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Location et vente de Class40 Recherche et vente de matériel Embarquement / équipier / convoyage Divers
Annonce déposée le 04/01/2019

Location Akilaria RC3 n°131


Akilaria RC3 131 À LOUER
Ex Class40 de Damien Seguin et Isabelle Joschke,
le 131 a été entièrement révisé et optimisé pour la Route du Rhum 2018 :
- Jeu de voiles complet [dont GV & Solent neufs 2018 + A3/A5 2017]
- 2 Pack NKE complets dont 1 HR + Processeur Regatta
- Ordinateur 2018 (L5 intel i5/ 6th) + Adrena v15 & cartes Europe/Atlantique 2018
- Pack énergies renouvelables : 4 nouveaux panneaux solaires 2018 + hydro générateur Watt&Sea
- Matériel de sécurité complet
- Changement du gréement courant (août 2018)
- Nouveau gréement dormant (rod)
- Carénage complet
- Peinture antidérapante
Prêt à naviguer pour saison 2019 (NCR, Fasnet, Transat Jacques Vabre, etc.)
Il sera disponible à partir de Janvier 2019 (avec son ber).
Accompagnement et suivi de projet possible.
Inventaire et suivi d'entretien sur demande
Akilaria RC3 131 TO RENT
Former Class40 of Damien Seguin and Isabelle Joschke,
the 131 has been completely revised and optimized for the 2018 Route du Rhum:
- Full sail package [which new main sail & solent 2018 + A3/A5 2017]
- 2 Full NKE electronics package (with 1 HR) + Regatta Processor
- New computer 2018 (L5 intel i5/ 6th) & Adrena v15 + Europe/Atlantique maps
- Renewable energy pack : 4 new panel solar 2018 + hydrogenerator Watt&Sea
- Complete security equipment equipment
- Fully changed ropes and revised furler
- New shrouds (rod)
- Complete careening
- Anti-skid
Ready to race for season 2019 (NCR, Fastnet, Transat Jacques Vabre, etc.)
Available in January 2019 (with cradle)
Support and project monitoring possible.
Inventory and maintenance follow-up on request

Contact : Romain Rossi - tel : 0698303076 - e-mail :

Annonce déposée le 20/12/2018

Voiles Incidences 2018 à vendre


Vend quelques voiles 2018 Incidences en très bon état général. Voiles de moins d'un an dessinées pour le pogo S2 n°113 Beijaflore .
à vendre :
GV DFI sur chariots
Solent DFI
A6 de 150 m2
A5 de 95 m2
Taud GV bleu marine
N'hesitez pas à me contacter pour plus d'information. les voiles plates passeront en voilerie avant la vente pour vérification complète.

Contact : William MATHELIN MOREAUX - tel : 0626765171 - e-mail :

Annonce déposée le 17/12/2018

Location JPK 40 n° 60


Ex groupe Partouche, Obportus, Spirit of Saint Malo. Ce JPK40 n°60 a été préparé pour la Route du Rhum:
- Nouvelle préparation de Carène
- Materiel de sécurité complet
- Electronique NKE fonctionnel
- Changement du gréement courant
- Jeu de voile complet d'occasion
Accompagnement et suivi de projet possible,(Place de port, manutention, terre plein + ber,...)
40k€ pour l'ensemble de la saison, retour TJV Cargo

Contact : Arthur Hubert - tel : 0761270069 - e-mail :

Annonce déposée le 13/12/2018

Class 40 #137 For Sale - A Vendre


Very quick and optimised 2014 Mach 40-2 Class 40 from the board of Sam Manuard. In excellent condition and available with all new spars and rigging for the 2019 Season. Nearly new sails with less than a seasons use on some of them.
2nd 2014 Route du Rhum
3rd 2015 Normandy Channel Race
4th 2015 Transat Jacques Vabre
1st 2016 Transat Bakerly
4th Transat Quebec - St Malo 2016
1st Caribbean RORC 600 2017
Numerous other podium placings.
Brand new items to be fitted as part of the purchase agreement:
Mast, forestay, staysail Stay, backstays, standing rigging, running rigging, mast mounted winch, fwd facing Wand NKE, vertical wand – NKE, masthead VHF aerial, masthead tricolor, radar antenna, active echo radar reflector, deck Light. Option at this point for further optimisation if desired. Fantastic oppurtunity and present owner motivated to sell.

Class 40 #137 For Sale - A Vendre
Contact : Allen Clarke - tel : +44(0)1803770495 - e-mail :

Annonce déposée le 11/12/2018

Class 40 Tyker 2 For Sale-A Vendre


Class 40 N°88, excellent Guillaume Verdier design, extremely well built in 2009 at FR Nautisme in Lorient. Continually professionally prepared and maintained. Equipped for solo transoceanic racing, full NKE electronics - HR processor revised in 2015 – HR pilots x 2, all 8 sails available for racing with quasi new spinnakers All Purpose (used only for Les Sables-Horta 2015) A still very competitive Class40 able to hold her own with 3rd generation designs, very well suited to east west transat races such as the Route Du Rhum and TJV. Laid up and de-commissioned since winter 2015. Sister-ship of Class40 N°98 ranked 5th in the hotly disputed transat Quebec Saint Malo 2016. Numerous improvements in the period 2013-2015.

Class 40 Tyker 2 For Sale - A Vendre
Contact : Allen Clarke - tel : +44(0)1803770495 - e-mail :

Annonce déposée le 07/12/2018

Akilaria RC1 Class 40 #72 For Sale-A Vendre


Now available! A very tidy Akilaria RC1 for sale based in Hong Kong. Probably suitable for any potential Southern Hemisphere buyers looking for a ready to sail Class 40, race or cruise, yes cruise! These older generation boats make excellent very fast cruising boats and this one even comes with her original composite removable cabin doors and floor boards. The inventory is comprehensive and even includes a transport/storage cradle as part of the package. All for 107.5K Euro.

Class 40 Akilaria RC1 For Sale
Contact : Allen Clarke - tel : +44(0)1803770495 - e-mail :

Annonce déposée le 06/12/2018



The Akilaria RC3 No 132 Loose Fish is now available for sale, in excellent condition, subject to a rigourous optimisation program when built and professionally maintained through out. Initially launched in August 2013, she proved to be one of the fastest boats in the 2013 TJV fleet. The boat is available in excellent condition having undergone a full comprehensive refit at the V1D2 yard in Caen in 2015 and is available with an Axxon carbon Rig. Both the initial build, refit and maintenance program have been managed by Vendee Globe skipper Josh Hall. Loose Fish has finished on the podium in both the 2015 RORC Fastnet Race and RORC Transatlantic Race. The topsides were repainted in 2017 along with a complete bottom job including primer under the bottom paint. Bottom was refreshed and keel and rudders repainted in 2018 prior to the Route du Rhum. The B&G system is fully functioning with recently replaced displays and also included is the latest version of Adrena along with charts for most all of the North Atlantic on a new computer along with an upgraded backup computer.

Contact : Allen Clarke - tel : +44(0)1803770495 - e-mail :

Annonce déposée le 03/12/2018



Plan Verdier 2010
Vainqueur Jacques Vabre 2011
11ème Route Du Rhum 2014
5ème Quebec Saint Malo 2016
12ème Normandy Channel Race 2017
Optimisation / Chantier 2018 :
Voiles neuves (GV, solent, spi medium)
Etai / étai trinquette / bastaques
Emmagasineur Solent
100% Gréement courant
Bateau très bien entretenu et préparé pour la route du rhum (abandon pour raisons personnelles), il est vendu en parfait état et prêt à courir en RSO 1.
Visible à Lorient
Suivi de chantiers, inventaire sur demande.

Contact : Maxime Cauwe - tel : 0660282530 - e-mail :

Annonce déposée le 29/11/2018

Manuard Class40#136 For Sale-A Vendre


A first class example of a privately owned semi-custom Class 40. The BM40 'Kika Green Challenge' was launched in 2014 and comes from the design office of Sam Manuard. This example benefits from many extras including up to date sails, new deck paint and ready to be commissioned for the next sailing season. All vacuum bagged, epoxy E glass on foam sandwich construction. S/S rudder stocks, HT Steel keel fin with composite fairing.
Never raced across the Atlantic but winning many Mediterranean offshore races where the boat has been based since launch. Outstanding boat and ideal entry level semi-custom design from the current wizard of the Class 40 class designers.

1st Overall La Duecento x 2 2017 In two-handed class and overall
1st Overall La Cinquecento x 2 2016

Built: 2014 Bert Mauri
Designer: Sam Manuard

Manuard Class40#136 For Sale-A Vendre
Contact : Allen Clarke - tel : +44(0)1803770495 - e-mail :

Annonce déposée le 09/11/2018

Rig wanted

 I'm working on a rebuild of a 45 ft carbon fiber boat, mainly for fast offshore cruising (featured in the latest Seahorse Magazine, boat name Chi). The boat is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I believe a slightly modified Class 40 rig would fit the boat perfectly, so I'm currently looking for a Class 40 team with a spare mast, obsolete sails, rigging parts etc – or a complete rig for sale. Doesn't matter if it's damaged, I have a boatbuilder to fix it. Low budget. High motivation 

site web
Contact : tel : 0045 29479043 - e-mail :

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