Class40 selection
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    A. Riva
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    Vogue avec un Crohn (FRA 195)
    Vogue avec un Crohn (FRA 195)
    PL. Attwell
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    La Manche Evidence Nautique
    La Manche Evidence Nautique
    N. Jossier
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Committees ready to work!

The first 2013 board of directors’ meeting took place on Thursday 14th February!

Each Director introduced themself, their abilities and what they wish to bring the Class40.

Each committee was then organized according to each director's skills and wish. Decision was taken to split the technical committee into 2 separate groups to avoid, amongst others, the suspicions of conflicts of interests. Some directors will ensure the good management of the class rules' current affairs, whereas another part will take care of its future evolution. The wish is to outsource the class rules by creating a workgroup of a dozen technicians (architects, measurer, sail maker, etc.). Therefore, this workgroup will relieve the skippers / directors of decisions where they could be seen as judge and parties. Its role will also be to rewrite some part of the class rules to limit, at most the possible, gaps in the text and be in conformity with the class spirit.

Finally, each Director is advised of the current questions and projects and work is shared amongst the different committees.

Committees' composition:

  • Technical Committee (management) : Stéphane LE DIRAISON (referent) ; Jacques FOURNIER ; Catherine POURRE ; François ANGOULVANT ; Michael HENNESSY


  • Technical Committee (prospect) : Halvard MABIRE (referent) ; Frédéric MEUNIER ; Damien SEGUIN ; François ANGOULVANT ; Ned COLLIER-WAKEFIELD ; Michael HENNESSY


  •  Communication Committee : Frédéric MEUNIER (referent) ; Halvard MABIRE ; François ANGOULVANT ; Ned COLLIER-WAKEFIELD ; Michael HENNESSY


  • Race and Events Committee : Jacques FOUNIER (referent) ; Stéphane LE DIRAISON ; Catherine POURRE ; Damien SEGUIN ; François ANGOULVANT ; Ned COLLIER-WAKEFIELD ; Michael HENNESSY


François ANGOULVANT, Michael HENNESSY and Ned COLLIER-WAKEFIELD are officially part of each committee because of their respective status (President, USA representative and UK representative).



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