Class40 selection
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    A. Riva
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    Vogue avec un Crohn (FRA 195)
    Vogue avec un Crohn (FRA 195)
    PL. Attwell
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    La Manche Evidence Nautique
    La Manche Evidence Nautique
    N. Jossier
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Route du Rhum: It's the final battle...

© Kito de Pavant
He is heading for the finish, which he should reach in the next 24 hours. Barring any last minute changes, Yoann Richomme (Paprec Arkéa) is expected to be the big winner tomorrow morning in Pointe-à-Pitre (from 3pm, mainland time). The ...

Route du Rhum: an update after 5 days of racing

© William Mathelin-Moreaux / Dekuple
Faced with a particularly virulent front, the Class40 fleet has split over the last few hours. On one side, the leaders and the incredible 'mano-a-mano' between Yoann Richomme (Paprec Arkéa) and Corentin Douguet (Queginer-Innoveo), separated b...

Route du Rhum: here we go!

The sea for some, the bitter for others

© Jean-Louis Carli / #RDR2022
The first few hours of this 12th Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe are true to their reputation, with an endless litany of inaugural misfortunes at sea, which are either damaging or compromising the smooth running of the great crossing that has ...

How to follow the start of the Route du Rhum to Guadeloupe?

Departure from the Vauban basin The fleet of 55 Class40s will leave the basin in two stages. Twenty-eight of them will leave the pontoons at 08:00 to take the lock at 08:20. An hour later, the second half of the fleet will do the same (departure fro...

Kito de Pavant wins the inaugural Class40 Mediterranean Trophy!

The Mediterranean Class40 fleet is growing and becoming increasingly structured

© Robin Cristol
While offshore racing is more commonly associated with the English Channel and the Atlantic, the Mediterranean also proved to be a superb playground for Class40 sailors this year. The number of Class40s on the shores of the Mediterranean is growing, ...

Corentin Douguet (Queguiner – Innoveo) takes the 2022 European Trophy!

© Thierry Martinez / DRHeam cup 2022
The Class40 European Trophy has this year been awarded to Corentin Douguet, racing on his Lift v2 Queguiner – Innoveo. He takes over the title from 2021 winner Antoine Carpentier (Redman). Having scored podium finishes in every race he competed...

Mediterranean Skippers: the club of five taking on the Rhum

© Yohann Brandt
Five of the sailors competing in the upcoming Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe are based in the Mediterranean, between Sète and Marseille. Kito de Pavant (HBF - Reforest’Action), Mathieu Claveau (Prendre la Mer, Agir pour la For&ec...

40 Malouine LAMOTTE : Corentin Douguet wins the 24h

© Easy Ride
The match was expected to be particularly intense during the great race of the third 40' Malouine LAMOTTE and it lived up to its promise, as shown by the tiny gaps at the finish this Friday morning: less than five minutes between the three leaders an...

40 Malouine LAMOTTE : start this Thursday at 11am

© Pierrick Contin
This Thursday 15th September at 11am, the start of the great race of the third edition of the 40' Malouine LAMOTTE will be given off Saint-Malo. The 31 sailors competing will then set off on a 185-mile loop, the details of which were given by Franck-...

Nearly 30 boats expected in Saint-Malo for the 3rd edition of the 40' Malouine LAMOTTE

© Pierrick Contin
The third edition of the 40' Malouine LAMOTTE, organised by the Société Nautique de la Baie de Saint-Malo, will kick off in just under two weeks. More than twenty-five boats have already confirmed their participation in the event. The e...

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