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    Aïna Enfance & Avenir (FRA 151)
    Aïna Enfance & Avenir (FRA 151)
    Aymeric Chappellier
  • 2
    Eärendil (FRA145)
    Eärendil (FRA145)
    C. Pourre / P. Luciani
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    Campagne de France (FRA 147)
    Campagne de France (FRA 147)
    M. Merron / H. Mabire
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Rolex Fastnet race

Course mythique entre Cowes, le rocher du Fastnet et Plymouth.
The course took the giant fleet west down the English Channel, either side of the prohibited ‘traffic separation scheme’ zone between Land’s End and the Scilly Isles, across the Celtic Sea to the Fastnet Rock, four miles off southwest Ireland, back south leaving Bishop Rock and the Scilly Isles to port and then, on past the Lizard, to the finish off Plymouth – in total 605 nautical miles.

Organizer : RORC
Website :
Start date : 03/08/2019
OSR category : 3
Crew type : crew
Total nb of NM : 605
Ranking coefficient : 2
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Classement Num Bateaux Equipage Temps
23 Arwen Austen CLARK
30 Fleury Michon Bio Morgane URSAULT POUPON
61 Grizzly Barber Shop - Cabinet Z Cédric DE KERVENOAEL
68 Jumpa Lagi Steve ROBINSON
95 Talanta Mikael RYKING
97 Fortissimo James CLOSE
101 Lost Boys Charles-Louis MOURRUAU
104 Volvo Jonas GERCKENS
113 Alizés III Christophe COATNOAN
123 Tibco Loïc FEQUET
135 Région Normandie Pierre-Louis ATTWELL
137 Phor'ty Ian HODDLE
138 Iskareen Arnt BRUHNS
140 Maluel 40.2 Marc LEPESQUEUX
141 Moonpalace Pascal FRAVALO
145 Eärendil Catherine POURRE
146 Kiho Hiroshi KITADA
147 Campagne de France Halvard MABIRE
149 Hydra Henrik BERGESEN
153 Lamotte - Module Création Luke BERRY
154 Beijaflore William MATHELIN MOREAUX
156 Leyton Arthur LE VAILLANT
157 Cape Racing Yachts Jörg RIECHERS
Banque de Leman Simon Koster
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