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RDR 2022 selection
  • 1
    Alla Grande - Pirelli (#181)
    Alla Grande - Pirelli (#181)
    A. Beccaria
  • 2
    IBSA (#186)
    IBSA (#186)
    A. Bona
  • 3
    Project Rescue Ocean (#162)
    Project Rescue Ocean (#162)
    A. Trehin
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Thibaut Vauchel-Camus, winner of The Transat bakerly!

Thibaut Vauchel-Camus (Solidaires en Peloton ARSEP) has just won The Transat bakerly after 17 days, 12 hours and 42 minutes at sea. He had sailed a total distance of 3,804 nautical miles at an average speed of 9.04 knots.

© Amory Ross


Winner of the 2015 Class40 championship, 2nd of the 2014 Route du Rhum, Thibaut achieves his first major victory.



 “It’s an amazing race – I don’t know why I said I’d do it,” Vauchel-Camus said with the Manhatten skyline behind him. “Sometimes I was asking myself ‘what am I doing here – this is crazy?’ But when you finish, all of the bad memories are just gone and you remember only the good moments – the time you spent with whales and dolphins, the good weather, the good wind and the finish line.”

“The race is also a kind of meeting with yourself,” he added. “Every day you face new weather, new challenges and a new problem on the boat and you have to try and find the motivation to keep going. Sometimes the race was very pleasurable, when the boat was going well – sometimes it was very challenging…and then you arrive in Manhatten and you see the amazing skyline and the Statue of Liberty and everything is good – I hope to visit the city tomorrow after my big night of sleep.”

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