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RDR 2022 selection
  • 1
    Alla Grande - Pirelli (#181)
    Alla Grande - Pirelli (#181)
    A. Beccaria
  • 2
    IBSA (#186)
    IBSA (#186)
    A. Bona
  • 3
    Project Rescue Ocean (#162)
    Project Rescue Ocean (#162)
    A. Trehin
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In short

Nicolas Troussel (Corum #155) wins the Atlantique Télégramme !

11 skippers took part in this solo race opened for the first time to the Class40s with a program similar to the Imocas and their trophée Azimut .


 The start of this 120 nm race from and to Lorient was given on Friday 21st of September in the evening. Maxime Sorel (V and B #144) and Romain Rossi (Fondation DigestScience #131) gave up but for the others, this race with its various weather conditions was a good training for Route du Rhum destination Guadeloupe.

On arrival, Nicolas Troussel, winner of the race, confirms that it was a demanding race because he was forced to constantly adapt to the very changeable wind.

A course around Groix was planned on Sunday but was finally canceled because of the weather but that has not stopped the most challenging  teams from sailing!



  1. Nicolas Troussel (Corum #155)
  2. Louis Duc (Carac #150)
  3. Yoann Richomme (Veedol #154)
  4. Luke Berry (Lamotte – Module Création #153)
  5. Jonas Gerckens (Volvo #104)
  6. Pascal Fravalo (One4Sail #141)
  7. William Mathelin Moreaux (Beijaflore #113)
  8. JB Daramy (Chocolats Paries – Coriolis Composites #109)
  9. Arthur Gascoin (Up Sail and Connect #91)

ABD Maxime Sorel (VandB)

ABD Romain Rossi (Fondation DigestScience)

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