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RDR 2022 selection
  • 1
    IBSA (#186)
    IBSA (#186)
    A. Bona
  • 2
    Alla Grande - Pirelli (#181)
    Alla Grande - Pirelli (#181)
    A. Beccaria
  • 3
    Everial (#177)
    Everial (#177)
    E. Le Draoulec
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TJVNLH, D+16 : The leaders

Nickel! If the passage to the Sal Island mark in Cape Verde has seen some compression of the fleet, with a regrouping of the pack, it has also allowed the tenors of the class, favorites of the observers for the Martinique podium, to get back to the f...

TJVNLH, D+15 : At the whim of the trade winds

A complex situation lies on the Atlantic and in front of  the pack of Class 40s who have excitedly begun their great ocean crossing. Vast zones of high pressure, with little wind, stretch from the Caribbean arc to the coast of Africa, bordering ...

TJVNLH, D+14 : Go West !

© Guidi
Beginning of the 15th day of racing for the 74 crews, all classes included, still on their way to Martinique. The fleet of 43 Class40s, after a long descent due south towards the Cape Verde archipelago, has just turned right and started to cross, hea...

TJVNLH, D+13 : What a hullabaloo !

© E. Leclerc Ville-La-Grand
The mandatory passage mark for the Class40s on their way to the West Indies, prefigured by the island of Sal in the east of the Cape Verde archipelago, has totally revived the race, which until now has been dominated by a hermetic club of half a doze...

TJVNLH, D+12 : Rififi at Cape Verde !

By diving due south very early, "layline" as the sailors say, that is to say in direct approach and on one tack of the passage mark prefigured by the island of Sal, the group of 11 immediate pursuers of the leaders since the entry in the Atlantic has...

TJVNLH, D+11 : Compression in Cape Verde

© Serenis Consulting
Since yesterday evening, the six "historic" leaders of the Transat Jacques Vabre made in Class40 have bumped into the vast zone of light winds spread around the Cape Verde archipelago, and on the island of Sal, which the competitors in the 12.19 m lo...

TJVNLH, D+10 : Slipping away to the West

© Seafrigo - Sogestran
10 days into the race, and the fleet of 45 Class40s spread out over more than 750 miles between the north of Madeira and soon the latitude of Nouakchott in Mauritania, continues to slide along the African shores, where an unstable trade wind is still...

TJVNLH, D+9 : Advantage Redman !

© Ivica Kostelic photographying Guidi #156
On their way to the West Indies, the Transat Jacques Vabre yachts, and especially the monohull classes of the event, Imocas and Class40, have been sailing for a few days along the African shores of Mauritania and soon Senegal. The fault, as far as th...

TJVNLH, D+8 : Island breakers

© Redman
From Madeira to the Canaries, the 45 Class40 yachts share the same problems of crossing volcanic islands, with their corollary of high peaks responsible for significant downwinds, traffic, and all kinds of site effects. In the West, in the East, in t...

TJVNLH, D+7 : The mad week of the Class40 !

© Polka Dot
Just 7 days ago, international basketball player Boris Diaw unleashed 79 wildcats to conquer the Transat Jacques Vabre 2021. 45 of these ocean racers belong to Class40, and if the wind conditions in the first part of the race proved to be the most to...

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