40 show that attractiveness is synonymous with loyalty In 2006, they participate in their first “Route du Rhum”. Three editions later, they are still there, with the same sparkle in their eyes: Class40’s President François Angoulvant (Team Sabrosa MK2) and his new Sabrosa, Lionel Regnier (April / Formacoupe), Jean-Edouard Criquioche, Patrice Bougard (Kogane) et Thierry Bouchard ( They are not pioneers of the Class, but loyals since many years: the south African world-racer   Phillippa Hutton-Squire, the most famous Guadeloupean skipper Philippe Fiston (Ville Ste-Anne Guadeloupe), Eric Darni (Sea Shepherd Fantronic).     Save the dates ! The 42 skippers of Class40 invite you on September the 25th in Paris for the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe » press conference and on October the 29th in Saint-Malo for a drink, and of course, from November the 2nd to live this « fierce and friendly » soloTransat.   13 new boats !... and  5 « vintage » Despite the tough economic conditions, 7 boats  join the Class40’s fleet in 2014 and 6 were launched in 2013. And also: 3 boats from 2012, 5 from 2011, 6 from 2010, 6 from 2009, 3 from 2008, 4 from 2007, 2 from 2006.   With 13 new boats, the fleet has an exceptional architectural and technical interest (15 architects represented on the 42 registered).   François Angoulvant, Class40’s President: « With 13 news boats it’s a very competitive fleet. Each architect has explored different possibilities to provide a maximum power, it will offer new prospects … But the other boats, optimized and perfectly controlled by their skippers, remain very good in terms of performance. We must not forget that in solo, the complicity between the skipper and his boat is a major asset. The Class40 is continuing to develop well and, with about 15 new boats over 2 seasons and good performances of boats from 2010 – 2009 we can note that the Class Rules works well! »     The evolution of hulls has led the Class to create a « vintage » ranking to value the performances of racers skipping first generation boats. Five boats are concerned: n°10 - Eric Darni, n°22 - Rodophe Sepho, n°31 - Vincent Lantin, n°45 - Maxime Sorel and n° 57 - Antoine Michel. The winner of this vintage ranking will receive a prize of de €2000.   François Angoulvant, Class40’s President: «  42 boats: it’s a great satisfaction: - In quantitative terms, more than forty boats especially in the current context is one very great success and the proof of the attractiveness of the class. - From a qualitative point of view: The level of competition due to the eclecticism of this fleet :  experienced skippers like Kito de Pavant, Alex Pella, Halvard Mabire, Arnaud Boissières, Yannick Bestaven… talented ex-mini racers such as Sébastien Rogues, Bertrand Delesne… Expérience, talent, control of the boat, energy of young people, this led to a situation in which about fifteen boats can finish in the top three: who knows the 3 winners of this “Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe” in Class40 ! »    Some figures The youngest skipper: Paul Hignard (Bruneau), 19 years old, from Saint Malo, he will skip a Mach40 from 2011…   10 skippers in their fifties : Thierry Bouchard, Patrice Bougard, Eric Darni, Kito de Pavant, Emmanuel Hamez, Michel Kleinjans, Halvard Mabire, Lionel Regnier, Olivier Roussey, Bruno Rzetelny.   12 newcomers in Class40 and Route du Rhum : Emmanuel Hamez, Paul Hignard, Conrad Humphreys, Vincent Lantin, Valentin Lemarchand, Antoine Michel, Giancarlo Pedote, Alex Pella, Juliette Petrès, Alan Roura, Maxime Sorel, Nicolas Thomas. Kito de Pavant participate in the“Route du Rhum” 2010 but not in Class40.   3 skippers from Imoca Class: Kito de Pavant, Arnaud Boissières, Yannick Bestaven.   11 skippers from « classe Mini » : Arnaud Boissières, Yannick Bestaven, Pierre Brasseur, Jean-Christophe Caso, Bertrand Delesne, Louis Duc, Pierre-Yves Lautrou, Stéphane Le Diraison, Giancarlo Pedote, Sébastien Rogues, Alan Roura.   15 architectes : Guillaume Verdier, Finot-Conq, Sabrosa rain, Sam Manuard, Conq, Marc Lombard, Botin partners, Farr Yacht Design, Elie Canivenc, Groupe Finot, Jacques Valer, Owen Clarck Design, François Lucas, Rogers Yacht Design, Humphreys Yacht Design.    [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Overview of the 3 first races]]> Tue, 17 Jun 2014 00:00:00 GMT Review on the results:   Grand Prix Guyader (Coastal courses, fully crewed): 1. GDF SUEZ 2. Matouba 3. TeamWork 4. Campagne de France 5. Serenis Consulting 6. L'Express - Trepia 7. ERDF Des Pieds et des Mains 8. MS Sailing team 9. Stella Nova 10. OFI 11. Concise2 12. Setti   Atlantic Cup(Offshore & Inshore races, double handed  & fully crewed): 1. Gryphon Solo 2 (Joe Harris & Patrick O'Connor) 2. (Jeffrey MacFarlane & Jake Arcand) 3. Pleiad racing (Edward Cesare & Chad Corning) 4. Dragon (Michael Hennessy & Rob Windsor) 5. Flatline (Kyle Hubley & Frederic de Mesel)   Normandy Channel Race (1000nm, double-handed): 1. GDF SUEZ (Sébastien Rogues & Bertand Castelnerac) 2. Groupement Flo (Brieuc Maisonneuvre & Rémi Aubrun) 3. L'Express - Trepia (Pierre-Yves Lautrou & Thomas Ruyant) 4. ERDF Des Pieds et des Mains (Damien Seguin & Jeanne Grégoire) 5.TeamWork (Bertrand Delesne & David Raison) 6. Campagne de France (Miranda Merron & Halvard Mabire) 7. Groupe Picoty - Lac de Vassivière (JC Caso & Aymeric Chappellier) 8. Serenis Consulting (Jean Galfione & Roland Jourdain) 9. Le Conservateur (Yannick Bestaven & Pierre Brasseur) 10. Advanced Energies Carac (Louis Duc & Damien Rousseau) 11. MS Sailing Team (Maxime SOrel & Pascal Quintin) 12. La Belle Equipe 2 (Bruno Rzetelny & Loïc Coudret) 13. Obportus (Olivier Roussey & Philippe Burger) 14. Kogane (Patrice Bougard & Richard Tolkien) 15. Swich (Roderick Knowles & Paul Peggs) 16. Concise 2 (Juliette Petres & Phillippa Hutton-Squire) DNF. Romerike Elektro AS (Rune Aasberg & Simen lovgren)    [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[2013 is completed ... 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 are waiting for you!]]> Thu, 19 Dec 2013 00:00:00 GMT This long transat has been lead briskly and has crowned an international podium, even if there have always been fight at all stages. For three weeks, the Class40s have undertaken an exciting offshore regatta.And this is not over! 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 ... a calendar of stable and mixed races is proposed for Class40 skippers and their sponsors: enough to get together some strong projects!GDF SUEZ (Rogues/Delahaye), undisputed leader along these 5 450 nm between Le Havre and Itajaï, had been under the pressure of two teams until Brazil: Tales Santander 2014 (Pella/Santurde) is on the second podium step followed closely by Mare (Riechers/Brasseur).The care of the equipment has been a key factor in the success of this transat raced almost exclusively downwind. The sails and the general condition of the boat (the bowsprit in particular) have significantly affects the performance of each team, showing new duels between recent boats and Class40 of the 2nd generation, and/or between experienced crews vs duets of challengers. All safe and sound23 out of the 26 Class40 competitors who had left Le Havre Thursday November 7th have arrived in Itajaï. Only three Class40 had to withdraw (technical issue on board Marie Galante (Rivard/Clerton) and Concise 8 (Collier Wakefield/Goodchild) and medical problem on board Dunkerque - Planète enfants (Jourdren/Ruyant)). Once again, the transatlantic race has been very interesting. And, in the image of the diversity of the class, the top 10 includes 6 architects and 4 nationalities. Annual ranking*After a remarkable season (6 victories out of 7 events), GDF SUEZ skippered by Sébastien Rogues has won hands down the 2013 Class40 Championship. Campagne de France (Halvard Mabire) comes 2nd and Groupe Picoty (Jean-Christophe Caso) rzaches the third step of the podium.  2014 – 2017 : a consistent race calendar Now, the skippers of the Class40 and their sponsors can rely on a stable program of races.A varied program, conceived to meet the “offshore” and “inshore” skippers expectations.A program in which sailors will chose the races they want to participate, based on their budget, their availability or the objectives of their sponsors.C. Ecarlat__________________________________________PREVISIONNAL CLASS40 CALENDAR 2014 - 201720142 – 5 May : Grand Prix Guyader9 – 24 May: The Atlantic Cup25 May – 1st June : Normandy Channel Race22 – 29 June: Record SNSM & 1000nm solo-handed race between Saint-Nazaire, Spain, Ireland and back to St Nazaire18 – 21 September : Worlds in Douarnenez5 – 23 November : Route du Rhum2015 (all dates TBC)28 April – 1er May: Grand Prix Douarnenez14 – 21 May: Normandy Channel Race23 – 31 May: The Atlantic Cup21 – 23 June: Record SNSM4 – 26 July : Les Sables – Horta – Les Sables16 – 23 August : Fastnet Race1er – 29 November : Transat Jacques Vabre2016 (all dates TBC)27 mars - 23 avril : La Solidaire du Chocolat28 avril – 1er May: Grand Prix de Douarnenez15 – 29 May: The Atlantic Cup19 – 21 June: Record SNSM3 – 24 July: Québec – Saint Malo27 August – 4 September : Normandy Channel Race2017 (all dates TBC)4 – 7 May: Grand Prix de Douarnenez13 – 24 May: The Atlantic Cup25 – 27 June: Record SNSM2 – 24 July : Les Sables – Horta – Les Sables13 – 20 August: Fastnet Race29 Oct. – 26 Nov. : Transat Jacques Vabre __________________________________________* 7 races were part of the 2013 Class40 Championship Normandy Channel Race (coefficient 2)Grand Prix Guyader (coefficient 1)Atlantic Cup (coefficient 2)Record SNSM (coefficient 1)Les Sables-Horta (coefficient 2)Rolex Fastnet Race (coefficient 1)Transat Jacques Vabre (coefficient 4)49 boats have participated [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[In Transat mode]]> Tue, 12 Nov 2013 00:00:00 GMT Because of the tough weather conditions, the organizers of the Transat Jacques Vabre played the caution card by delaying the departure day, so that the fleet of the four classes involved benefited from better weather conditions to leave for the journey of over 5300nm. However, a weather stop had been scheduled for the Class40, in order to lay low and find shelter during the strong gale announced. A pitstop of almost 40h for the 26 boats. GDF SUEZ, 1st boat to enter Roscoff marina Friday afternoon was therefore the 1st one to sail again on Sunday November 10th at 4 am. ECOELEC FANTRONIC followed 9h later. While the Mod70 sail briskly towards Itajai, the match between the Class40 has started again ff the coasts of Brittany, maybe not as fast as the bigger boats, but with the skippers equally motivated to rapidly reduce the distance which separates them from the finish line in Brazil. News, photos and videos can be watched on line[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[2013 Transat Jacques Vabre, finally there!]]> Mon, 28 Oct 2013 00:00:00 GMT This 11th edition that marks the 20th anniversary of the Transat Jacques Vabre is mythical: an international class event, a unique course, an exceptional list of entrants consisting of the most famous names in sailing, old generation sailboats and others benefiting from the latest technological innovations, in brief it will be a great show at sea and ashore and we are finally there, the 2013 Transat Jacques Vabre has started! One more time, the Class40 is well represented among the fleet of 44 boats tacking part in the Transat Jacques Vabre. There will be 26 of them crossing the start line and sailing on the historical route, link between France and coffee lands. Impressive victories. The 26 boats entered represent a high level fleet competition of sailing. After a season full of events, one boat makes the different: Mach40 GDF SUEZ skippered by Sébastien Rogues, with 5 victories in a row this season. Victories obviously thanks to a power full boat, which wouldn’t work so well without its talentuous skipper and his team, such as his co-skipper for the transat, Fabien Delahaye, very well known in the ocean racing world. But, they won’t take the victory for granted as other teams also have a chance to finish on the podium. The last winner of the event, Yannick Bestaven, will come back to defend his title on the same boat. This time he will have another champion on board, from another category, Aurélien Ducroz, famous in the freeride skiing. Let’s not forget last year’s Class40 champion, German skipper’s Jörg Riechers, who remains a potential winner. Following a season shared between Imoca, Class40 and Mini 6.50 boat, he will take part of the Jacques Vabre on his Mach40 with Pierre Brasseur, already his co-skipper while winning the Normandy Channel Race last April. Unavoidable couple on board Campagne de France, Halvard Mabire and Miranda Merron, also have victory in mind. Despite a very good season but without any victory, their long experiences around the world and transat could be the key to win on such long and demanding route. Finally, on board Tyker40 Evolution 3 Dunkerque – Planète Enfants, experimented Bruno Jourdren and 2010 Route du Rhum winner, Thomas Ruyant, have everything in their hands to sail with the other top boat in this edition. They will also be part of the game. Many outsiders who can surprise us also show how much this edition will be fantastic to follow. Another winner will be in the Class40 fleet. Boat designer Sam Manuard, winner on a Multi 50 on the 2011 edition, will be on board Bet1128 as co-skipper of Italian sailor Gaetano Mura, interesting duet to be watched out especially after having shown what they were able to do on Les Sables-Horta last summer.Beware of the amateur Catherine Pourre and excellent sailor Goulven Royer on board Eärwen. They created the big surprise of the season, especially on Les Sables-Horta where they finished 2nd overall.Same for the high level sailors, Victorien Erussard and Thibaut Vauchel-Camus, that will certainly keep the pressure on the other competitors.Teams Caterham Challenge and ERDF – Des Pieds et Des Mains on their Akilaria RC3, Concise 8 British sailors on the Forty 1 Design, Spanish sailors on a Botin design and Austrian sailors on a new Humphreys design boat, arrive on brand new boats. But everything does not depend on a boat… skippers are also influent on the final results.With a great performance on the Record SNSM, the Fabrice Amedeo and Armel Tripon have good hopes to be nearby the podium.Some faithfull teams will also be present: Jean-Edouard Criquioche and Denis Van Weynbergh on Proximedia – Sauvez Mon Enfant as well as Jean-Christophe Caso and Aymeric Chappellier on Groupe Picoty. They could interfere in the expected ranking. From different horizons. Such as the Class40 Association members, the Transat Jacques Vabre gathers a fleet of international skippers. 9 countries will be represented on this 2013 edition: France (34), United Kingdom (6), Italy (3) with the duet Stefano Raspadori and Pietro D’Ali on Fantastica, Australia (2) with the couple Michelle Zwagerman and Patrick Conway on Croix du Sud, Spain (2) with the team Alex Pella and Pablo Santurde on Tales Santander 2014, Austrian with Christof Petter and Andreas Hanakamp, Germany (1), United States (1) and Belgium (1).Class40 fleet is the only one with male and female teams (5) like the English speaking duet Hannah Jenner and Rob Windsor on 11TH Hour Racing as well as the Phoenix Europe team Louis Duc and Stéphanie Alran.The fleet will also gather skippers from different generations, such as April Deltacalor team with a mixture of youth and experience. Tim Darni (19 year old) youngest of the entire fleet will be associated to the experienced Lionel Régnier.As usual, the Class40 fleet is a harmonious mixture of professional and amateur. Some skippers on Ecoelec, Marie Galante, Matouba, Mr Bricolage and Obportus 3 don’t pretend to be professional sailors. Unique and demanding route. It’s the first time that the Transat Jacques Vabre race organizers propose such a long and hard race. Competitors will have to sail 5 400 miles to reach Itajaí in Brazil, which represent from 3 weeks to one month at sea for the Class40 yachts. A route with mythical passages but also many difficulties, tactical will be the key to go through. The English Channel exit, Bay of Biscay crossing and of the Azores high pressure system, the doldrums and the Equator and finally sailing along Brazilian coasts will have to be taken seriously. A big party ashore. It’s important for Le Havre and Itajaí cities to propose to the publican event ashore as unique and as high quality than the transat. Both for the start and the finish, atmosphere will be relaxed, with various activities:    To be seen on  the race village in Le Havre: - October 25, 12:00: deadline for boats to arrive in Le Havre - October 26: Inauguration of the Transat Jacques Vabre village - October 26, 19:00: Official presentation of the crew - October 26 and 27: Exhibition racing, Virtual Regatta - November 2, 20:00: fireworks - November 3, 09:00: boats leave - November 3, 13:02 start of the 11th Transat Jacques Vabre (for monohulls)   The finish in Itajai, Brazil : - Finish ETA Prediction: 3rd week of November - Village with traditional music, local cuisine, initiatives of sustainable development, linked with installations directly to the village, and many animations. [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Next step : the transat]]> Tue, 20 Aug 2013 00:00:00 GMT The next to last race of the season has just ended. The final preparations before the Transat Jacques Vabre have now started.   After three days of intense racing, 17 Class40 arrived in the port of Plymouth on the weekend of August 15. Sometimes within few seconds, such as Rune Aasberg (Solo) which precedes Olivier Magré’s Akilaria (Palanad 2) of 36 seconds only, but all in less than 18 hours. Sébastien Rogues and crew (Fabien Delahaye, Arthur le Vaillant and Bertrand Castelnérac) have fought hard against Gonzalo Botin’s brand new Class40 (Tales II) and managed to raise GDF SUEZ on the highest step of the podium 20 minutes before the Spanish crew. The new Humphreys design, driven by Austrian skipper Andreas Hanakamp and crew, completes the trio of this beautiful edition, closely followed by Bruno Jourdren (Lord Jiminy) and Mathias Blumencron (Red) who signs a great race after his fourth place in Les Sables-Horta in July. One Class40 had to withdraw at the very start of the race, the JPK design Obportus 3, of skipper Olivier Roussey.   While the Worlds 2013 have been canceled due to an insufficient number of participants, Gonzalo Botin remains champion for another year. Most of the Class40 fleet is now focused towards the ultimate challenge of the season: the Transat Jacques Vabre, double-handed race which will lead about 25 Class40 from Le Havre to Itajai, that is to say  5395nm across the Atlantic, with a mandatory crossing of the Equator ... and the dreaded Doldrums.   By November 3, skippers will have much to do. Like Ned Collier-Wakefield who looks forward to launching its new Forty1Desig. Surely Ned and Sam Goodchild, coskipper, will exploit the maximum of the few weeks between the launching of the boat from the Transat Jacques Vabre start to test out the boat. Same thing for another British duo, Mike Gascoyne and Brian Thomson, whose Akilaria RC3 has just started sailing recently. Other teams who recently acquired a Class40 continue to discover their new boat: Bertrand Guillonneau and Sebastien Audigane on Owen/Clarke design No. 79 renamed Matouba or Denis Van Weynbergh and Jean-Edouard Criquioche on Mach40 No. 104 Proximedia.   At the end of the last race of the calendar, the 2013 Champion Class40 will be finally known. GDF SUEZ, still unbeaten this year (apart from her withdraw to the Normandy Channel Race), is in the lead of the ranking, followed closely by Campagne de France. Whatever the results, the international Class40 fleet in the Transat Jacques Vabre will offer beautiful moments for sailing races lovers.[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Rolex Fastnet Race]]> Sat, 10 Aug 2013 00:00:00 GMT The world's largest offshore yacht race sets sail this Sunday, 11th August, with a fleet of 347 boats from 20 nations competing in the Royal Ocean Racing Club's Rolex Fastnet Race. This size of fleet represents a new record entry for the 611-mile biennial race from Cowes to Plymouth via the Fastnet rock off south-west Ireland."   Among these boats, 18 Class40 from different horizons and level of competition, most of them training for the next Transat Jacques Vabre.   News and tracking :[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Worlds 2013 : change of program]]> Mon, 05 Aug 2013 00:00:00 GMT With only 6 entries, the organizers chose to cancel the event for financial reasons.As the logistic is in place, at the request of competitors, the Royal Western Yacht Club decided nevertheless to maintain a 4-day event for entered boats.Although the "World Champion" title, held by Gonzalo Botin & crew, will not be defended this year, the Class40 yachts will compete as hard as usual on British water.Entry listFRA88 - Eärwen (C. Pourre)GBR90 - 40 Degrees (H. Jenner)GBR93 - Momentum Ocean Racing (E. Creighton)ESP123 - Santander 2014 (G. Botin)FRA124 - Al Bucq (A. Lower)AUS125 - Vaquita (C. Petter)[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Heading for the Azores]]> Mon, 01 Jul 2013 00:00:00 GMT On Thursday, July 4, at 7:02 pm, a fleet of 19 Class40 will sail across the Bay of Biscay, to discover (rediscover) the beautiful Azores archipelago. But before exploring this dream destination, the participants of this 4th edition will have to deal through a high-level fleet and tactical course that has many pitfalls.A demanding courseThe skippers will compete on a technical and varied course of 2 540 nautical miles where the weather can change completely, from one edition to another. If northeast winds settle and remain sufficiently powerful, the leg can be completed in just five days. On the contrary, if a low pressure system moves over the Atlantic, the road can turn into a long wait. A course that requires maximum concentration until the finish, as both Jean-Christophe Caso and Aymeric Chappellier know well, to have sailed to Horta harbor many times: “On the 150 to 200 last nautical miles before arriving to the Azores, we will have to be really careful. This last portion of the course is particularly delicate to negotiate because of lack of wind caused by the islands and the site effects around the archipelago… There are often surprises on the arrival!". In short, a good study of the weather files and a detailed tactical preparation before departure is essential expect to be on the podium.The best class specialistsUncertainty weather is also part of the race interest. The number of recidivist proves it. Not less than 10 skippers have already sailed on this event, such as.  Lionel Regnier, local sailor, La Rochelle skippers Jean-Christophe Caso, Stéphanie Alran and Olivier Grassi, the team Patrice Bougard / Gilles Dadou or still the Norman sailor Christophe Coatnoan, among others. This edition will also be the champions’ return. Aymeric Chappellier on Group Picoty is the recent winner of last summer Les Sables-Les Açores on a Mini 6.50. As well as Stéphane Le Diraison on a Class40 who took the lead in front of Yannick Bestaven for 25 seconds only in 2011. A revenge in the race? No doubt that both competitors will work hard to resist the tandem Halvard Mabire / Miranda Merron, Jörg Riechers / Sébastien Audigane or even the surprising crew Victorian Erussard / Thibaut Camus-Vauchel. Sébastien Rogues, who was full of trustworthy after three consecutive wins, teamed with experienced Armel Tripon (Les Sables -> Horta) and Fabien Delahaye (Horta -> Les Sables), in brief yet a strong team. As in every edition, the race remains faithful to the Class40 spirit offering an international registered list (7 different nationalities) including the Sardinian, Gaetano Mura associated with Samuel Manuard, the Australian duo Michelle Zwagerman / Patrick Conway, or the US-British couple Emma Creighton / Dan Dytch represents their country. Faithful race to the Class40 spirit also by its registration list well balanced between professional and amateur sailors. Half of the fleet can claim podium when others come hoping to surprise and especially to sail properly, to have fun while respecting the fundamentals of ocean racing: perseverance, tenacity and transcendence.A strong maritime character destinationA place famous due to its low pressure system but finally little known by the general public. And yet, when you listen to the ocean stories told by the sailors, you feel all the major maritime history that makes this archipelago. Now became a stronghold of the modern ocean racing, if the Azores is much appreciated by sailors, it is primarily due to its strong maritime character. Islands steeped in history with a real meaning in terms of ocean sailing routes. These lands in the middle of the Atlantic offer exceptional volcanic landscapes. We find moderate climates, often rainy, which favor the development of extraordinary flora, in particular thanks to its positioning between two continents. The sailors in stopover can enjoy the incredible kindness and hospitality of the locals. Between the visit of the island, the rise of the Pico volcano and the good atmosphere of Peter’s Cafe Sport, a real complicity is created as testify some the eternal frescos drawn by the passersby in stopover, on the quays of the marina.Meeting with the Vendée publicAll these racing boats are based in Les Sables d'Olonne and can be seen by public since Sunday, June 30 on the Vendée Globe pontoon in Port Olona. The skippers are invited to a reception at the City Hall on Monday evening July 1. Les Sables’ inhabitants will be able to enjoy the show by the coast on Wednesday afternoon, July 3rd at the prologue of the event. Finally the departure, so much expected moment, will be given on Thursday, July 4 to 7:02 PM with an exit of the channel and a sound presentation of the tandems from 5PM. The head of the fleet is expected in the Azores from Wednesday, July 10 with a prize giving ceremony scheduled for Saturday, 13. The sailboats will sail back Sunday, July 14th off the Horta marina. The Class40 arrival in Vendée is estimated from Friday, July 19 with a prize giving ceremony sets for Sunday, July 21 (to be confirmed).To follow the Class40 fleet, visit the official race website The race news are also on the Class40 Facebook page and Twitter account.[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Record SNSM, a 9th edition at top speed]]> Wed, 26 Jun 2013 00:00:00 GMT The sailboats of the Record SNSM 9th edition dashed on Sunday evening shortly after 5:00 pm. 10 Class40 cross the start line and left on a course finally reduced to 180 miles (instead of 230), in a northwest flow of 25-30 knots and a moderate sea. The sun was also present to greet the crews which composed with varied conditions on this new course starting and arriving off Saint Nazaire, via Quiberon, Hoëdic, Belle Ile, Yeu and Noirmoutier. The Class40 "Phoenix Europe-Carac" of Louis Duc and Stéphanie Alran was quickly forced to withdraw after a collision with another Class40, "Norma Concept TW ECO". More fear than harm. The incident does not affect the participation of No. 65 in Sables-Horta race.A fast edition, as the boats set off Sunday night after 5:00 pm, and the first three Class40 have completed their course between the islands about 24 hours later. In difficult weather conditions, with a strong North-West wind, and especially a very formed sea, crews were tested severely, as Miranda Merron, co-skipper of the Class40 Campagne de France, says:“A fairly muscular departure, everyone was soaked, there was a lot of tackings (stack included in the offer), high funds to be avoided or to be sailed very close by... We had a break for a few miles under spinnaker after South Quiberon buoy in the middle of the night, followed again closely while rounding Belle Ile. Finally, the reward with the long tack to the Yeu Island: spinnaker, sun, boat and crew drying out and freeze-dried diner for breakfast...”.The GDF-SUEZ crew, skippered by Sébastien Rogues, won with a comfortable lead over its competitors after leading throughout. He crossed the finish line near the Saint-Nazaire bridge after 24 hours and 10 minutes of race at an average speed of 7.55 knots. After his success in the Grand Prix Guyader and ArMen Race, it’s the third victory in a row. Of good omen for the young skipper whose main objective remains the Transat Jacques Vabre at the end of the year.“From the outset, it was the battle in our class. We had great fun on the way back, making tackings in 20-30 knots with gusts to 35, along the Croisic and La Baule coast. It was interesting for us because the boat is new, it was its first navigation in 35 knots of wind, we are happy, the boat is strong and we were able to start watching her behavior in these conditions. We had a great race, we had fun and we won, that's great!” says Sebastien at the arrival. With a time of 1 day and 1 hour,  Geodis (lead by Amedeo/Tripon and crew) take the second place of the event, acquired in pain as Fabrice Amedeo tells us on his arrival: “It’s the first time that we finish before Halvard Mabire and Miranda Merron, models on the Class 40 circuit. Therefore this is a satisfaction. This is a great second place gained in pain because I dislocated my shoulder while maneuvering in front of the boat. I managed to put it back in place but I will obviously go to the doctor. Then Pascal Alain, our sail maker also part of the crew, has likely a sprained knee. The sailing conditions were hard today and for the start of this Record SNSM. We were sailing all together. It is last night that we were able to take advantage on Halvard Mabire and Bruno Jourdren Class 40. Then we managed to keep the control despite a constant pressure from others competitors“. Campagne de France (Mabire/ Merron and crew) complete the podium with only 8 minutes away from the second. As usual, the Class40 have made the show until the last second. It’s the case for crews on board SETTI Ltd and Ecoelec who fought as per a Match Race until the end of the race to cross the line with 40 seconds of distance. They set a timing of respectively 1d 08h 40min 15sec and 1d 08h 41min 05sec in 7th and 8th position of the class40 fleet. On ERDF-Des Pieds et Des Mains, Damien Seguin also had to withdraw. On the first evening at about 11:00 pm, the keel hit a rock in Quiberon bay. The skipper from Nantes and his crew made their way towards La Trinité sur Mer.All the rankings and the complete times are to be discovered here.[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Class40 in St Nazaire to support the National Lifeboat Institution]]> Mon, 24 Jun 2013 00:00:00 GMT Since the strat af the season, members of the Class40 Association were not able to resist to the sea fever and meet once again to compete in this race of the official calendar. Born from an initiative to support the National Lifeboat Institution, this event gathers the main sailboats of the ocean racing: G-Class, Imoca, Multi 50, Multi 2000, Class40 and IRC. In 2013, the Record SNSM. also invites other water sports practitioners, rowers and light sails, to come join in this security celebration on a course of 7 nautical miles towards the Saint-Marc beach.For this 8th edition of the event, the Class40 favorites will be present to sail a 230 nautical miles course between Saint-Nazaire and Sainte-Marine (Bénodet) via Yeu Island. Teams such as Campagne de France (Nb 101) and its very experienced crew Halvard Mabire and Miranda Merron, will be joined by skipper Brieuc Maisonneuve ; Sébastien Rogues and crew on board GDF SUEZ (Nb 130), successful this year on the Grand Prix Guyader and Armen Race; or the faithful duo Fabrice Amedeo and Armel Tripon on Geodis (Nb 81). We can expect Lord Jiminy (Nb 119), ERDF-Des Pieds et Des Mains (Nb 111), Phoenix Europe-Carac (Nb 65) and Deltacalor (Nb 105) to also play in front of the fleet. Less experimented crews will try to create the surprise. It’s the case of Eric Darni in search of experience on board Ecoelec (Nb 10), Antoine Michel on his vintage Class40 SETTI Ltd (Nb 57), or La Belle Équipe II (Nb 55) of Bruno Retzelny. Class40 will also have the pleasure to count among its ranks a champion in his field, double Ski Freeride World champion Aurélien Ducroz, skipper of Latitude Neige/Longitude Mer (Nb 30). Aurélien is pleased to sail again on this well-known boat on which he has crossed the Atlantic during the last edition of the Quebec-St Malo. The SNSM invites the public to join them from Friday, June 21st at the Saint-Nazaire basin to come to admire the beautiful sailboats and on Sunday 23st, to attend the start of the race. It’s also possible to follow the race directly on the official RecordSNSM website and its social networks. (Facebook and Twitter).[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[118 Bodacious Dream wins The 2013 Atlantic Cup]]> Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:00:00 GMT NEWPORT, R.I. – #118 Bodacious Dream (USA), skippered by Dave Rearick and Matt Scharl, held on to first place overall in the 2013 Atlantic Cup after a tight weekend of inshore racing that saw Bodacious Dream and #121 Lecoq Cuisine trading places. The weather over both days delivered wind speeds consistently in the upper teens and twenties with gusts up to 30 knots, making for a challenging two days of inshore racing in Narragansett Bay. #116 Icarus dominated the inshore series by winning three of the five races, finishing second in the other two, en route to securing third overall. Bodacious Dream was equally impressive during the offshore competition, besting the field during the first offshore leg (Charleston, S.C. to N.Y. Harbor), and second leg (N.Y. Harbor to Newport, RI). Bodacious Dream finished with 51 total combined points for the offshore legs and inshore races in Narragansett Bay, Lecoq Cuisine finished with 45 total points. Bodacious Dream co-skipper Dave Rearick: “We are ecstatic. We really wanted to win the racing and do well in the inshore series…today was a bit of a challenge with the high winds, but we managed to hang on. Obviously Lecoq Cuisine was our closest competitor and we really wanted to best them, which we did today, so that was terrific. ”   To keep going with Class40 current events, let’s go back to Europe. First of all early June in England, with the Round the Island Race, around the Isle of Wight. Six crews will represent the Class40 association on this race of the promotional calendar. Among them we will find regulars circuit participants such as the South African sailor Phillippa Hutton-Squire on board her faithful Akilaria first generation, Phesheya Racing (23), and the American-British sailors, Emma Creighton and Dan Dytch on their Akilaria RC2 Momentum Ocean Racing (93). At the end of June, St Nazaire will welcome an attractive fleet of 12 Class40 crews will come to supporting the actions of the National Lifeboat Institution during the Record SNSM. For this official calendar event we shall find the top skippers of the circuit on a return race from and to St Nazaire via St Marine. Teams such as GDF SUEZ (130), Campagne de France (101), Geodis (81), Groups Picoty (85), Lord Jiminy (119), Solidaire en Peloton (107) and many others, will be there, ready to fight. While waiting for his brand new Akilaria RC3, Damien Seguin will sail on board the no less powerful Akilaria RC2 No. 111, named " ERDF Des Pieds et Des Mains " for this special occasion.[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[3rd Annual Atlantic Cup Sets Sail to New York city]]> Fri, 07 Jun 2013 00:00:00 GMT A fleet of seven Class40 crossed the start line towards New York and then Newport (RI) pushed by southwest winds of 10 to 15 knots. The race will take the 7 crews, sailing under the United States and England flag, to the Manhattan marina with an ETA due on Wednesday, May 15 in the morning. After a short 3-day stopover, the fleet will wave goodbye to the Statue of Liberty at 14:00 Saturday, May 18. They will sail along the U.S East coast to Newport, for leg 2. Last but not least for this 2013 edition, the skippers will have to stay focused until the very last day to ensure a good result during the two days of Inshore Races scheduled on May 25 and 26 in Newport Bay.Seven teams are participating in this year’s unique 100% Class40 race in the US, among which 5 boats from the last edition. Without the presence of European teams, Dave Rearick on board Nb 118, Kiwi FC40 Bodacious Dream, has the favorite place after its second position in 2012 behind the German Jörg Riechers (Mare 115). Of course he should be wary of Gryphon Solo II (106), Icarus (116) and Dragon (54) crews who now know the race area. Peter Harding on board Nb90, 40 Degrees, comes back with a revenge after having dismasted in Charleston Bay in 2012. Eric Lecoq,  accompanied by experienced Conrad Colman, and on board the brand new 121 Lecoq Cuisine (40 Tyker latest generation) may be a formidable candidate with such boat. Finally, Pleiad Racing Akilaria number 39 will try to compete with their younger generation boats.All information’s on the official website. To follow the race visit the Facebook page, Twitter account and tracking map.[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Class40 commits to the Transat Jacques Vabre through to 2017]]> Tue, 14 May 2013 00:00:00 GMT The Class40 Association has attracted proposals for varied and interesting races from a number of race organisers since its earliest days, and over the past few months, the class has received proposals for double-handed transatlantic races other than the Transat Jacques Vabre and the Solidaire du Chocolat.   With the aim of creating a long-term race calendar, the class put out a tender in March for a double-handed biennial transatlantic race. It is the new Transat Jacques Vabre association which has been retained from amongst the proposals. And so a sizeable Class40 fleet is expected in Le Havre in October 2013 for the twentieth anniversary of the “Route du Café”.A typical Class40 season includes a transatlantic race in the autumn. There are also one or two 1000 mile races during the spring/ summer (Les Sables-Horta-Les Sables, the Normandy Channel Race, the Atlantic Cup…), as well as a few coastal races (the Grand Prix Guyader, the record SNSM, the World Championship…). Long-term commitmentIn even years, the Class40 fleet races alternately in the Route du Rhum and the Transat Québec-St Malo. The tender process meant that the Class was able to choose from amongst the different proposals put forward for a double-handed transatlantic race in the autumn of odd years. The decision involves a commitment over three editions of the race, through to 2017. By committing to the long term, Class40 competitors, sponsors and race organisers alike can plan for the next few years, thereby making the most of their investment and preparation.François Angoulvant, president of Class40: “The ultimate decision to select the Transat Jacques Vabre came down to several reasons. The fact that it is a well-known race is obviously a factor. A study of the media coverage generated by the races which had responded to the tender clearly highlight the attributes of the Transat Jacques Vabre. Overall, the proposal put forward by the Transat Jacques Vabre association answered the brief well. In particular, we wanted a shorter course, or at least to avoid a race finish in a port far from shipping or in a place where the weather conditions can be difficult: this point has been taken into account. We also took a close look at the efforts made in the previous edition to treat all classes equally, even if there is still room for improvement here, particularly the matter of the elapsed time of the first boats to finish.  The individuals in charge of the Transat Jacques Vabre are open to proper discussion on these issues with the classes involved in the race (Imoca, Multi 50 and Class40 in particular), which we see as essential. Lastly, we have come to the conclusion that the multi-class format does not harm Class40. The public finds it intriguing and it attracts the press.All of these reasons led us to choose the Transat Jacques Vabre. We would nevertheless like to thank all the other race organisers who took the time and effort to respond to our tender.”Gildas Gautier, director general of the Transat Jacques Vabre association: “We are delighted that Class40 chose the Transat Jacques Vabre. We fought for it and it’s a great outcome, especially since 2013 should be a fine year for the Class40 fleet, since as with every post-Vendée Globe season, we don’t know what competitors in the IMOCA fleet will do. If there is a strong showing from the Class40 fleet, there will a fine media opportunity to exploit.” So from now on, for Class40 sailors and sponsors alike, the place to be in October in odd years is Le Havre! In the meantime, Class40 sailors, many of whom have recently competed in the Transat Québec Saint Malo, are on their way to Caen for the next event, the “Normandy Channel Race” from the 2nd to the 9th of September, prior to finishing this long season with the Class40 World Championship in La Rochelle from the 3rd to the 6th of October. 2013 Provisional Race Schedule (dates to be confirmed)7 – 14 April         Normandy Channel Race (double-handed)3 – 5 May         Grand Prix de Douarnenez (crewed)9 – 12 May         Armen Race (crewed)12 – 26 May             The Atlantic Cup (double-handed & crewed)23 – 25 June        Record SNSM (crewed)8 – 28 July        Les Sables – Horta – Les Sables (solo?)11 – 17 August         Rolex Fastnet Race (crewed)29 Sept – 24 Oct.    Transat Jacques Vabre (double-handed)[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Joerg RIECHERS « 2012 Class40 Champion » !]]> Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:00:00 GMT After a magnificent season full of regularity, The Classs40 N°115, skipped by Jörg RIECHERS, imposes itself logically. Winner on the Solidaire du Chocolat and the Atlantic Cup, the German skipper will have left the podium only once over five events in the Normandy Channel Race (DNF). He reached the second place in the Transat Québec-St Malo and the 3rd place in the Class40 World Championship. These performances underline a professionalism and a constancy quite exceptional for someone who has just launched his campaign “ Vendée Globe 2016”.Sébastien ROGUES impresses on Eole Generation GDF Suez (N°105) climbing on the second step of the podium! 5 races for his first season in Class40, and he was five time in the top 10 and once on the third place of the podium (Transat Quebec Saint Malo). At 24 years old, Sébastien clearly shows that he will be a serious competitor for the title next season.Participating in only 3 races, Aloys LE CLAQUIN, skipper of Class40 N°104, climb on the third step. His good results (6th in Solidaire du Chocolat, 8th in Québec Saint Malo and 2nd in Class40 World Championship) shows that Aloys stays among the favorites.The prize giving ceremony  will take place during the Paris Boat Show. In the meantime the complete ranking can be downloaded here!       Joerg RIECHERS « 2012 Class40 Champion » ! By Maxime FALCONE - Association Class40[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Sponsors’ testimony of Class40 Circuit]]> Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:00:00 GMT Interviews by Maxime FALCONE – Association Class40 Eole Generation – GDF SUEZ Sébastien ROGUES’s sponsor – Class40 #105   Why this commitment to sailing ? « Eole Generation, 100% branch of GDF SUEZ, is both a developer and operator of wind projects and tidal stream generating electricity. It is thus quite naturally that it turned towards sailing which is a sport with naturally many common points, in particular the knowledge of the maritime environment and the respectful use of the wind, sun and streams energy. More generally, the activity of Eole Generation is very close to the practice of this discipline with which we share strong values: the respect of natural sites, the dynamism, an activity in accordance with the nature, or still the self-transcendence. Sébastien Rogues is a skipper who embodies all these values. As a company committed to sustainable development and implanted in the heart of the territories, Eole Generation therefore wished to support its approach. »  « The group GDF Suez accompanies young people in its « YOUNG TALENTS » policy whatever the sport. Sébastien fits into this category and we help him to start his career. » Why the Class40 and this skipper ? « The Class40 is the next logical step in Sebastian’s career, who comes from the Mini circuit. Eole Generation and GDF Suez can pursue the project with a safe and solid boat, which stays in a reasonable budget after the prototype in 6,50. In sporting terms Class40’s boats showed their ability and the association which governs this class is very well organized and professional. » How do you exploit this partnership internally and externally  ? « Because it is a small structure, all Eole Generation’s employees had the possibility to navigate or discover sailing. In a general way, this partnership creates a strong mobilization and an unwavering support of all the employees of GDF Suez. We indeed associate the Group’s branch in regions to offer special moments to our guests like starts of races like the Normandy Channel Race. Furthermore for the GDF Suez group, the internal communication is activated during races, it allows all the employees to gather around a human sports’ challenge that reflects the values of the company. Externally, it is the opportunity to develop animations such as boat christening in St Nazaire in March with her godmother Amélie Mauresmo. » What is your assessment ? « This is very positive. Sébastien wants to reach his objectives and manages his projects in a exemplary way. He is representative of each employee. We are proud to support him. Its progression is well controlled, and we are proud to support him and to contribute to his development in this beautiful discipline of sailing. Furthermore, he puts his human qualities in the service of his ambition; performance and ethics, quite as Eole Generation. We are very sensitive to his values of respect for others and the environment. »     Gaël TEMPIER – COMIRIS Group CEO Thierry BOUCHARD’ sponsor – Class40 #83   Why is this commitment to sailing ? « Two main reasons, the first one is that Thierry Bouchard convinced us to follow him. The second reason is that sailing with regard to our activity, reflects the values which we wish to convey from the technological point of view, teamwork and sustainable development as a sail boat is nature-friendly. » Why the Class40 and this skipper ? « At the beginning we had no sailing project. It is really the man who seduced us when we met him. Then, when we thought about it we realized that there were many interesting points to convey the image of the company. Concerning the Class40, it is a support which seemed to us financially affordable, we would not have been able to follow him on a superior Class. » How do you exploit this partnership internally and externally ? « We set up events at the starts and the arrivals of the races. Inviting our clients in Pointe à Pitre, for example, is very interesting. Another essential aspect is the impact in the media. We had many publications because we were associated with the Class40. We do not look for public recognition because we work in B to B but in this particular. case it has confirmed our reputation with our customers. Moreover, what is interesting for us is that our company appears more on the web, it is a point not to neglected in our argument. Finally we also exploited this partnership internally to gather our employees around a common project. » What is your assessment ? « For me, it is a mixed assessment. We were not able to exploit this partnership. We should have continued with Thierry until 2014 for the Route du Rhum, but for economic reasons we will not. As many companies we had to reduce the budgets in communications so we could not set up the events planned around races. I am personally disappointed because that corresponded really well to what the company wanted to convey. »     Jean-Yves PIERCHON – Phoenix Europe Express CEO Stéphanie ALRAN s’ sponsor – Class40 #98   Why is this commitment to sailing ? « Just because I have been personally a big sailing fan for a long time. » Why the Class40 and this skipper ? « With the Class40, an SME like ours can realize a sponsoring, have its name on a boat for an affordable budget, and yet participate in international events like the Transat Jacques Vabre Transat or Quebec - St Malo. Imoca and multihull classes are too expensive for us and the Classe Mini less interesting. We met Stéphanie ALRAN by chance but we enjoyed her project. She was able to adapt to our needs and our limited resources. » How do you exploit this partnership internally and externally ? « For us it is specially a search of internal benefits. For the employees who all adopted Stéphanie as if she was a member of the company, it fast became an adventure that they appropriated. I think that it is a certain pride to have the name of our company on the boat and on the sails that participate in big mediatized events. This is also an opportunity for families to go at the starts of races . And this creates a certain emulation in our team. Externally we also invited some of our guests on the departures of races but we don’t expect any commercial benefits. We think that it gives us more visibility with our partners and suppliers. » What is your assessment ? « It is very positive and we do not regret our investment. We will certainly continue to participate in some Class40’events, but however, because of the economic situation, we will probably be forced to limit our participation in some events, even in races held every 2 or 3 years. »  [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Rolex Fastnet Race : extraordinary success !]]> Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:00:00 GMT Class members, do not panic! It's still possible to register and participate in the eighth edition of the Rolex Fastnet Race. This year the organizers have not set a limit on the number of entries for the Class40 and Class Imoca! Quick reminder of this promotional race of our calendar: 2013 edition, -          Organizer : RORC -          Dates : 11 - 17 August -          Course : Île de Wight (Cowes) / Fastnet / Plymouth -          Format : 608 milles (Crewed) -          Class40 engaged in the previous edition: 20 (Results here) -          All information & registration: HERE     Back to the 2011 edition: (From the Class40 Guide 2012 P14)   20 CLASS40 AT THE START LINE AND A SPECTACULAR FINISH   The line-up featured 20 crews, representing 9 nations, and a mixed fl eet of newly designed boats, as well as Class40 classics, sailed by both experienced crews and amateurs. The Rolex Fastnet Race was the most popular competition in 2011. In addition to the French, including female skipper Catherine Pourre, who recently won the Grand Prix Guyader aboard her Tyker 40 Evolution, the ex-Destination Dunkerque, competitors also included Americans Michael Hennessy and Joe Harris, British such as the formidable Ned Collier-Wakefi eld, Italians, Swiss, Germans, Belgians, Norwegians, Dutch, exceptional line-up indeed.   7 MINUTES BETWEEN THE FIRST 5   Tanguy de Lamotte and his crew won the race after 86 hours, 17 minutes and 28 seconds of sailing. It was tense at the finish line, as they crossed only 2 minutes ahead of Peraspera. It was a very competitive race, and Initiatives-Alex Olivier's skipper and crew members, Tanguy Leglatin, David Sineau and Thomas Gavériaux, fought until the end. Tanguy celebrated a double whammy this season after having already won the Normandy Channel Race in May, as well as winning the Rolex Fastnet Race for the second time, his fi rst time being in 2009. The race started to windward, as they sailed along the British coast, then backed, giving them mostly downwind towards Fastnet. During the fi nal leg, the wind gradually eased off and the race ended closely in light airs.   Comment from the winner. Tanguy de Lamotte:   « We were ahead for a very long time, but were overtaken by Peraspera 2 miles from the fi nish line. With 0.5 mile to go, we were 4th. It was a crazy race. We were successful, but we did everything that was needed to win. It was a memorable fi nish. Two years ago, we knew that victory was coming; this time however, the last few minutes were very uncertain. There were 5 boats, within less than 7 minutes from the fi nish line. It was incredible! It's the fi rst time that I've seen that in Class40. It's the second consecutive time this year that there has been such a close fl eet, it's really interesting. The race was also very international. The level was very high. Everyone sailed very well ».    [Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Our American cousins!]]> Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:00:00 GMT Sharing, helping, friendliness, teamwork, accessibility, international, are all terms that define the Class40 philosophy. The international side is characterized, among other things, by the mixed origins of the class members (16 nationalities in 2012), but also its races across several continents. This circuit goes well beyond the official program and promotion. We will here cast a glow on these races across the Atlantic: the US East-Coast circuit. By having since 2008, Michael Hennessy (skipper of 54 - Dragon) US representative, the Class40 shows its interest for increasing its International development. This status within the Board of Directors highlights a circuit and a fleet often unknown from the general public. This fleet includes ten skippers sailing under the US flag in which we can add Quebec and Bahamas sailors. It's on the six-event circuit totaling not less than 3 500 miles that this fleet race together every year. This circuit is highlighted with its 900 miles key race, dedicated to Class40, the « Atlantic Cup », from Charleston to Newport, via an unforgettable stopover in Manhattan (New York). This race, which appears in the official Class40 race calendar, welcomes every four years a part of the European fleet during their Atlantic Ocean tour. It is the intermediate step, which winds up the American-east coast between the two Transats, « La Solidaire du Chocolat » and « Québec-Saint Malo ». Just to mention the name of the hosts' harbors, at start and finish, makes it more than a dream. The « Pineapple Cup », 811 miles race between Port Everglades in South Florida and Montego Bay in Jamaica or even the « Bermuda One-Two » which offers a return of 1270 miles between Newport Harbor and Bermuda islands are perfect examples. Further North, the « Marblehead to Halifax » race, with a distance of 363 miles, proposes to go sailing in cooler waters along the beautiful Canadian coasts.   The « Key West Feeder Race », 160 miles along the Florida coasts, and the « Rolex St. Thomas », inshore race on the Caribbean Sea, are part of small local races that complete this circuit. For the Board of Directors, it is particularly important to maintain and develop the relationship with these races which gives an international vision to the Class40 association. Aside the « Atlantic Cup », the American racings in which participates Class40 yachts are also opened to the IRC fleet. One of this year's objective is to introduce Class40 boats to IRC skippers so that they discover this boats and help, why not, to develop the American fleet.[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[PLYMOUTH TO HOST THE 2013 CLASS 40 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS]]> Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:00:00 GMT The four day Championship will be organised by the Royal Western Yacht Club of England as the event authority, with an expected 20 international teams from nine nations due to compete at the event. Twenty Class40 teams have already pre-registered for the Rolex Fastnet Race and are due to arrive in Plymouth from the 15 August. The teams will have a couple of days break before starting an intense series of inshore and coastal races to decide the overall Class40 World Champion.The public is invited to come and see the fleet parade in front of Plymouth Hoe on Sunday 18 August before they set off for the start of the coastal race. In the evenings there will be a series of event functions for the visiting teams to enjoy some of the local hospitality. François Angoulvant, Class40 President:“We are delighted to be welcomed by Plymouth for this fifth edition of the Class40 Worlds. The timing is perfect and we hope we can build a partnership with the RWYC to come back regularly for the Worlds. The Class40 fleet knows the area quite well as it comes here every two years for the Rolex Fastnet Race and was also here in 2008 for The Transat. We expect many Class 40 skippers, from all over Europe and the US, to gather on this great event.” John Lewis, Commodore of the Royal Western Yacht Club:“The RWYC is delighted to be the host club for this prestigious World Championship particularly as it has formed a close relationship with the class during our last two oceanic events. I extend a warm welcome to all the competitors and wish them every success on the water.” Gonzale Botin, Class 40 World Champion 2012: “Tales Santander 2014” will be there to defend its title and it will not be easy as the standard goes up each year since the first World Championships in 2009. Our new boat hasn’t been built for windward-leeward races that we can expect during the Worlds, but more for offshore races. This is the case for most third generation boats. Whatever happens, the show is guaranteed!"   Follow the event : - Website - Facebook page - Twitter account[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Normandy Channel Race Act 4: Entry list worthy of the greatest races!]]> Mon, 13 May 2013 00:00:00 GMT We are finally there; Caen is getting ready to welcome, from next Wednesday (10 April 2013), 20 Class40 participants to the Normandy Channel Race. For the first race of the Class40 Association official calendar, the competitors will gather at the Saint Pierre dock. It promises a thrilling 2013 edition. Departure on Sunday, April 14th at 12:00 from Caen and 17:00 at sea!                      Dual of winners. The1000 nautical miles of the race should be the scene of a high-level oceanic fight. Indeed, winner of the last edition in September, British skipper Ned Collier-Wakefield will be present to defend his title. This time, he will be co-skipper of French sailor Brieuc Maisonneuve also Al Bucq's owner, no 124, first Akilaria RC3 launched last November. Talking about winners, we can't skip the one who won the first edition in 2010 and the last Route du Rhum: Thomas Ruyant. He will team up with the second of the 2011 edition, Bruno Jourdren on his Tyker Evolution 3, Lord Jiminy (No. 119). They are also seen as favorites. Renowned German skipper, Jörg Riechers, will try to do better than his disappointing 2012 edition. He was forced to retire during the first 24 hours after breaking the "Mach40 # 115" bowsprit. Sailing this time with Pierre Brasseur, the 2012 Class40 champion and "German skipper" of the year, is well decided to show that he is there to win. Sebastien Rogues will be on board a new boat, Mach40 # 130 GDF SUEZ launched last month. After a first season on the circuit, the young skipper from Lorient has showed that he has all the abilities to be on the podium. Duo Halvard Mabire / Miranda Merron, second from the last edition, will be present, always with the same ambition. A podium of Mini sailors: Skippers from Class Mini 2012, Aymeric CHAPPELLIER and Nicolas BOIDEVEZI will meet once more on the water for a new battle. Indeed, they will be respectively co-skipper of Jean-Christophe Caso on Group Picoty (#85 ) and of Thibault Reinhart on Jasmine Flyer (#112 ). Furthermore, the fact that they have shared the podium four time the last season, gives a taste of symbolic rivalry that they will discuss, this time, in Class40. A race in the race. A list of mixed competitors Reflecting the Class40 association, the Normandy Channel Race gathers a fleet of international skippers, both professional or amateur. 7 countries will be represented during this 2013 edition: France, United Kingdom, Germany, United States, South Africa, New Zealand and Switzerland. Many participants are coming back again to taste the happiness of this Cass40 ‘exclusive race, just like Catherine Pourre, Goulven Royer, Olivier Roussey, Phillippa Hutton-Squire, Boris Herrmann, Christophe Coatnoan, Louis Duc, Stéphanie Alran, Thibault Reinhart, Mathias Blumencron, etc. The only woman's crew will be represented by an English-speaking duo, the South African round the world sailor Phillippa Hutton-Squire and English skipper Pip Hare.                If the forecast remain the same as the last days, the sea conditions will be tough. The two previous editions had been shortened (bad weather in 2011 and lack of wind in 2012). The sailors have been deprived to see the Fastnet rock and its legendary lighthouse. Let's hope that next week weather briefing contradicts the current forecast outlook.     The course as viewed by Halvard Mabire*                "The first section, as far as the Isle of Wight, is a good, classic Cross-Channel, with an interesting coastal course off the D-DayLandingBeaches and a perpendicular crossing of the shipping lanes, as is required by the rules of shipping. Following on from that, we have a stark reminder of a Fastnet Race start. The Needles, Portland, Lizard, Land's End... The fantastic South coast of England has seen so much nautical jousting over the centuries that, if the cliffs could speak, we'd have a genuine encyclopaedia of Offshore Racing. We say a quick hello to Wolf Rock and then we're back in the CelticSea with relish; a sea we've criss-crossed many times during our Figaros and various Fastnet races. Next we track straight across to the Côtes d 'Armor in Brittany, as if to the mark the boundary between ourselves and our dear "Anglos", with the strongest tides, the strongest currents and a few very familiar rocks as justices of the peace. The terrible Raz Blanchard forms a tricky passage, with the Goury lighthouse playing the role of gatekeeper, and we can but hope that the winds and tide are with us. Indeed we know all to well that with the "Vent d 'Amont" (NE'ly wind) over tide, it's a liquid hell if there's more than 25 knots of breeze! As if one Raz wasn't enough, the one at Barfleur will be on hand to remind us that the English Channel is no joke and that it's the Tide that decides here. The Baie de Seine won't be sparing of us as regards the currents and all the way to the finish, we'll have to dig deep and play the shrewdness card if we're to successfully complete the "Normandy Channel Race"... The Channel has witnessed a number of races and it needed its own event to pay homage to the waters which opened the gateways to the World to us. I hope that in a few decades time, we'll speak of the Normandy Channel Race as fondly as we do of its big sisters, and that the wake we trace in 2010 will be followed for all time."   *Halvard Mabire is one of the most highly awarded French sailors in offshore racing with 5 crewed round the worlds to his credit, 7 Solitaires du Figaro and 33 transatlantics. The most notable of his wins are the Course de l’Europe, the Twostar (twice champion) and the Transat Quebec Saint Malo in the Class 40. Follow the race on the official website and on the social networks: Facebook & Twitter! As well as on the Class40 Association Facebook page and Twitter account!   Normandy Channel Race Act 4: Entry list worthy of the greatest races! By Maxime FALCONE - Class40 Association Translation by Muriel ROBIN - Class40 Association[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Normandy Channel Race: A tough kick-off of the season!]]> Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:00:00 GMT There were many, last Friday, April 19, to attend the Normandy Channel Race prize-giving ceremony, followed by a friendly BBQ to conclude this 2013 edition. Back to act 4 who started Sunday, April 14th at 5 pm under the shining sun. 24h after the start, many boats had to withdraw due to various technical issues (auto pilot, overheating engine, forestay problem…). The following day, looking at the bad weather expected, the Race Direction announced to the 11 boats still racing a shortened course. They all arrived safely in Ouistreham. After a withdrawal in 2012, he took his revenge in the most beautiful ways! Jörg Riechers, for his third participation, won with co-skipper Pierre Brasseur after 3 days 7 hours 57 minutes and 30 seconds of racing. Yet it was a bad start for Mare Racing Team, as explained by the German skipper “It’s great to win especially after dismasting just before the race. It’s a really hard, technical race. Sailing in the Celtic Sea was chaotic. We never let up, despite a tough passage at Barfleur on the outward leg”. With a perfectly optimized Mach40 and an experimented tandem, the two sailors took the lead of the race for the third night then perform faultlessly. “We gradually moved up through the fleet through our speed and sheer determination”. Crossing the finish line Thursday April 18 at 0:57, the current Class40 champion can add an extra victory on his prize list. They created the biggest surprise of this edition. Without too much ambitions except to cross the finish line, the team Made in Normandy, familiar with the Tour de France à la Voile and the Solitaire du Figaro, never raced together before. They were competing in their first Normandy Channel Race and it was their first experience on a Class40 yacht. “We’re happy with our performance in this Normandy Channel Race, which was a first for us. We’ve got a better idea of what a Class40 is like. Over a short race like this, we spent a lot of time making sail changes so it’s incredibly physical” explains Alexandre Toulorge. Nevertheless, they were the leaders of this edition taking the lead from the first night before letting go to the duo from Germany and France’s Picardy region. “Mare was going faster on close reach and the crew escaped at Raz Blanchard. We were working on the weather for the first part of the race and that worked well for us” tells Nicolas Jossier. By crossing the finish line at 1:53, Norman sailors get a well-deserved second place after the big scare to see Campagne de France back on them as fast as an arrow to cross the line 1 minute 3 seconds later. Campagne de France finally climbs on the third step of the podium. Rather positioned in the middle of the Class40 fleet throughout the course, the duo Halvard Mabire / Miranda Merron made a spectacular comeback on the final day, which leaves some dazed. “We came back from nowhere. It’s a fine third place. A few more miles and we’d have secured second place. We took a minute too long” says Halvard once arrived on the docks. In Ouistreham, over the night between Wednesday and Thursday, the intense rhythm of the arrivals did not stop. They crossed the line one after another: Geodis, Akilaria RC2 skippered by Fabrice Amedeo and Armel Tripon in fourth place (at 3:06), followed by Al Bucq brand new Akilaria RC3 of Brieuc Maisonneuve and coskipper Ned Collier-Wakefield (at 3:09). Red, Rodgers Class40 of German skippers Mathias Blumencron and Boris Herrmann (at 3:18), Jean-Christophe Caso and Aymeric Chappellier on Pogo 40 S² Groupe Picoty (at 3:27). Finally, Red will lose one place because of a 14-minute penalty (seal of a water jerrican missing and broken seal on the anchoring equipment). The decision of the Jury will benefit Groupe Picoty who takes the 6th place of the overall result. Half an hour later, the last two boats of the nigh arrived : Dan Dytch and Emma Creighton on board Akilaria RC2 Momentum Ocean Racing (at 4:00), and Phoenix Europe - Carac with Louis Duc and Stephanie Alran (at 4:07) on board the Akilaria MkII proto recently bought. Arrivals very close one from another that shows the increasing homogeneity of the Class40 fleet. The only 100% female team, Phillippa Hutton-Squire and Pip Hare on board Phesheya Racing, finished in 10th place in the morning, followed by Olivier Roussey and Philippe Burger on Obportus 3, to close this 2013 edition the following night (at 1:22) after 4 days 8 hours 22 minutes and 22 seconds of navigation and a lot of perseverance. They can tick the box of the Transat Jacques Vabre qualification! Complete ranking here!   Normandy Channel Race: A tough kick-off of the season! By Maxime FALCONE - Class40 Association Translation by Muriel ROBIN - Class40 Association[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Grand Prix Guyader not only a show … !]]> Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:00:00 GMT More a big party than a race, the Grand Prix Guyader gather the best ocean racing sailors and their amazing boats, the riders and their impressive wing or even the respectful Dragon. Between inshore races and speed test, sailors will compete in the fantastic bay of Douarnenez, among the most beautiful ones according to the skippers. If we cannot dream of a better water playground, the Grand Prix Guyader offers to the public a top quality program with high level competition and a lot of activities in the race village for everybody whatever their passion and their age. From Tréboul to Rosmeur via Port Rhu, all Douarnenez city will celebrate the sea.First called Grand Prix Petit Navire then Grand Prix Douarnenez and now Grand Prix Guyader, whatever the name of the event, since 2008 the Class40 have shown their faith to the race that is now unavoidable on the calendar. For this 2013 edition, nine talentuous teams are expected for the show. Among the favorite, we can find Eärwen, nb 88, Class40 twice winner in 2010 and 2011 and second in 2012, will try to comes back to the first place in 2013. GDF SUEZ and Lord Jiminy, both having to withdraw at the last Normandy Channel Race, will be motivated to show what they can do. Groupe Picoty, that proved in Normandy that it can be feared, will also be there to lead the fleet. It will be the first race of the season for Lionel Régnier on his Akilaria RC2, nb 105 Deltacalor. His long experience in Class40 could be the key to bring his crew to the podium.The Grand Prix Guyader is also the opportunity for the new comers in the class to test their boat on coastal racing before heading in the offshore category. Antoine Michel on his Pogo40 nb 57, SETTI LTD, as well as the duo Victorien Erussard and Thibault Vauchel-Camus, on board Kiwi40 nb 107 Solidaire en Peloton are in that case. Last but not least the international side of the class will be represented by British boat Momentum Ocean Racing nb 93, skippered by Emma Creighton and South African Phillippa Hutton-Squire on board Phesheya Racing nb 23.Even if the party is on, the level of the Class40 participant reflects the one in the other category. Competition will be as though on the water as the party will be friendly once back to the bar.No need to say that during 10 days the “Penn Sardin” city will become the ideal place for all nautical dreams …   All news Grand Prix Guyader 2013 here : Official : Web site - Facebook Page - Twitter Account Association Class40 : Facebook Page - Twitter Account   Grand Prix Guyader not only a show … !   By Maxime FALCONE - Association Class40 Translation by Muriel ROBIN - Association Class40[Read more]]]> <![CDATA[Under the sun in Douarnenez]]> Mon, 13 May 2013 00:00:00 GMT As is often said, the best race sponsor is the good weather. And what a weather on this 2013 edition! The sun's rays have reflected on the sails of the magnificent race boats during the four-day of festivities in the “Penn Sardin” city. A perfect weather, well almost, as it did not count on the whims of our good old Aeolus. Indeed, participants will have suffered from a lack of wind and therefore couldn’t fully exploit their boats potential on Sunday and Monday events.On land, the crowed came to enjoy the weather, the entertainment in the race village and the show on Rosmeur’s quay. For four days, ocean racing boat, M34, Dragon, Kitesurf, Pen Duick, etc. met on this beautiful bay, between coastal races and speed runs. An amazing group of sailors, gathering the best in each category. Class40 have fought until the end to find a winner. Sébastien Rogues and crew, onboard GDF SUEZ Mach40 (130), win after 8 races sailed. Once again the Nb 107 is a surprise. This time with a new name "Solidaires En Peloton" and new skippers Victorien Erussard / Thibaut Vauchel-Camus and crew, who climbed onto the second step of the podium despite their limited experience in this category. Sailors to be watch out for the rest of the season! Bruno Jourdren, faithful of the event, completes the podium with his crew onboard last generation Tyker40, Norma Concept Lepal, alias Lord Jiminy (119). Eärwen (88), who had never before left the podium in this event, remains in the top half of which is placed in the fourth of this edition. We can congratulate the rest of the crew, who have been able to come and play spoilsport in front of the fleet, as is the case Picoty Group (85) and Deltacalor (105). Or congratulate the perseverance of South African Phesheya Racing (23) and the friendly crew of Antoine Michel onboard SETTI Ltd (57).The Grand Prix for offshore boats ended yesterday (May 6, 2013) by the prize giving ceremony in Treboul, Douarnenez. This 13th edition Just finished, we already look forward to returning next year. Ranking here No time to rest for 3 of the 8 teams present in Douarnenez! Eärwen (88), GDF SUEZ (130) and Solidaires En Peloton (107) will participate from Thursday to Saturday on a fully crewed crew race from La Trinité sur Mer: the Armen Race. This event, part of the promotional calendar, will bring together a small fleet of 9 Class40 among the 120 teams and more. The 360 milles along the French Atlantic facade is a qualifier for the Rolex Fastnet Race to be held in August. Official web site Facebook Page and Twitter Account[Read more]]]>