Class40 selection
  • 1
    Vogue avec un Crohn (FRA 195)
    Vogue avec un Crohn (FRA 195)
    PL. Attwell
  • 2
    Amarris (FRA 182)
    Amarris (FRA 182)
    A. Nebout
  • 3
    F. Delahaye
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In short

Le Conservateur, 1st in Horta!

The overall ranking of the race will be issued considering the addition of races duration. The start of the 1st leg has been given on Sunday June 28th.


Yannick Bestaven and Pierre Brasseur wins the first leg of Les Sables-Horta-Les Sables, 5h44 min before Thibaut Vauchel-Camus and Victorien Erussard (Solidaires en peloton ARSEP), themselves arrived 7h 57min before Bertrand Delesne and Nils Palmieri (TeamWork 40), who complete the podium.


First leg results:

1/ Le Conservateur

2/ Solidaires en Peloton ARSEP (à 5h44')

3/ TeamWork 40 (à 13h41')

4/ Carac Advanced Energies (à 15h28')

5/ Colombre XL (à 16h20')

6/ Earwen (à 23h45')

7/ Groupe Setin (à 1j 07h 14')

8/ Masaï (à 1j 21h 35')


The start of the second leg will be given in Horta on Sunday, July 12th.


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