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RDR 2022 selection
  • 1
    Project Ocean rescue (FRA162)
    Project Ocean rescue (FRA162)
    A. Tréhin / F. Denis
  • 2
    Lamotte Module Création (FRA 153)
    Lamotte Module Création (FRA 153)
    L. Berry
  • 3
    Redman (FRA 161)
    Redman (FRA 161)
    A. Carpentier
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A Class40 Vintage is an older generation boat.
4 parameters are taken into account:
-  Age of hull (year of design and build)

-  Manner of construction 

-  Weight

-  Stability
Coefficients are applied to each of these, giving to every boat a value. 
Every year a maximum value is determined. Every boat under this value is then vintage.
The list of vintage boat is published on the website.   Every owner or skipper asking for vintage raking might be able to give to the Class40 all the information requested.

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