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    Aïna Enfance & Avenir (FRA 151)
    Aïna Enfance & Avenir (FRA 151)
    Aymeric Chappellier
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    Eärendil (FRA145)
    Eärendil (FRA145)
    C. Pourre / P. Luciani
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    Campagne de France (FRA 147)
    Campagne de France (FRA 147)
    M. Merron / H. Mabire
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In short

Aïna Enfance et Avenir, winner of the Défi Atlantique !

Olivier Blanchet / GPO
Arrived 2nd of the 2nd leg, between Horta and La Rochelle, Aïna Enfance et Avenir wins the Défi Atlantique tanks to the addition of the race times of the 2 legs of the course, since Pointe-à-Pitre. Aymeric Chappellier wins this ra...

Défi Atlantique : Eärendil won the 2nd leg !

Pierrick Garenne / GPO
The start of the 2nd leg had been given on Monday April 8th in Horta. 1300nm to join La Rochelle.

Défi Atlantique 2019 : outcome this weekend!

Rendez-vous this week-end in La Rochelle for the arrivals of the second leg (Horta – La Rochelle).

Filipe Conçalves / Horta Nautic
This result will let us know who is the winner of the race, second event of our 2019 championship. A village takes place « bassin des chalutiers » to welcome the competitors. Come all to the prize-giving ceremony on Monday 15t...

Défi Atlantique : 1st leg results

1. Aïna Enfance et Avenir (#151) - Aymeric Chappellier - 9j 15h 46min 19s - 2507.4 nm à 10.8 nds 2. Eärendil (#145) - Catherine Pourre - 10j 00h 44min 40s - 2520.0 nm à 10.5 nds 3. Made in Midi (#142) -...

Défi Atlantique: Aïna Enfance et Avenir, winner of the 1st leg

Aymeric Chappellier, Eric Quesnel et Rodrigue Cabaz crossed the finish line of the first leg of the Défi Atlantique, from Pointe à Pitre to Horta, Tuesday April 2nd at 5h 46m and 19s (TU). They complete the 2230-nautical mile course in ...

Start of the first leg of the Défi Atlantique

12 Class40s left Pointe à Pitre on Saturday 23rd March at 15 o’ clock french time headed for Horta in the Azores, participating in the Défi Atlantique

Olivier Blanchet / GPO
Before starting this 2300 nm race, the boats’ reduced crew (between 2 and 4 crew members) had to sail from the îlet Gosier to Marie-Galante with an Easterly wind and large swell particulary near Marie Galante. Not surprisingly, all of th...

Défi Atlantique: D - 2

To leave in summer to arrive in the spring... this is the originality of the Défi Atlantique Guadeloupe / Horta / La Rochelle, return race of the Route du Rhum. 12 Class40 "go back home" saturday (start at 10:00, local time), leaving the heat ...

Demise of Arnaud Dhallenne

The Class40 learned with much sadness the  disappearance at sea of one of its members, Arnaud Dhallenne, on March 5th, off Argentina. Arnaud joined the class in 2018. He participated in several races onboard Cheekytatoo (#30) and planned to be ...

Class40 battle on the RORC Caribbean 600 : Eärendil (#145) came out first

RORC Caribbean 600 / Tim Wright
In the early hours of Thursday 21 February, after two and a half days and nights of intense competition and over 600 miles of racing, it all came down to just a few minutes.

2019 Championship: day 1 !

At 11:10 (UTC -4) will be given the start of the RORC Carribean 600, first event of the 2019 Class40 Championship.

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