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RDR 2022 selection
  • 1
    Sogestran Seafrigo (FRA 197)
    Sogestran Seafrigo (FRA 197)
    G. Pirouelle
  • 2
    Sign for Com (GER 189)
    Sign for Com (GER 189)
    M. Fink
  • 3
    TQuila (IRL 159)
    TQuila (IRL 159)
    A. Richardson
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In short

8 Class40 will lined up for the RORC Caribbean 600 !

They will be 8 to take the start, today at 11:10 (local time), of the 10th edition of the RORC Caribbean 600, for 3 days of race in the West Indies.


Registration list

Catherine Pourre

"We have 8 Class40s competiting. Several of them are new designs. It's going to be very competitive! During 3 days, we're not gonna be sleeping or anything, everybody will be onboard and would be on each and every leg as fast as we can. And I think the other are going to do the same."

Mathias Blumencron

'Pure adrenaline! It is one of the reasons to be in this class to go downwind. When you pull up the spinnaker...!"

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