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RDR 2022 selection
  • 1
    Redman (FRA 161)
    Redman (FRA 161)
    A. Carpentier
  • 2
    Lamotte Module Création (FRA153)
    Lamotte Module Création (FRA153)
    L. Berry
  • 3
    Banque du Leman (FRA 159)
    Banque du Leman (FRA 159)
    V. Gautier / S. Koster
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guillemet What is the difference between active member and associate member? guillemet

The active member can be the owner or the skipper, he has 2 votes at the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting. Only one active member per boat. The co-skipper must be associate member with 1 vote at AGM and EGM.

guillemet I will have new sails made for my Class40. guillemet

Every new sail must have a number given by the secretary and has to be certified by your sail maker . Before ordering a new sail, it is important to contact the Class40' office .


guillemet I want to buy or rent a boat. guillemet

You will find information about the Class40s for sale or rent on the Class40's website.

guillemet We will launch soon our new Class40. She will have to be measured. What is the amount requested by the association to organize the measurement session? guillemet

The association does not participate in the measurement of your boat. The measurement session is realized by a Class measurer who will give you the amount that he requests.

you can  find  their contacts below.

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