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Sélection RDR 2022
  • 1
    Redman (FRA 161)
    Redman (FRA 161)
    A. Carpentier
  • 2
    Lamotte Module Création (FRA153)
    Lamotte Module Création (FRA153)
    L. Berry
  • 3
    Banque du Leman (FRA 159)
    Banque du Leman (FRA 159)
    V. Gautier / S. Koster
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Class40 has attracted such diverse mix of sailors

No coincidence - Seahorse

Le samedi 1 septembre 2018

One of the keys to the success story is the way that Class40 has attracted such a diverse mix of sailors - from the big names and young up-and-coming professionals to enthusiastic and talented amateurs looking for time away from their working lives and to pit themselves in high-level competition against some of the best in the sport. 

Each season there is a busy ans well co-ordinated race calendar including one transatlantic event ans other headliners like the annual Normandy Channel Race. The format is a carefully crafted mix of inshore and offshore racing - which is both another big draw as well as an efficient means of controlling more extreme develpment.

No coincidence
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