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Sélection RDR 2022
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    Eärendil (FRA145)
    Eärendil (FRA145)
    C. Pourre / P. Luciani
  • 2
    Aïna Enfance & Avenir (FRA 151)
    Aïna Enfance & Avenir (FRA 151)
    Aymeric Chappellier
  • 3
    Colombre XL (FRA 101)
    Colombre XL (FRA 101)
    C.-L. Mourruau / E. Greck
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Rolex Fastnet Race - Offshore racing's most successful class

By Royal Ocean Racing Club

Le lundi 19 août 2019

In the 15 years since the Class40 box rule was unveiled, an unprecedented 159 examples from early racer cruisers, to fully wicked-up grand prix race boats have been built, making it the most successful 40 foot racing yacht of all time.

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