Class40 selection
  • 1
    Vogue avec un Crohn (FRA 195)
    Vogue avec un Crohn (FRA 195)
    PL. Attwell
  • 2
    Amarris (FRA 182)
    Amarris (FRA 182)
    A. Nebout
  • 3
    F. Delahaye
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In short

14 Class40' s on the starting line of the Transat Jacques Vabre

The 12e Transat Jacques Vabre will start from Le Havre on October the 25th

42 boats are registered including 14 Class40's boats.
As usual, it is a motley fleet, mixing old generation boats (Groupe Setin or Carac Advanced Energies) and new born (V&B and Eärendil).


Among 28 skippers :

- 7 participated in the 2013 Transat Jacques Vabre : Louis Duc, Catherine Pourre, Pierre Brasseur, Sam Manuard, Yannick Bestaven, Victorien Erussard et Thibaut Vauchel-Camus.

- 4 are women : Catherine Pourre (Eärendil), Juliette Pêtrès (Club 103) and Concise 2's team , Phillippa Hutton-Squire et Pip Hare.

- 3 of them participate in their first Class40's race : Corentin Horeau (Bretagne Crédit Mutuel Espoir), Gildas Mahé (Team Concise) and  Arthur Hubert (Espoir compétition SNBSM).

- 7 are foreigners : Zetra 's brazilian crew (Eduardo Penido and Renato Araujo), 2 are from Switzerland (Nils Palmieri on TeamWork and Alan Roura on Club 103) and 3 are British (Phillippa and Pip on Concise 2 and Jack Bouttell on Team Concise).

- 3 winners of pre-season offshore races : Le Conservateur (Yannick Bestaven and  Pierre Brasseur, winner of the Sables-Horta), Solidaires en Peloton ARSEP (Thibaut Vauchel Camus and Victorien Erussard, winner of the Record SNSM) and Bretagne Crédit Mutuel Elite (Nicolas Troussel, winner of the Normandy Channel Race).

- 4 boats involved in a cause : CRENO Moustache solidaire (Thibaut Hector and Morgan Launay) / fondation Movember , Solidaires en Peloton ARSEP / Multiple Sclerosis,  V&B (Maxime Sorel et Sam Manuard)  / cystic fibrosis and Teamwork (Bertrand Delesne and  Nils Palmieri) / lysosomal diseases).



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