Class40 selection
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    Groupe SNEF (FRA 178)
    Groupe SNEF (FRA 178)
    X. Macaire
  • 2
    Acrobatica (ITA 201)
    Acrobatica (ITA 201)
    A. Riva
  • 3
    Vogue avec un Crohn (FRA 195)
    Vogue avec un Crohn (FRA 195)
    PL. Attwell
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In short

Tales 2 winner of the Normandy Channel Race

Third victory for Tales in 2016 !

@jean-marie Liot


27 Class40 lined up for the 7th edition of the Normandy Channel Race on sunday september the 11th.


After 4 days 17 hours, 41 minutes and 54 seconds,  Pablo Santurde del Arco and  Fidel Turienzo arrive only 2 minutes and 40 seconds before Phil Sharp and Sam Manuard on Imerys who led the race  for several days.

Maxime Sorel and  Hugo Dhallenne (V and B) complete the podium; a fine third place after a difficult season .

 Solidaires en Peloton ARSEP (Thibaut Vauchel-Camus and Fred Duthil), with her 4th place, win the 2016 Class40 championship.

 To note as well :

 - the nice 5th place of Sensation Class40 (Marc Lepesqueux / Laurent Pellecuer). First race for the Sabrosa 40 since loosing  her keel on the 2014 Route du Rhum.

 - the 10th  place of Groupe Setin (Manu Cousin / Rémi Aubrun), the oldest boat of the fleet  who stayed in the top ten all along the race.

 - the perseverence of Simple VE (Bertrand Lemée / Philippe Magliulo) who will finish the race even if they know that they will be out of time limit.


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