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    A. Riva
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    Vogue avec un Crohn (FRA 195)
    Vogue avec un Crohn (FRA 195)
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    La Manche Evidence Nautique
    La Manche Evidence Nautique
    N. Jossier
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2016 championship: an international podium, Solidaires en Pelonton ARSEP did the double!

For the second consecutive year, Solidaires en Peloton ARSEP, skipped by Thibaut Vauchel-Camus, wins the Class40 championship. Gonzalo Botin’ spanish team (Tales II) and Phil Sharp’s British project (Imerys) complete the podium.


A season hotly contested!


4 races counted for the 2016 championship : The Transat bakerly (coefficient 4), The Atlantic Cup (coefficient 2), the Transat Québec Saint-Malo, (coefficient 4) and the Normandy Channel Race (coefficient 2).


Thanks to his victory on the most difficult solo-handed transatlantic race, and to his regularity during the season, the team Solidaires en Peloton ARSEP won the 2016 Class40 championship. Thibaut Vauchel-Camus was the only person on board of the blue boat for the first race but he runned the Transat Québec-Saint-Malo with his crew : Victorien Erussard, Fabien Delahaye and Martin Bazin. They finished 4th, just a few seconds after the 3rd. Finally, Thibaut crossed the finish line of the Normandy Channel Race with Frédéric Duthil on the 4th position.

Tales II’ spanish team, won all the races they participated in, no matter the crew on board, but their absence at The Transat penalized them for the championship! Gonzalo Botin won The Atlantic Cup with Pablo Santurde del Arco and also the Transat Québec Saint-Malo when Antonio Piris and Carlos Ruigomez joined the team. In Caen, for the last race of the season, the Botin’s plan skipped by Pablo Santurde et Fidel Turienzo crossed the finish line in first position.

The Imerys project, although he started only a few weeks before the first race, proved a great regularity : 3rd in New York, Phil Sharp is back in Class40 with real success after his victory on the Route du Rhum 2006. For Québec-Saint-Malo, Adrien Hardy and Milan Kolacek were part of the team who finished 6th.Then, Sam Manuard, the architect of the boat, was Phil Sharp’s co-skipper for the NCR. They climbed on the second step of the podium, only 2 minutes and 49 secondes after the winner…

41 projects were competing for the 2016 class40 championship. Even if she had to abandon The Transat, Isabelle Joschke finished just off the podium on Générali – Horizon mixité. Louis Duc ranked 5th  on  Carac, an old generation boat, thanks to his result on the Transat bakerly (2nd).

In 2016 renowned members came to class40 such as Alain Gautier, co-skipper on Générali – Horizon Mixité, Robert Stanjek (world champion Star in 2014, 5th of Olympics in London..), or from Figaro such as Fabien Delahaye, Jean-Pierre Nicol, Fred Duthil, Claire Pruvot, Pierre-Loïc Berthet (winner of several Tour de France à la voile)… To note as well that some famous skippers are back to class40  such as Armel Tripon, Jorg Riechers.


The ranking :



A new dynamic in 2017 

            In May a new season will start. The program for the 2017 championship : GP Guyader (fully crewed – coefficient 1), Normandy Channel Race (double-handed – coefficient 2), Les Sables-Horta (double-handed – coefficient 3) and the Transat Jacques Vabre (double-handed – coefficient 4).

            New trophies will be created for the first time in 2017 because some teams choose to race the transatlantics  and some other choose « inshore » races. The first trophy will be presented in Europe and the second one in USA where  about 10 boats race every year.

As dynamic as ever, we can hope that the Class40 will be able to provide a record number of boats for the next  Route du Rhum in 2018 !


2017 Race programm :

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