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    Groupe SNEF / Alla Grande Pirelli
    X. Macaire / A. Beccaria
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    Acrobatica / Crédit Mutuel
    A. Riva / I. Lipinski
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    Vogue avec un Crohn / Legallais
    PL. Attwell / F. Delahaye
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TJVNLH, D+3 : the time is now !

© Seafrigo - Sogestran
© Seafrigo - Sogestran

The wind is now, the speed id now, the Transat is now ! Or at least according to the weather files, the Class40 competitors are imitating the night-time escape of the other three classes towards Spain. The expected easterly wind is beginning to show for the leaders of the 12.19 m boats, La Manche #EvidenceNautique (Jossier-Loison), Volvo (Gerkens-Hantzperg) and Lamotte Module Création (Berry-Nebout), who are going to gain a nice lead over the main part of the fleet, which is still grappling with the desperate calms south of Audierne Bay.

Last to enter the Atlantic, the fleet of 45 Class40s in this 15th Transat Jacques Vabre has had three somewhat "lunar", esoteric, timeless and totally unexpected days! A few rocky approach in the Breton and Normandy currents, similar to a Solitaire du Figaro, a leaden atmosphere in the spirit of a polar doldrums, and the torments of untimely current reversals, for a desperatly slow gain on the long road to Martinique. 355 miles covered on the road since Sunday for the leaders of the day, the Normans Nicolas Jossier and Alexis Loison (La Manche#EvidenceNautique). A true misery! While the three other classes in the race, Ultimes, Ocean Fifty and Imoca, are having a great time in an easterly wind that is strengthening at the western tip of Spain, the Class40s are only beginning to feel the pressure in their sails. The trajectories are getting tighter with the increase of the speeds and one by one, the protagonists of the Class will finally have the sweet feeling to really start their transatlantic race. 

However, a selection has been made during these three days and we find without surprise a number of favorites at the front. However, outsiders are showing off in these expected struggles, and we are pleased to note the presence of the Franco-Japanese duo Anne Beaugé - Masa Suzuki (Milai) or the British of Tquila, Brian Thompson associated with Alister Richardson. And what about the breakaways in the West? The only boat of the entire fleet to have chosen the western route, bypassing the DST of Ushant by the North, the American-British duo of Polka Dot, Alex Mehran Jr. and Merfyn Owen, is in 9th position and is undoubtedly provoking the incredulity of their peers. Will it pass? Will it not? In any case, the move deserves to be praised. Hats off Gentlemen! Chapeau bas, Messieurs!

Stretched out over a hundred miles, with the 100% female duo Morgane Ursault-Poupon - Julia Virat (UP SAILING Unites for the Planet) at the back, the fleet remains relatively compact in view of the 4,300 miles still to go. The deliverance is close for these protagonists, and this fourth day will finally take an offshore turn, with open seas, speed and sailing and strategic performances.

Quotes of the day:

Maxime Cauwe (Avanade):

"We forgot the bread, it could have been worse. iIm a taker of your recipes for sandwiches without bread!"

Emmanuel Le Roch (Edenred)

"Hello ! Here the Red boys or rather the EDENRED boys ! Since Sein, we've been enjoying sailing again after this complicated descent of the English Channel. The wind is not strong but we are exploiting the slightest wind to gain the slightest meter. We are on top of it all. The weather is mild, hardly humid. The starry sky and the dolphins have been with us since last night...what else?"

Antoine Carpentier (Redman)

"Third day of racing and third day under the lead gennaker! Since the start, we had to sail under J1 for about ten hours at the start and we did two hours of spinnaker sailing, which was not very conclusive in the light air last night.

The lateral gaps are starting to be significant! The wind is disconcertingly unstable, both in strength and direction, which puts us to the test! We are constantly working on the boat, we play with the remote control of the pilot and the adjustments of the sails. The sails flap for lack of wind quite often, which makes life on board quite uncomfortable."

Duo of the day: Baptiste Hulin - Christophe Bachmann - Rennes.Saint-Malo/Rêves

After the announcement of the dismasting of Bureau Vallée, Baptiste Hulin and Christophe Bachmann wanted to make a small video to support Louis Burton around the world and Davy Beaudart.  The sailors of Rennes.Sain-Malo / Rêves are thinking about them.

Performance of the day : Polka Dot -Alex Mehran Jr. - Merfyn Owen : Ranked 42nd as they approached the Ushant DST, the two men are this morning in ... 9th position.

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